ANNOUNCEMENTS 06/02/2022  

Today’s Info... 

  Today is an A day!

Daily Announcements

8th Grade Graduation

Congrats to all of our eighth graders who graduated at Stevenson on Tuesday. We are so proud of y'all!

Summer Fun Countdown


Lost and Found is located back in the cafeteria. 

The bike rack has been moved to the south side entrance. Do not leave your bike by the front entrance.


7th Graders do you need academic support ? Fill out this peer tutoring form to receive support during your flex class.


Students should NOT carry backpacks during the day. Students can get their backpacks at the end of the day.


Thanks for a wonderful sports season! We will see you next year!


There are no more clubs or study halls!


NO IPADS or trappers at lunch. Students need to go to their locker before lunch to put their iPads and trappers away.


If you are still having issues with Notability, please consider following the instructions below to see if it helps resolve the crashing issues. We believe the problem may be with a current bug between your device and Apple’s iCloud syncing platform. 

iOS needs to be current at 15.3. Please update first.

Make sure all of your most important notes are backed up to Google Drive.

In Notability settings, make sure that the iCloud Sync option is turned OFF. If you are prompted to KEEP or DELETE notes, choose the option to KEEP ON MY IPAD.

Once you’ve confirmed that all notes are backed up to Google Drive, navigate to SETTINGS > iCLOUD ACCOUNT > iCLOUD > TURN OFF iCloud Syncing for Notability. (See video linked below, which shows steps 2 and 3.)

After completing the steps above please use Notability and see if the crashing stops or if it persists.

Schoology Uploads

Please look at the link below that will guide students on how to upload assignments to Schoology via the FILES app on their iPads. 

Web-Based Schoology Workflow

iPad OS UPDATE v15.4.1 (4/14/22) 

Please make sure your iPad is at the most current operating system.  Even though Automatic Updates is turned on, if your iPad is not plugged in or there is not enough storage, the update will fail.  If it fails due to space, it will give you a message that you do not have enough storage.  Please delete non school related videos and photos and make sure they are deleted from the recently deleted folder.

Charging iPads

Please remember to fully charge iPads at home each night. It is the student's responsibility to come to school with a fully charged iPad every day. If the iPad isn't fully charged at the start of the day, the student may not be able to fully participate in classroom activities.

iPad Violations

Stickers and writing on your iPad cover is in violation of your iPad agreement in the student handbook.  Please remove all stickers.

YLP Positive Message

Academic Support, Clubs & Activities

Please visit the Twin Groves Activities Page for a list of the clubs, activities, and academic supports that are available.

iPads or Logitech Crayon Repair & Replacement

Technology repair and replacement requests must be emailed to: [email protected]

Please be aware that emails can not be written from a KCSD 96 email account.