Parent/Student Handbook

This Parent/Student Handbook has been prepared to answer your questions and to acquaint you with the policies and procedures of District 96 schools.

We ask your help in reinforcing with your child the message that everyone at home and at school expects respectful, appropriate, and considerate behavior from your student at all times–not only in school, but while waiting at the bus stop, while riding the bus, and during school-sponsored field trips. Your sharing the responsibility for communicating this important message will go a long way toward maintaining a safe and orderly environment in our schools.

We also ask that you remind your child that guns – whether real or toy look-alike – are not permitted in school. Advise your child that bringing any kind of weapon to school can result in your student's expulsion for up to one year. In addition, make it clear that there is no place in school for any kind of drugs, drug paraphernalia, or look-alike drugs. Students need to understand that violations of the student conduct code can bring serious consequences.

By working together and sharing responsibility for communicating behavioral expectations, we can ensure that District 96 schools continue to be great places to learn.