General Information:

Athletics After-School Sports/Competitions Info/Schedules:

  • Basketball
    Download Girls B-ball Schedule | Download Boys B-ball Schedule
    7th Grade Girls: Coach Morris and Coach Zak 
    7th Grade Boys: Coach Logar and Coach Benitez
    8th Grade Girls: Coach Benitez and Coach Schneider
    8th Grade Boys: Coach Dunn 
    Basketball is open to all 7th and 8th grade students. Girls basketball runs from August through October. Boys basketball runs from October through January.
  • Cross Country
    Download Cross Country Schedule
    Coaches: Coach Frishman
    Cross Country is open to all students.
  • Poms (open to interested 6th, 7th, & 8th-grade students)
  • Scholastic Bowl
    Download Scholastic Bowl Schedule
    Coach: TBD
  • Soccer
    Download Soccer Schedule 
    Coaches: Coach Logar and Coach Kartsimas
    Soccer is open to 7th- and 8th-grade students. 
  • Track & Field
    Download Track & Field Schedule
    Coaches: Coach Berry, Coach Curtis, Coach Frishman
    All students eligible to compete. Track season runs from March through May.
  • Volleyball
    Download Girls V-ball Schedule 
    Download Boys V-ball Schedule 
    7th Grade Girls: Coach Dunn and Coach Ufheil
    8th Grade Girls: Coach Logar and Coach Woods
    7th Grade Boys: Coach Benitez and Coach Ufheil
    8th Grade Boys: Coach Logar and Coach Nadulek
    7th and 8th grade students are eligible to try-out. Girls Volleyball season runs from January through March. Boys Volleyball season runs from March through May.
  • Wrestling
    Download Wresting Schedule
    Coaches: Coach Millman and Coach Kopp
    All students may participate. Wrestling season runs from January through March.