ANNOUNCEMENTS                     JANUARY 18, 2019

Twin Groves Scoop

Today’s Info


Today is a B day.

Student Safety at Pick Up and Drop Off

Attention Students: Your safety is very important to everyone. We would like to remind everyone to practice caution when getting out of car when coming to school and getting into the car when leaving school. We are asking that students wait until their ride has pulled up on the curb closest to the school to get out of the car. The same goes for dismissal. Please wait until your ride is at the curb closest to the school. We do not want students running across the parking lot to get to their rides.


If students are taking an activity bus home, they must go to a study hall or an activity. Students MAY NOT hang out outside or in the hallways during the activity period.


Ski Trip

The ski trip today is still on.



Our 6th Annual Lindsey Durlacher Wrestling Championships will be held at Twin Groves tomorrow.  Our Varsity wrestlers will be competing in this competitive 11 team tournament. Wrestling will begin at 9:00am, but wrestlers must arrive at 7am for weigh ins.  All helpers and JV wrestlers should arrive at 8:00am. Come out and watch some wrestling and support our program. There will be food sold all day, along with tournament t-shirts.  Good luck to all of our wrestlers competing. Go Colts!


Ski & Snowboard Trip

All skiers and snowboards going to the Grand Geneva ski trip.  You can bring all of your ski equipment to the small gym closet and place it in there for the day.  You will meet for the ski trip in the small gym on Friday right after school. YOU MUST BRING EVERYTHING WITH YOU ON THE BUS as the building will be closed when we return.


Spanish Club

¡Hola Twin Groves! If you are interested in the Spanish language and culture come join Srta. Myers for Spanish club! In this club we will learn about and celebrate hispanic culture. ¡Todos están bienvenidos! The dates are: Wed. January 30, Wed. February 27, Wed. March 20, Wed. April 24 and Wed. May 29

Lean on Me Club

Attention all 8th graders- your teachers would love to have some help on special projects after school!. Please join Lean on Me Club on Mondays to help out. We meet in Mrs. Papson's room during the activity period every Monday. Hope to see you there!


Spirit Days

Every Friday is Spirit Day.  Wear you favorite Twin Groves clothing or just dress in blue and gold!  Hats are allowed to be worn on Friday as long as they do not distract from the classroom. Hoods are NOT allowed to be worn.


Cafeteria Reminder

Open food or beverages (other than water) are not allowed out of the cafeteria.  Make sure you throw away open containers before you walk out.