Friday, may 26th 2023

Today is an A Day! 

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Important Notices & Events

  • There are no longer any activity buses. You MUST go home at the 2:30pm bell.
  • Friday, 5/26 - Half Day (Dismissal at 11:10am)
    • Fun Run
      • Cell phones MUST be locked in your locker during the Fun Run.
    • TG Virtual Reality Show
  • Monday, 5/29 - Memorial Day; NO SCHOOL
  • ATTENTION 6th AND 7th GRADERS - Here is the summer reading assignment.  If you have any questions, please ask your language arts teacher or Mrs. Cooper.

Boys Volleyball

Reminder to all players… please wash/clean your VB uniform and bring it to your coach ASAP so that there are no fines assessed for missing uniforms. 
For Ms. Woods’ team, there will be a box in the office.  
Thanks for a great season!


Cell Phones

Cell phones should be silenced & securely locked and stored in the students’ lockers from 7:43pm - 2:30pm. 
  • If a staff member sees a cell phone out, the student will be asked to put it in their locker. 
  • If students do not comply with this request, the phone will be taken and held in the office until the end of the day. 
  • Students may collect their cell phones from the office at 2:30pm.

Dress Codes

This is a friendly reminder of the District 96 Standards of Dress from the Parent/Student Handbook.
  • 4.12-e Standards for Student Dress. Students who are appropriately and comfortably dressed are able to focus on schoolwork more effectively. The following guidelines will be enforced by building administrators. Cooperation by parents is appreciated.
    1. Dress or appearance that provokes or distracts other students or otherwise causes a disruption to the educational process is prohibited.
    2. Shoes must be worn at all times.
    3. Clothing, jewelry, or accessories may not have writing or pictures that advertise or advocate alcohol, drugs, tobacco, obscenity, violence, or gang activity.
    4. Pants must be worn at the waistline.
    5. Hats are allowed on designated hat days only.
    6. Half shirts, cropped tops, spaghetti straps, and underwear or sleepwear worn as outerwear are not acceptable.
    7. Undergarments should not be visible.
    8. With the exception of appropriate jewelry, no chains should be worn.
NOTE: Students who violate the dress code will be asked to change into other clothes or to cover up.


Students are expected to be in their classrooms, ready to learn, by the start of each period. Students are provided 3 minutes between classes to transition. Students who arrive to class after the start of the period will be considered tardy and consequences may follow.

Make sure to get to class on time!

Student IDS

Students do not need to have their student IDs at lunch, BUT it is helpful for the cafeteria staff to help the lines move quickly.

Be careful with your IDs! You will not get a replacement.

Please visit the Twin Groves Activities Page for a list of the clubs, activities, and academic supports that are available.