Friday, January 28, 2022 

Today is an “A” Day

Congratulations to the 7th Grade Girls Volleyball B team on their win in the first game of the season over West Oak yesterday. We are undefeated! Keep up the strong serving!

Congratulations on completing your first Wrestling Meet in TWO years Woodlawn Wrestling!! Woodlawn students really came out to support our athletes and it created an awesome atmosphere! We had a packed week this week with two meets vs Freemont and Daniel Wright. 

On Wednesday night vs Freemont, we saw some great wins from Jake Zachara, Ryan Harris, Cam McCasey, Ian Norvell, Abai Atabekov, Pranav Mandadi and Justin Ramirez.

On Thursday night vs Daniel Wright, our Woodlawn Wrestlers beat the Warriors! The notable wins include Ian Norvell, Zach Katz, Pranav Mandadi and Cam McCasey! 

Woodlawn will head to West Oak to take on the Spirits this coming Wednesday! 

A friendly reminder that if you have technology-related issues at home with your student’s D96 technology (iPad, iPad Charger, Logitech Crayons, or iPad Case) please submit a help desk ticket at [email protected] 

We have multiple technology personnel that are ready to help. Submitting a help desk ticket via the email address provided will ensure that somebody on the team sees your request.


Attention 8th graders: 

The transition from middle school to high school can be exciting but also confusing. Click the link below (or right here!) to help ease that transition by learning more about future events, co-curriculars, incoming freshman orientation, and more.


The Wellness Department is collecting gym shoes for recycling. Shoes that are still able to be worn will be donated to those in need. Shoes that are unwearable will be recycled. Please drop off any donations in the bin on the stage in the gym. This will run through the end of the school year. Thanks for your support!!