Principal's Message - May 20, 2021


TGIF…Twin Groves it’s Friday! 

Monday, May 24th - Wednesday, May 26th will be IAR testing. Please USE THIS schedule.


Friday May, 28th is a Half Day. Dismissal is at 11:10AM


In an effort to spread positivity, Twin Groves uses our 5 Traits to recognize exemplars of the following qualities: Responsible, Accountable, Respectful, Safe, and a Community. In addition to the 5 Traits, we are also recognizing students for being leaders, role models, supportive peers, brave, and positive.

As part of this focus, the Twin Groves Staff would like to recognize the following students who consistently demonstrate these qualities.

Ethan Hernandez
Katie Lawless
Sindhu Paruchuri
Itzel Perez
Arina Pogorelova
Haruto Tsunekawa



Twin Groves Salutes Short Story Author Sarah Sayed
Publisher Scholastic has named Twin Groves 6th grader Sarah Sayed a finalist in their First-Line Contest.

Scholastic enlisted Varian Johnson–a popular contemporary young adult literature author–to write several short story "first lines." Young writers were invited to choose one and write where it led. SEE MORE



What’s Happening at Twin Groves?

PE: The month of May has been going well in PE.  We have continued with our cardio days twice a week. Due to the unpredictable weather the activity days have been choice activities.  This allows students to choose an activity they enjoy and are interested in.  A reminder that on May 28th we will have our school fun run.  This year it will be a mile run and we encourage as many students to participate as possible. We would also like to congratulate the 8th graders on their graduation.  Good luck at SHS in 2021-22. 

Health: This rotation the sixth graders have begun working on reviewing the human body systems and how they interact with each other.  In addition, we have studied human growth and development so they have a better understanding of the changes going on in their bodies.  Seventh grade students have been busy learning drug education here in the BG/Lincolnshire area.  Students completed a research project on a specific drug and shared them out with their classmates.  We also had Officer Essig from the BGPD in to discuss drug awareness and the consequences of their actions.  Eighth graders have been busy studying about communicable and noncommunicable diseases.  We have looked at COVID and its impact in addition to cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.  Students created a project that culminated in either creating an app, webpage or pamphlet.

Art: We are starting our final project!  6th and 7th grade will be exploring the element of art: value.  We will be using our 12 piece sketching pencil set to take flat 2D shapes and shade them into forms that look 3D. 8th grade will be using an app called Pixelmator that is similar to Photoshop.  We will be exploring our current cultural identities and will then create a digital collage that represents who they are today.

Music: All grades have been working with Breezing Thru Theory and Composition Units. They then shifted to their assignment in Noteflight (a music notation) website.  As each student finishes their composition, they will shift to the performance instrument. If students at home don’t have a keyboard to use, they will be working on the recorder. We start performing the songs next week.

The Art of Science and Living: Students in 7th and 8th grade have been learning about consumerism and how to make good decisions when purchasing different goods. The cooking unit looks different this year due to school restrictions and e-learning. The class is focused on learning new cooking techniques and identifying unknown utensils. We have reviewed kitchen safety and looked at how to keep food safe while cooking and storing. As the trimester comes to an end, students will be sharing their recipes and experiences from different opportunities to cook at home.  Sixth grade is finishing their sewing projects. We will complete the trimester by learning about utensils, cooking techniques and kitchen safety. 



Summer Reading for Incoming 5th Graders and Returning 6th and 7th Graders
Access the Summer Reading.



Refund of 8th Graders' Positive Lunch Account Balances
Positive lunch account balances for graduating 8th graders will be refunded.
Refund checks will be mailed by the District Business Office staff by June 4 to the home address on record.



IMPORTANT iPad Exchange Info for ALL KCSD96 Students
Action needed! This summer District 96 will exchange your student's old iPad, charging cable, charging brick, and iPad case for new equipment. You'll need to schedule an appointment to make the exchange and the exchange must occur before Aug. 1. READ DETAILS about this process and how it affects ALL District 96 students.



PTO Committees for the 21-22 School Year
Please go to Membership Toolkit to check out the open committees for the 21-22 school year. We would LOVE your help!



School Supplies
It is time to order school supplies for the 21-22 school year. Please click on the link below to order. 
Access the ordering information.

Students' Art Appreciation Event – Consortium ArtFest (Virtual) is May 17–31
KCSD96 families are invited to attend the 41st Annual Stevenson Consortium 125 ArtFest (virtual), showcasing our students’ artistic growth and achievements using a variety of media. This year you can view creative work by our KDG–Grade 8 students virtually. Exhibited art is selected by their District 96 art teachers. Access student artwork online May 17–31
Gear Up Summer Courses for Graduating 8th Graders
This summer Stevenson High School is offering several remote-learning transition workshops to help SHS students who may be seeking opportunities to learn and reinforce key skills and prerequisite content knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, English and Spanish. Each transition workshop will be a 30-minute synchronous class (per day) with asynchronous practice opportunities throughout the week.
View more information.



Make Lunch Plans
Parents, please help.... With many more students learning in person in KCSD96 schools, it's essential that parents place their students' free meal preorders by 6 PM on Thursday in the week before. Preordering instructions. Questions? Contact bfre[email protected]

ALSO, please remind your students of the meal choices you preordered, so the meals they request at lunchtime are the meal options that you preordered for them. Thank you!


REMINDER- DAILY SELF CERTIFICATION is a requirement for in-person attendance
To access the required Daily Self-Certification Form, you need to log into TeacherEase EACH MORNING your student will attend in person to submit self-certification.

This VIDEO gives instructions, including how to access the daily self-certification form using your cell phone (iOS or android).


A Reminder About District Standards for Student Dress
Appropriately and comfortably dressed students can focus more effectively. As the weather gets warmer and the end of the school year approaches, we remind you of these District standards for student dress that are included in our District Parent/Student Handbook. We appreciate your support in enforcing the following guidelines:
1. Dress or appearance that provokes or distracts other students or otherwise causes a disruption to the education process is prohibited.
2. Shoes must be worn at all times.
3. Clothing, jewelry, or accessories may not have writing or pictures that advertise or advocate alcohol, drugs, tobacco, obscenity, violence, or gang activity.
4. Pants must be worn at the waistline.
5. Hats are allowed on designated hat days only.
6. Half shirts, cropped tops, spaghetti straps, and underwear or sleepwear worn as outerwear are not acceptable.
7. Undergarments may not be visible.
8. With the exception of appropriate jewelry, no chains may be worn.
Students who are not in compliance with the student dress code will be asked to comply either by changing to other clothing available at school or by having their parent/guardian bring them different clothing from home.

Daily Announcements
Please see Twin Groves website for up to date school announcements. The announcements let you know what exciting activities and clubs are going on at Twin Groves. Please click HERE to access the Daily Announcements.