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Today’s Info


Today is an A day.


Tomorrow is a Half Day. Please be aware that dismissal is at 11:10am. There are no after school activities tomorrow.



Attention all Twin Groves wrestlers, don't forget to turn in your money and form for the Wrestling Award Banquet as soon as possible. Money can be dropped off in the office or to Coach Greenberg.



  • Yesterday, the 7th grade Girls Volleyball "A" team traveled to Fremont to play in our tournament.  The good news is that we played some of our best volleyball this season, but the not so good news is that Daniel Wright was able to take the overall win, despite the fact that we pushed them by winning game two after losing a close game one. So then our season all came down to a decisive game three! Once again, it went back and forth, but Daniel Wright was able to pull away with the win. Our "A" season may have ended sooner than we wanted it to, but the work, learning, progress, and fun that we had together cannot be measured by wins or losses. Nice work by all team members all season long for a very enjoyable season... Brooke, Nicole, Sammie, Anastasia, Abby, Hadley, Marlee, Alysa, Madison, Talia... and Max for the help at home games at the scoring table. Please wash/clean your uniform top and bring it to your coach ASAP!


  • The 7th grade B volleyball team fell in the tournament to a motivated Daniel Wright team last night. Though we would have liked to win the whole tournament, the girls should be very proud of getting the #1 seed! Mr. Williams is very proud of how hard each and every girl worked to improve throughout the year! Thank you to Arshitha, Amogha, Akshitha, Praneetha, Anna, Sarah, Karsen, Jordyn, Mia, Paula, Alexandra, and Reagan! Go Colts!


  • Despite losing in the first round to Daniel Wright, the 8th grade A team continued to improve from the beginning of the season. Please return your jerseys to Mr. Leven or Mr. Cummings by tomorrow.


  • Congratulations to Veronka, Hannah, Elanor, Lindsay, Maria, Eliana, Jasmine, Alessia, Chloe and Kendall on a great season finishing in 2nd place in the Conference volleyball tournament!


Basketball Tournament

The Twin Groves 3 on 3 basketball tournament is coming soon. Information can be found in Schoology.


Debate Club

Thursday Group C WILL meet with Mr. Dahlstrom after school today (Thursday, February 27th) for the debate on the Electoral College. All Thursday club members, or other members, are welcome to attend. Please check the Schoology Update for additional information in regards to conflicts.


Acceptance Club

At a special meeting of The Acceptance Club today, teachers and club members will make rainbow bracelets together. Everyone is invited! The meeting is from 2:30-3:15 in Mrs. Pinta's room.


Craft Club

Craft Club will be meeting today after school. Please sign up in the Learning Center.


Yoga Club

Yoga Club is canceled today (Thursday, February 27th). It will resume Thursday, March 19th from 2:30-3:15pm in room 220.



The track season is just around the corner and 6th, 7th, and 8th graders are all welcome to participate! 

If interested, please find one of the yellow track posters around the school and scan the QR Code to sign up (or use this link).

There will be MANDATORY meetings for all athletes on Wednesday, February 26th from 2:30-3:15 in the LC and Thursday, February 27th from 2:30-3:15 in the LC.

You are only required to attend ONE of the two meeting days.

If you are unable to attend either of them, please contact Coach Zajac: [email protected]

IMPORTANT: If you are deciding between joining the Boy’s Volleyball Team and the Track & Field Team, you are still required to attend one of the mandatory meetings to receive information and a permission form in case you end up choosing Track in the end!



Get your complimentary STEVENSON CLASS OF 2024 cotton t-shirt, courtesy of the Twin Groves PTO!

Login to: and choose your size!

Families can also purchase additional STEVENSON CLASS OF 2024 apparel online at PTO MEMBERSHIP TOOLKIT at by Friday, March 6th, 2020 (no late orders accepted).

Items should arrive within 2 weeks after the order deadline (before spring break!).

cotton t-shirt


Attention all Students:

Study hall on Tuesdays is in the Large Gym.

Don’t forget to turn in your Participation Fees for after school activities and sports.


It has been brought to our attention that many students are chewing gum in school. There has been chewed gum found in the hallways, the carpet, and in classrooms. To keep our school clean, we please ask that students do not chew gum in school.

Green Room Expectations

Students must adhere to the following rules when using the Green Room for projects that require filming.

  • No eating or drinking
  • Lights must remain on
  • Students should not touch blinds

You are responsible for making sure all belongings are put away in your locker. Please do not leave items in the hallways.

You are responsible for bringing your own headphones.  The school does not provide them for you. Please make sure to have them with you every day.

Paper airplanes containing paper clips or staples are not allowed. Students making or using these objects will face the consequences of their actions.

Rubix Cubes

Many students are bringing Rubix Cubes to school. Please note that students should not be playing with Rubix Cubes during class or at lunch. The Rubix Cubes should also be locked in students lockers during the day.

After School Activity Period

Students participating in any activities that start after 3:15pm MUST be signed into an after school activity or study hall.

Lunch Period

If a parent is bringing a student his or her lunch, it must be dropped off in the office and labeled with the student’s name and grade. Parents may bring food only for their own child. Students and parents are not allowed to order food deliveries from restaurants or any outside deliver service. School offices cannot accept lunch deliveries from restaurants or lunch delivery services.

Student Safety at Pick Up and Drop Off

Attention Students: Your safety is very important to everyone. We would like to remind everyone to practice caution when getting out of the car when coming to school and getting into the car when leaving school. We are asking that students wait until their ride has pulled up on the curb closest to the school to get out of the car. The same goes for dismissal. Please wait until your ride is at the curb closest to the school. We do not want students running across the parking lot to get to their rides.