Woodlawn Principal's Blog 4/16/21

I am thrilled to have a large percentage of our students back in the building.  It is great to have their energy back in the building but they like to congregate.  If you hear stories about a guy with gray hair and a Woodlawn mask continually shouting to stay apart, that is me. They are doing well in the classroom, but we have been reminding them to stay apart in other areas.  There are a number of items in the blog today so make sure you take your time and read about:

  • Upcoming testing
  • Track and Field Club
  • Important PTO items
  • And a little humor because we can all use it

MAP & IAR Testing

The district has finalized the dates for the MAP and IAR assessments for all students. If you have elected to have your remote learner attend in-person for these assessments, more information about attending on assessment days will be sent to your email and home mailing address prior to the assessment date. 

Families of remote learners who wish to change their assessment survey answers should contact Jeanne Spiller, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, at [email protected]

MAP: Dates for In-Person and Remote Students

Monday 5/3: Grades 5 and 6

Tuesday 5/4: Grades 5 and 6

Wednesday 5/5: Kindergarten and Grades 2, 3, and 4

Thursday 5/6: Kindergarten and Grades 2, 3, and 4

Friday 5/7: Grades 1, 7, and 8

Monday 5/10: Grades 1, 7, and 8

In-person students will have the same arrival and dismissal times as they normally would and complete the assessment as a part of the typical school day.


Remote students coming to test in-person will follow the schedule below and rejoin their classes via Zoom once they return home (except for kindergarten).

Kindergarten AM

Arrival: 8:45

Dismissal: 10:30

Kindergarten PM

Arrival: 12:45

Dismissal: 2:30


Arrival: 8:45

Dismissal: 11:35


Middle School

Arrival: 8:00

Dismissal: 10:45 


*Remote students coming to take MAP in-person who have extended time will be contacted by building staff to communicate a dismissal time.

**Remote students coming to take the MAP in-person will also take the FastBridge assessments. FastBridge is a reading fluency assessment, which is typically administered in the same window as MAP.


IAR: Dates for In-Person and Remote Students

Monday 5/24: Grades 3-8

Tuesday 5/25: Grades 3-8

Wednesday 5/26: Grades 3-8


In-person students will have the same arrival and dismissal times as they normally would and will complete the assessment as a part of the typical school day.


Remote students coming to test in-person will follow the schedule below and rejoin their classes via Zoom once they return home. The dismissal time is different on Wednesday because the third English Language Arts test is shorter.


Grades 3-5

Monday 5/24 and Tuesday 5/25

Arrival: 8:45

Dismissal: 11:55

Grades 3-5

Wednesday 5/26

Arrival: 8:45

Dismissal: 11:00


Middle School

Monday 5/24 and Tuesday 5/25

Arrival: 8:00

Dismissal: 11:15

Middle School

Wednesday 5/26

Arrival: 8:00

Dismissal: 10:15


*Remote students coming to take IAR in-person who have extended time will be contacted by building staff to communicate a dismissal time.


ACCESS: Dates for In-Person and Remote Students

In-person students who take ACCESS will do so during the course of their school day.

Remote students who are coming in to take ACCESS will be contacted by school personnel to schedule the test.  Students in kindergarten will have individual appointments as the test is administered one to one.  Students in grade 1-8 will participate in the assessment on Thursday, May 13th and/or Friday, May 14th.

REMINDER- DAILY SELF CERTIFICATION is a requirement for in-person attendance

To access the required Daily Self-Certification Form, you need to log into TeacherEase EACH MORNING your student will attend in person to submit self-certification. https://www.teacherease.com/common/login.aspx

This VIDEO gives instructions, including how to access the daily self-certification form using your cell phone (iOS or android).

*NEW* Attendance Procedures for In-Person Students 

With the change to five days of in-person learning for all students beginning April 12th, the expectation is that students will attend in-person unless the student is under quarantine/isolation or is home ill. If for some reason your child needs to attend school remotely instead of in-person on a given day, attendance procedures are changing to state that the child’s parent/guardian will need to contact the school office prior to the start of the school day.

Keeping students (and siblings) home due to symptoms

Per the IDPH COVID-19 School Exclusion Guidance, if any household member is showing any one of the symptoms listed below, all siblings must stay home from school. Please let the school office know when calling for attendance if your child is staying home due to illness, even if the student is participating remotely. 

The symptoms in which a student must stay home due to COVID-19 protocols are: fever (100.4°F or higher), new onset of moderate to severe headache, shortness of breath, new cough, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, new loss of sense of taste or smell, fatigue from unknown cause, muscle or body aches from unknown cause.

6th Grade Dental Forms

Attention parents of 6th Graders. Proof of dental exams for all 6th graders are due by May 15th. If you have any questions, please contact Nurse Kaufmann at 847-353-8500.  One month from yesterday!

