Woodlawn Principal's Blog 1/22/21

Welcome to Friday everyone!  We are so excited to have the first group of 6th grade students coming back to school on Monday.  I cannot wait to see them as they look wildly confused, having not been in the building.  We have systems set up so that all students need to do is follow directions and be ready to head to class.  Later in this blog you will find directions for just about everything.  

Number Geek

I love when numbers are symmetrical.  We are in day three of a stretch of ten straight days where the date is a palindrome.  This started on Wednesday, January 20th and goes through next Friday, January 29th.  

1 20 21, 1 21 21, ...1 29 21     

Nerdy, but I like it.  

NEW MIDDLE SCHOOL SCHEDULE- starting on January 25th for ALL students

The order of the class periods are back in numerical order. I need to repeat that…

The order of the class periods are back in numerical order.  Students have been made aware of this and they can follow  This revised schedule, which allows for lunch at varying times for in-person learners.

Starting on Monday, January 25th, the Middle School Remote Schedule will NO LONGER be used.


On Tuesday, January 26th (35 years after the Bears won Super Bowl XX), we will have an early release day.  




• Parents of in-person students must submit the Annual Self-Certification Form BEFORE their student can attend in-person. 

If the Annual Self-Certification Form has not been submitted for an in-person student and the student comes to school, the student’s parent will be called to pick up the student.

See MORE INFO regarding saliva samples and collecting them. 



• Daily Self-Certification is a requirement for in-person attendance.

To access the required Daily Self-Certification Form, you need to log into TeacherEase each day your student will attend in person to submit self-certification. https://www.teacherease.com/common/login.aspx

This VIDEO gives instructions, including how to access the daily self-certification form using your cell phone (iOS or android).


If you will be using your home computer to send daily self-certification, we suggest that you bookmark the TeacherEase website. The link is: https://www.teacherease.com/common/login.aspx



• Los padres cuyos estudiantes asistirán a clases presenciales deben someter el Formulario de AutoCertificación Diario ANTES de que su estudiante asista en persona ese día.

Si el Formulario Anual de AutoCertificación no ha sido sometido para un estudiante que asista a clases presenciales y el estudiante llega a la escuela, se llamará al padre del estudiante para que lo recoja.

• Aquellos estudiantes de Preescolar a 2º Grado deben traer su muestra de saliva a la escuela en el día indicado.

Se llamarán a aquellos padres cuyos estudiantes no traigan la muestra de saliva para que ayuden a su hijo con la recolección de saliva o para que recojan a su estudiante de la escuela.

El horario para la recolección de saliva para Preescolar a 2º Grado es la siguiente:

Lunes: Ivy Hall Grados 1-2 (apellidos A-L); Prairie Grades 1-2 (apellidos A-L)

Martes: Country Meadows Grados 1-2 (apellidos A-L); Kildeer Grados 1-2 (apellidos A-L); Estudiantes de Willow Grove de la tarde

Miércoles: Estudiantes de Willow Grove de la mañana

Jueves: Country Meadows Grados 1-2 (apellidos M-Z); Ivy Hall Grados 1-2 (apellidos M-Z); Prairie Grados 1-2 (apellidos M-Z); Kildeer Grados 1-2 (apellidos M-Z)

Ver MÁS INFORMACIÓN sobre la muestra y recolección de saliva.


• Proceso Diario de la Auto Certificación:

Para ingresar al Formulario de AutoCertificación Diario, usted debe entrar a TeacherEase cada día que su estudiante asista a clases presenciales para someter la autocertificación. https://www.teacherease.com/common/login.aspx

Este VIDEO muestra las instrucciones, incluyendo cómo ingresar al formulario de autocertificación diario usando su celular (iOS o android).

Si usted va a estar usando una computadora para someter la autocertificación diaria, sugerimos que agregue la página de TeacherEase en sus favoritos. El enlace es: https://www.teacherease.com/common/login.aspx


If your child is participating in in-person learning next week (Jan. 25–29) and you would like your student to receive free meals in the building on those in-person days, please pre-order using the Linq website (onlineordering.linq.com).  Find info about how to create your account and order HERE.

Important Notice: The preordering opportunity has been EXTENDED for the week of Jan. 25, 2021, only. Please place your preorders by 6 p.m. on Sun., Jan. 24. Preorder ONLY for the days that your child is learning in-person in the school building. (Do not order for the remote learning days.)

For all subsequent weeks, please place your orders by 6 p.m. on Thursdays for the week ahead.  (For example, be sure you have placed your preorder for the week of Feb. 1–5 no later than Thurs., Jan. 28 at 6 p.m.)

These meals are free to all students through the Summer Food Service Program of the USDA.  This program is anticipated to be in place through the end of this 2020–2021 school year.



Si su hijo está participando en las clases presenciales de la próxima semana (Enero 25–29) y quiere que su estudiante reciba comida gratis los días que asistirá a clases presenciales, por favor ordene la comida por adelantado usando la página web Linq (onlineordering.linq.com)

Aviso Importante: Se ha EXTENDIDO la oportunidad de ordenar por adelantado sólo para la semana del 25 de enero, 2021. Por favor haga su pedido por adelantado para las 6 p.m. del domingo, 24 de enero. Ordene por adelantado SOLO para los días que su hijo estará en clases presenciales en la escuela. (No ordene comida para los días que tiene clases virtuales.)

