ACTIVITIES [Clubs, & Sports]

Clubs and Study Halls- PLEASE READ

Clubs and Study Halls will begin on Monday. August 30th. The clubs and study halls run from 2:30 PM-3:15 PM. Students do not need to sign up for clubs or study halls. Please check announcements for updated club meeting dates.

Due to the bus driver shortage, Activity Buses will not be leaving Twin Groves until 4:30PM. There will be supervision for students from 3:15 PM to 4:30 PM. This will be a supervised study hall for students who need to take the Activity Bus home. 

We strongly encourage parents to either…

-pick up their child at 3:15 PM

-find a carpool for your child

If your child needs to take the Activity Bus home, please note that they will not be leaving Twin until 4:30 PM. 


Please note that the office closes at 3:30 PM every day.

Be sure to know where study hall will be meeting that day! [Study Hall Locations]



Acceptance Club:  The Acceptance Club will meet Mondays starting TBD with Mrs. Pinta and Ms. Sabin in room 242 during the activity period.  Members of the LGBTQIA community and their allies are invited to support, learn and have some fun!

After School Sports:  After School SPORTS starts on TBD. We will try to play a different sport every Wednesday! Please make sure to get picked up by a parent at 3:15 or wait until 4:30 for a bus. -Mr. Lee

Art Fair Club:  This club is for 7th and 8th grade students.  We will meet on TBD in the Art room 41  You will spend the year working on independent projects (materials/topics) of your choosing.  I will be there for assistance and advice. All work will be displayed at Twin Groves during the spring orchestra/band concert.

Authors and Artists: **This is not a doodling club.** Authors & Artists is a club for students who like to express themselves creatively through words and drawing. Plan to do both writing and drawing. During the year, we will develop an online literary magazine which we will fill with the items we’ve written or drawn. Each meeting, we will have a prompt and write in the style of an author or use art or something else to launch us into a writing and/or drawing project -- we’ll do  interesting stuff that stretches you as a writer or artist, but not “target related” writing. We’ll probably learn some cursive or calligraphy, too, if people are interested, so you can write some poetry in beautiful handwriting. We’ll start on TBD and meet every two weeks in Mrs. Savich’s room (205).

Book Club: Book club will meet every TBD from 2:30-3:15 in the LearningCenter.  See Mrs. DeMuth with questions.  [email protected]

Chorus:  Twin Groves Chorus is open to students from all grades. Do you like to sing? Do you want to sing with others? Come join us! Rehearsals are on Thursdays during the activity hour (2:30-3:15) Our first rehearsal is Thursday, TBD in the music room. See Ms. Bussert in the music room if you have any questions.

Craft Club:  Calling all crafters! Join us on TBD for our first Craft Club Project. We will meet in Mrs. Maier's Room 241 (Spanish Hallway) at 2:30 PM.

Cricket Club:  Join this new club at Twin Groves!  We will learn to play the game of Cricket.  No equipment is needed as we have everything you will need to play this sport.  We will begin in TBD.  See Mr. Leven for details.

Culture Club:  Do you like learning about different cultures? Are you interested in crafts, games and foods? If so, this is the club for you! Join Culture Club as we circle the globe trying new things. We will start meeting TBD in the TASOL room 40. Please see Mrs. Papson with any questions.

Debate Club:  Debate Club will empower students to tactfully argue and debate matters in a structured setting against their peers. We will prepare to defend both sides of topics, even if one does not agree with the stance. Debates will be one team against another team. During practices, students will learn how to complete scholarly research, cooperate and work together, how to use quality evidence to back up claims, how to speak persuasively, and how to use arguments in a logical and convincing manner. This is only a club, not a competition such as the Debate Team at SHS.  At this level it’s not so much about “winning” but rather obtaining skills that will serve students well into their future.  Daily announcements will inform when meetings will take place. See Mr. Dahlstrom or Mrs. Cooper.  

Drama Club:  Calling all ACTORS!! Come one come all and check out the TG Drama Club. We will have our first meeting on TBD, during the activity hour in the music room (Room 45). See Ms. Bussert if you have any questions.

FACS Club:  Love cooking? We will be trying out new recipes and learning different cooking techniques during the activity period. FACS club will start for 7/8th grade TBD and meet on Wednesdays in the TASOL room 40. Sixth grade will start in TBD on Thursdays. See Mrs. Papson with any questions.

