Woodlawn Principal's Blog 4/29/21

Momentum.  We had a good day today with some positive meetings as we move toward the last month of the school year.  I am also excited about a couple of tee times tomorrow, which has me set up for an outstanding weekend.  I want to compliment the students on wearing their masks both in the classroom and the hallways.  Each time I was out mingling with the students, EVERY student had their masks on and were doing an outstanding job.  With the new guidelines that came out this week, I will be anxious to hear what our next steps in the building will be.  Have a great weekend and thank you for your support.  

 Wear Red Day

This Tuesday, May 4th, we are having a wear the color RED day at school.  In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, all of Woodlawn will try to wear red that day!  

Graduation Plans A & B 

Woodlawn Grade 8 Graduation – Plan A, 6/1/21

Woodlawn Grade 8 Graduation – Plan B, 6/1/21

Woodlawn webpage (linked from Woodlawn homepage)

8th-Grade Graduation Information

Plan A is a BYOLC (Bring your own lawn chair) event.  It is not a BYOB event, you will be removed for that.  Or W either.  :)

Plan B is an inclement weather plan which is unnecessary because I will not allow it to rain that night.  

MAP: Dates for In-Person and Remote Students

Monday 5/3: Grade 6

Tuesday 5/4: Grade 6

Friday 5/7: Grades 7 and 8

Monday 5/10: Grades 7 and 8

In-person students

These students will have the same arrival and dismissal times as they normally would and complete the assessment as a part of the typical school day. Teachers will begin instruction at 10:00.


Remote students coming to test in-person

These students will arrive at the designated time below. Teachers will communicate the appropriate class to log on to after students return home. 

Arrival: 8:00

Dismissal: 10:45 


A description of arrival procedures, safety considerations, and needed materials.

A copy of the self-certification form that all remote students must turn in before entering the building to test.

Remote students 

These students should log on to their teacher’s Zoom just as they do every day. The teacher will take attendance and provide them a Zoom link to the remote testing session. After the testing session, they will rejoin the teacher Zoom after testing is complete at 10:00.

Woodlawn Class of 2021 PICTURE REQUEST

The 8th grade Woodlawn teachers are creating a montage (or "Tribute") for the Woodlawn’s Class of 2021. We would like to have each 8th grader represented in our Tribute. We are asking families to directly email either Sara Khan (8-1 Team) [email protected] or Emily Logar (8-2 Team) [email protected] pictures of our current 8th graders. These pictures will be added to the Tribute which will be shown as a surprise to students during their last week at Woodlawn. 

Add the following information to the email SUBJECT LINE: Photo of ______ (student name)

Please email either teacher with a MAXIMUM of 3 photos (individual or group pictures, preferably at Woodlawn or a school- related event). Also, feel free to sneak a photo of students in their remote learning setting! Photos can be from any middle school year (6th, 7th, or 8th grade). Thank you!

DEADLINE to submit is May 20, 2021

Email photos to Sara Khan (8-1 Team) [email protected] or Emily Logar (8-2 Team) [email protected] 

Email SUBJECT LINE: Photo of ______ (student name)


SOLICITUD DE FOTOGRAFÍA Woodlawn Class of 2021

Los maestros de Woodlawn de octavo grado están creando un montaje (o "tributo") para la clase de Woodlawn de 2021. Nos gustaría que cada alumno de octavo grado estuviera representado en nuestro tributo. Les pedimos a las familias que envíen directamente un correo electrónico a Sara Khan (equipo 8-1) [email protected] o Emily Logar (equipo 8-2) [email protected] con fotografías de nuestros estudiantes actuales de octavo grado. Estas imágenes se agregarán al tributo que se mostrará como una sorpresa a los estudiantes durante su última semana en Woodlawn.

Agregue la siguiente información al correo electrónico LÍNEA DE ASUNTO: Foto de ______ (nombre del estudiante)

Envíe un correo electrónico a cualquiera de los maestros con un MÁXIMO de 3 fotos (fotos individuales o grupales, preferiblemente en Woodlawn o en un evento relacionado con la escuela). Además, siéntase libre de tomar una foto de los estudiantes en su entorno de aprendizaje remoto. Las fotos pueden ser de cualquier año escolar intermedio (6º, 7º u 8º grado). ¡Gracias!

→ La FECHA LÍMITE para enviar es el 20 de mayo de 2021.

