Twin Groves student a Finalist in Scholastic writing competition

It was her first writing competition, but probably not her last.

Congratulations to Twin Groves Middle School sixth-grader Sarah Sayed, who has been named a finalist in a Scholastic writing competition.

Sarah’s winning entry ~ entitled “My Pet Quaddledon” ~ was written for Scholastic Scope’s “First Line Contest.” Her short story originated with a one-line writing prompt: “Grandma smiled as she placed the quaddlebon on the table.”

She said this is the first time she entered a writing competition and that it might not be her last.

“I just did it for fun,” she shared.  “I didn't expect to win, so I was really, really thrilled to get this message … that I was a finalist for this.”

And what’s a ‘quaddlebon?’

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