Geography Bee: Students will take part in the preliminary rounds of the National Geographic Geography Bee in their social studies classes in January. Grade-level champions will move on to a school-wide final round after school. The school winner will take an online test that may qualify them to move on to a state-level competition. See Mrs. Didech, room 224.

History Fair:  Become a student historian this year by joining History Fair.  This year's theme is “Debate & Diplomacy in History: Successes, Failures, Consequences.” Think of debate and diplomacy as a chess game. Several pieces are on the board, each with its unique talents and abilities. Some moves are aggressive and designed to advance the player one step closer to checkmate. Other actions involve the sacrifice of certain game pieces to advance.  Students can work independently or in groups to create an inquiry project to compete in the regional fair in the spring.  We will meet once a week on Mondays starting TBD.  We will meet from 2:30-3:15 in room 105.  Hope to see you there. See Ms. Leone

Lego Club:  If you like to build with Legos, come to Mrs. Huberty’s room 227 starting TBD and meet every other Monday from 2:30-3:15. Students can join at any time during the year, and all grades are welcome to attend.  Please contact Mrs. Huberty with any questions.

Music Club:  Do you play the keyboard, or guitar, or ukulele? Would you like to improve your skills? Come join us in the Music Club. This is a time to direct your learning on the instrument of your choice. Come perform for your friends. Rehearsals will begin in November. See Ms. Bussert in the music room if you have any questions.

Pickleball Club: Do you like Ping Pong?  Tennis? Badminton?  Pickle Ball is a combination of all three!  We will be having our first Pickle Ball club meeting on TBD after school.  The first ten people to sign up will be able to attend this first meeting.  Sign ups will be right outside Mrs. Koulentes's office, room 51.  Mr. Williams and Mrs. Koulentes are the sponsors.  Space is limited due to the number of rackets we currently have.  Hope to see you there!

Ski Club:  Here is your chance to spend some time on the ski slopes in Southern Wisconsin.  We will take a total of three trips this ski season for an afternoon and evening filled with skiing/snowboarding, fun, and laughs.  Hang out with your friends from school and enjoy the weather.  We will be following all IDPH guidelines for bus transportation to and from school.  Ski season begins early January and is held on a Friday from 2:30-11pm.  See Mr. Leven for details.

Spelling Bee Club:  Calling all Word Nerds! Are you good at spelling difficult words? Do you like to learn new vocabulary? If so, join the Spelling Bee Club. We will practice spelling words aloud and learn competition rules. Twin Groves will hold a school-level Bee in January, with the winner moving on to the Local/Regional Bee and the chance to qualify for the National Spelling Bee held in Washington, DC! We will meet every other Monday starting TBD in Mrs. Huberty’s room 227. All grades are welcome!

Spring Musical:  Actors! Singers! Dancers! Stage Crew! We have it all in the spring musical. Our spring musical is open to all grades. Rehearsals start in February-May--we rehearse Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Play close attention to announcements after the new year. Hope to have you join us. See Ms. Bussert in the music room if you have any questions.

Stock Market Club:  Come join this club and learn about corporations and companies and how they make money for their shareholders.  This club will look at charts/data and historical trends in order to see when a good time to buy and sell stocks/mutual funds are.  You will also be competing in a virtual competition in which you get $100,000 to invest in stock and mutual funds.  This is a nationwide competition. First meeting is TBD and will meet everyother week.  Meeting time is 2:30-3:15. See Mr. Leven for details.

Variety Show:  Show off your skills! In the Variety Show, students showcase talents including singing, dancing, playing an instrument, stand-up comedy, and more! Try-outs will take place in the spring, and the Variety Show will be in May. See Mr. Williams, Mrs. Didech or Mrs. Koulentes.

Yearbook:  Come be a part of the yearbook committee.  This is your chance to create your student-run yearbook for Twin Groves.  You will be responsible for taking pictures, creating pages in the yearbook, and editing your pages.  We will begin meeting on Mondays starting TBD once a week until the end of February.  See Mr. Leven for details.

Yoga & Mindfulness Club:  Starting after winter break, this club will be held once a week where we will do yoga exercises/poses, learn and practice relaxation techniques, and calm our minds and bodies. Come every week, or only come when it works for you! Please email Mrs. Kugler at [email protected] for more information or questions. 

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To try-out/participate, students are required to have a current year physical on file with the nurse.

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