→ Envíe fotos por correo electrónico a Sara Khan (Equipo 8-1) [email protected] o Emily Logar (Equipo 8-2) [email protected]

→ Agregue la siguiente información al correo electrónico LÍNEA DE ASUNTO: Foto de ______ (nombre del estudiante)

Students' Art Appreciation Event – Consortium ArtFest (Virtual) is May 17–31

KCSD96 families are invited to attend the 41st Annual Stevenson Consortium 125 ArtFest (virtual), showcasing our students’ artistic growth and achievements using a variety of media. This year you can view creative work by our KDG–Grade 8 students virtually. Exhibited art is selected by their District 96 art teachers. Access student artwork online May 17–31

I was very impressed to see the work that our students have done this year.  Special thanks to Mr. Martin for all of his hard work.  

Parents will have the opportunity to sign up their students for Enrichment Summer School courses soon. All classes will be virtual. The link to sign up will be accessible from the homepage of the District 96 website kcsd96.org on Mon., May 10, at 5 PM. 

Make Lunch Plans - Need Your Help

With so many more students learning in person in KCSD96 schools, it's essential that parents place their students' free meal preorders by 6 PM on Thursday in the week before. Preordering instructions. Questions? Contact [email protected]

Please remind your students of the meal choices you preordered, so the meals they request at lunchtime are the meal options that you preordered for them. Thank you!

If your student doesn’t order a lunch and takes one at school, it creates an issue.  

REMINDER- DAILY SELF CERTIFICATION is a requirement for in-person attendance

Thank you to everyone who has been self certifying on a daily basis.  It makes our morning go much smoother.  

To access the required Daily Self-Certification Form, you need to log into TeacherEase EACH MORNING your student will attend in person to submit self-certification. 

This VIDEO gives instructions, including how to access the daily self-certification form using your cell phone (iOS or android).

6th Grade Dental Forms

Attention parents of 6th Graders. Proof of dental exams for all 6th graders are due by May 15th. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Kaufmann at 847-353-8500.

Please visit the PTO Monthly Blog 

Woodlawn Daily Announcements 

Stuff the Squad: Food Drive

Please help out by stuffing our squad with donations! The Buffalo Grove Police Department is hosting a food drive to benefit the food pantries that have served so many of our residents in times of need. Alongside donating food, please feel free to donate cleaning products, hygiene products, diapers, and cooking essentials. Please bring in donations to the Twin Groves Main Office no later than May 6th.

Suggested/Needed Items: 

Peanut Butter



Canned Tomatoes

Canned Fruit

Canned Chilli

Canned Meat/Tuna

Boxed Potatoes

Vegetable Soup/Other types of soup

Pasta/Pasta Sauce


Beans (not green)

Mac and Cheese



Hygiene Products

Cleaning Products

Cooking Essentials

Dress Code

Please make sure your student is dressed appropriately for school.  As it gets warmer, this becomes an issue.  Shorts cannot be too short and shirts must be appropriate.  Thanks.  

More Golf

This past Sunday, a former Woodlawn teacher (who is not an Assistant Principal in another district) and I hit the links for the first time this year.  On the first hole we were joined by Ren and Carson Valeroso.  Carson just happens to be a Woodlawn 7th grader and Ren is his father.  Throughout the course of the day, Carson hit his drives further than I did, he chipped, putted and kept his poise better than his principal.  I did drive the golf cart better, although his dad was in charge of that...It was a ton of fun and I hope he learned what not to do on the golf course.

Finally, I crave inspiration.  Always have.  I feed off of positive people and look for the hope that they bring toward any situation or circumstance.  On the flip side of that, if you do not inspire me, I will do what I am supposed to do, but there isn’t a long term connection.  In my life, I have had friends, coaches and teachers that fit the bill on both sides of that coin.  As a leader, I pursue people who have this kind of talent and encourage them to bring the very best of our students.  We live in a world where showing your emotion is often considered a weakness.  I want someone to show me how much they care and how hard they will work to bring others around them to a higher level of performance.  I believe in this Woodlawn staff and community with every fiber of my being.  The last 14 months have been a challenge for all of us, mentally and physically.  We have one month left in this school year and I know that this staff will perform at the highest levels to ensure our students finish strong.  Next week is Teacher’s Appreciation Week and I am so proud of the individuals that come to this building and get the most out of our students.  It isn’t always easy, middle school students can be tough to love at times, but that is when we need to embrace them the most.  This staff understands that and will continue to bring their best and inspire our students and each other, every single day.  

Check out this inspirational moment.

Thank you for letting me get my thoughts together last week.  I want to personally apologize to Don Spieth who wanted me to have my thoughts together sooner.