Woodlawn Daily Announcements 

Make Lunch Plans

Parents, please help.... With many more students learning in person in KCSD96 schools, it's essential that parents place their students' free meal preorders by 6 PM on Thursday in the week before. Preordering instructions. Questions? Contact [email protected]

ALSO, please remind your students of the meal choices you preordered, so the meals they request at lunchtime are the meal options that you preordered for them. Thank you!

Haga Planes de Almuerzo

Padres, por favor ayuden.... Con tantos estudiantes de regreso a clases presenciales en las escuelas de KCSD96, es necesario que los padres pre ordenen la comida de su estudiante para las 6 PM del jueves de la semana anterior. Puede encontrar las instrucciones para la pre orden AQUÍ. ¿Preguntas? Contacte a [email protected]

ADEMÁS, por favor recuérdele a su estudiante las opciones de comida que pre ordena, para que cuando pida la comida durante el almuerzo, sea la opción que pre ordenó. ¡Gracias!

Track & Field Club is Starting 

Information on Track & Field Club went out to the students today! Make sure you sign up

Here is a little info about the club...

  • Practices will run from 2:30p-3:30p.
  • All participants need to arrange their own transportation to get home. 
  •  Practices begin Monday, April 19th. Club will run for 4 weeks.
  • Monday practices are for 6th graders ONLY
  • Wednesday practices are for 7th graders ONLY
  • Thursday practices are for 8th graders ONLY

*We may combine grade levels together if numbers stay low enough

The club will focus on the track events and long jump ONLY. We will cover basic running warmups, technique work, and cool down routine.  These will be the area of focus:

  • Starting block fundamentals.
  • Relay Fundamentals.
  • Building aerobic capacity.
  • Speed/Acceleration Training.
  • Long Jump Fundamentals.

*All participants must fill out the Health screener before attending practice. 

Thank you!  Mr. Berry and the other Track coaches

STUFF THE SQUAD Food Pantry Drive

The Buffalo Grove Police Department invites KCSD96 families to donate food and essentials to support food pantries serving our local residents. Collection via centrally located boxes in schools will be underway at all KCSD96 schools in the weeks ahead. The last day to donate to "Stuff the Squad" is May 5. SEE REQUESTED ITEMS.



8th Grade Families

If you ordered a graduation sign or 8th grade t-shirt, pickup will be in the Woodlawn parking lot Wednesday, April 21 from 4 pm to 6 pm.

Staff Appreciation 

Staff Appreciation is the first week in May, if you would like to contribute by purchasing a boxed lunch, or two, log on to your Woodlawn Membership Toolkit account to purchase a lunch for $10! Deadline is April 23.  

Here is the link for the Google form we are using to collect messages from students and their families prior to Staff Appreciation week.  The deadline for message submission is April 26th, so we want to get this out as soon as we can. This is your chance to say something nice to the Woodlawn Staff!  


PTO Monthly Blog

The April monthly blog is now posted!  Take a moment to read more details about Staff Appreciation week, and read about some of our awesome volunteers!

Some observations, requests, thoughts and questions from Mr. G- 

  • Ask your student if they know their home address.  I was surprised to see how few actually knew this when I asked them this week.  
  • What criteria defines an educated guess from an uneducated guess?  
  • Please pull up as far as you can in the parking lot.  We are having back ups all the way to Gilmer Road.  
  • I fear that one day a vampire bat will bite a walrus.  

Finally, if you made it to this point AND read everything above it, congratulations!  At home, I have a couple of movie channels.  Not many but sometimes there is a movie in the rotation that I really like.  Right now, The Godfather parts 1 & 2 is playing regularly so I am tuning in for an period of time.  Fast forward to Tuesday morning.  I listen to WBBM 780 in the mornings as I get ready for work.  News, traffic, weather, sports, they cover all bases.  I hear a story about a beaver in Glenview that is causing problems.  The city wants to eliminate the beaver.  There is a group that wants to save the beaver and relocate it. Here is the crazy part...I swear that I heard the name of the group that wants to save the beaver is called, "I'll be dammed." This immediately cracks me up but in my research since Tuesday, I cannot find this name anywhere.  All the way to school, I am thinking about this group amd then it hits me, my connection between the Godfather movies and a beaver that is causing problems. Some people would immediately think Caddyshack, but that isn't it.  One day, most likely when I retire, I am going to write short stories for middle school children who don't really like to read.  It will have a retired wise guy who is hired by a city to relocate a beaver.  It will have community involvement a moral to the story.  In my mind and the story I am already creating, it is hilarious!  My only hope is that children will enjoy my unique way of looking at things.   

Have a great weekend!