Woodlawn Principal's Blog 5/21/21


This is the second to last Friday of the school year.  Crazy!  As the weather heats up, we are preparing for graduation.  This is a class full of really good young people who didn’t get the whole middle school experience.  Between the PTO, the staff and our community, we did our best. Just like any other year, they are ready to move on and tackle high school.  Make sure you check out the blog this week!  

8th Grade Parents-IMPORTANT Graduation Materials Announcement 

  • In person students were given their graduation gowns, a sweatshirt from the PTO and a yearbook (if you ordered one).  


  • Remote students can pick up their bag full of the same materials beginning Monday between 7:30a.m. and 4p.m.  If this time does not work for you, we will work out something else to make sure you get your items.  There is also a certificate for Culver’s which will even out something the in person students will get next Friday.  

*I recommend hanging the graduation gown up to take out the creases.  

**If you need a different time, email me!  [email protected]    

***Next Friday I will have more detailed graduation information - I will not allow the weather to disrupt our ceremony!  

Monday, May 24th - Wednesday, May 26th will be IAR testing. Please USE THIS schedule.

Friday May, 28th is a Half Day. Dismissal is at 11:10AM

Summer Reading for Returning 6th and 7th Grade Students 

Access the Summer Reading.

Refund of 8th Graders' Positive Lunch Account Balances:

Positive lunch account balances for graduating 8th graders will be refunded.

Refund checks will be mailed by the District Business Office staff by June 4 to the home address on record.

Visit the PTO Monthly Blog

IMPORTANT iPad Exchange Info for ALL KCSD96 Students

Action needed! This summer District 96 will exchange your student's old iPad, charging cable, charging brick, and iPad case for new equipment. You'll need to schedule an appointment to make the exchange and the exchange must occur before Aug. 1. READ DETAILS about this process and how it affects ALL District 96 students.

Students' Art Appreciation Event – Consortium ArtFest (Virtual) is May 17–31

KCSD96 families are invited to attend the 41st Annual Stevenson Consortium 125 ArtFest (virtual), showcasing our students’ artistic growth and achievements using a variety of media. This year you can view creative work by our KDG–Grade 8 students virtually. Exhibited art is selected by their District 96 art teachers. Access student artwork online May 17–31

Gear Up Summer Courses for Graduating 8th Graders

This summer Stevenson High School is offering several remote-learning transition workshops to help SHS students who may be seeking opportunities to learn and reinforce key skills and prerequisite content knowledge in Mathematics, Physics, English and Spanish. Each transition workshop will be a 30-minute synchronous class (per day) with asynchronous practice opportunities throughout the week.

View more information.

Make Lunch Plans

Parents, please help.... With many more students learning in person in KCSD96 schools, it's essential that parents place their students' free meal preorders by 6 PM on Thursday in the week before. Preordering instructions. Questions? Contact [email protected]

ALSO, please remind your students of the meal choices you preordered, so the meals they request at lunchtime are the meal options that you preordered for them. Thank you!

REMINDER- DAILY SELF CERTIFICATION is a requirement for in-person attendance

To access the required Daily Self-Certification Form, you need to log into TeacherEase EACH MORNING your student will attend in person to submit self-certification. https://www.teacherease.com/common/login.aspx

This VIDEO gives instructions, including how to access the daily self-certification form using your cell phone (iOS or android).


Seriously, if this isn't part of your daily routine by now....

A Reminder About District Standards for Student Dress

Appropriately and comfortably dressed students can focus more effectively. As the weather gets warmer and the end of the school year approaches, we remind you of these District standards for student dress that are included in our District Parent/Student Handbook. We appreciate your support in enforcing the following guidelines:

1. Dress or appearance that provokes or distracts other students or otherwise causes a disruption to the education process is prohibited.

2. Shoes must be worn at all times.

3. Clothing, jewelry, or accessories may not have writing or pictures that advertise or advocate alcohol, drugs, tobacco, obscenity, violence, or gang activity.

4. Pants must be worn at the waistline.

5. Hats are allowed on designated hat days only.

6. Half shirts, cropped tops, spaghetti straps, and underwear or sleepwear worn as outerwear are not acceptable.

7. Undergarments may not be visible.

8. With the exception of appropriate jewelry, no chains may be worn.


Students who are not in compliance with the student dress code will be asked to comply either by changing to other clothing available at school or by having their parent/guardian bring them different clothing from home. 


Last week I mentioned colloquialisms and had some fun responses.  Check out this link sent to me by Alicia McGowan.  Awesome!  

Finally, things have been challenging. I get it. I feel badly for our 8th graders. As a group, they are a really nice group. I also feel for those Seniors in high school. My youngest daughter is one of those. She has just been resigned to how things are and goes about her business. 

Our community has really been great. Honestly, even if you haven’t agreed with how things were handled, we had respectful conversations. I appreciate that. 

Now it is my turn. I need Costco to start handing out food samples again.  When I shop, I need a BBQ meatball, maybe a little chunk of pizza, a tiny piece of mozzarella stick or a veggie wonton.  All of these items are piping hot coming out of the mini oven and I do not have the common sense to wait a minute or two before I pop it into my mouth.  Nope.  If it burns my fingers, somehow I believe that it will cool before it hits my tongue.  I don’t want to brag, but I am skilled at making multiple passes by the samples without getting the hairy eyeball from the sample master.  Ladies and gentlemen, I need my ridiculously small cup of popcorn, Doritos or Veggie Straws.  I hope that this message can get out there and is something that can unite us all.  I am ready.  I know that you are as well.  


Have a great weekend!  I am 56 tomorrow.  Yikes!  That sounds bad!