Para todas las semanas posteriores, por favor haga su pedido antes de las 6 p.m. los jueves, para la semana siguiente.  (Por ejemplo, haga el pedido por adelantado el 28 de enero antes de las 6 p.m. para la semana del 1-5 de febrero.)

Estas comidas son gratis para todos los estudiantes por medio del Programa de Servicio de Alimentos de Verano del USDA.  Se anticipa que este programa continúe hasta el final del ciclo escolar 2020–2021.

Return to School Information (This information was sent out on 1/20/21)

NEW *In-Person Learning Protocols (REVISED) and Dates for Hybrid In-Person Learners to Return*

Parents whose hybrid in-person students will be learning in person, please be sure to review the Revised IN-PERSON LEARNING PROTOCOLS for information about health and safety protocols and expectations for families and their students who will be learning in person in our schools.

As announced in Superintendent Schmidt’s Jan. 13th SUPERINTENDENT MESSAGE , the Hybrid In-Person Return Schedule/Dates are as follows:

Monday, January 25: First day of in-person attendance for Grades 1–2 and 3–5 and Grade 6 (last names beginning A–L)

Thursday, January 28: First day of in-person attendance for Grades 3–5 and Grade 6 (last names beginning M–Z)

Monday, February. 1: First day of in-person attendance for Grades 7–8 (last names beginning A–L)

Thursday, February 4: First day of in-person attendance for Grades 7–8 (last names beginning M–Z)

Remote Students:

The students who are in the remote learning model will remain learning remotely Mondays-Fridays using the same Zoom links. The students who are remote will continue with their same classes. 

ALL students will follow the new schedule below.

NEW SCHEDULE- starting on January 25th for ALL students

The order of the class periods are back in numerical order.  This revised schedule  (3rd time in the blog) allows for lunch at varying times for in-person learners.

Starting on January 25th, the Middle School Remote Schedule will NO LONGER be used. 

Orienting Students to the Building

To help orient students to the building, there will be many staff members in the hallways directing students to class. We also will have signs in each hallway to help direct the students. Students will also have access to building maps in Schoology for their reference.

Return to In Person: What will lunch look like?

All students will have a regular 25 minute lunch.

Students will eat lunch in the cafeteria and small gym outside of the cafeteria as needed.

Students will eat with their grade level.

Designated tables will be used for each grade level and cleaned thoroughly after each lunch period.

Students will be choosing their seat on the first day of their in person lunch. This seat will be their seat until Spring Break. The assigned seats are very important for contact tracing purposes.

Students must remain seated and socially distanced. 

Each table has a socially distanced spot marked for the students so they know where they can sit. 


Students will be allowed to eat a snack off the safe snack list during a designated snack time for each grade.

How to eat snacks safely in the classroom?

Students will lift a small portion of their mask, put the food in their mouth and lower their mask while they chew. Their mask will remain on their face.

Students will wipe their table after eating. Students will sanitize their hands after eating.


Backpacks or bags can be brought to school and carried from class to class.

Shared objects will generally not be permitted, and when necessary, disinfected between uses. We are purchasing additional supplies & creating individualized supply kits in many instances to avoid sharing.


PLEASE have your child bring a fully charged iPad and Logitech Crayon to school with them everyday. 

PLEASE have your child bring headphones to school everyday.

Students should bring a folder, a spiral notebook, writing utensils, a fully charged iPad, Logitech Crayon, and headphones with them each day. 

If other supplies are needed, the classroom teachers will communicate this.


The following protocols will be in place to avoid overcrowding in the bathrooms:

Students will seek permission to go to the bathroom from their teacher.

One student at a time will be allowed out of a classroom.

Bathroom use during passing periods will be prohibited to prevent overcrowding. 

Students who need to use the restroom between classes should seek permission from the teacher they are seeing next before entering the bathroom.

Social Distancing spots will be in the hallways by the bathrooms. If the bathrooms are occupied, students will stand on the spots until there is an available bathroom stall.

Hallways and Passing Periods

Students will move directly from class to class with no loitering or socializing between.

Students are not to use the bathroom or drinking fountain.

Students will carry their items with them throughout the day without access to their lockers.

Students will follow directional arrows and signage in the hallways.

Staff will continue to supervise this transition.


No lockers will be used at this time.

Students will be carrying their belongings from class to class.

Bus Routes and Bus Stop Times

Bus routes and bus stop times for students attending the in person hybrid model will be sent out from the district this week.


The PE team is working to maximize the in-person and remote experiences. In-person students may go outside, weather permitting.

Students will not change into PE uniforms.  

No uniforms or PE locks are currently needed.


Clubs will continue to be remote.

Clubs can be found on the school’s website. 

Clubs will be held Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Students can access the zoom links for clubs on their Team Zoom Doc.

Teacher Support

Teachers will be available via zoom from 2:30-3:00 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

On days that students are in-person, they will be required to leave at 2:30 and will travel home at this time. Students will have Academic Support from 3:00-3:45 and 4:00-4:45 if needed.

Academic Support Times

3:00-3:45 Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

4:00-4:45 Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

Students can access the zoom links for academic support on their Team Zoom Doc.

Band and Orchestra Rehearsals

In-person students will attend after school rehearsals on the days they are remote.

Band and orchestra students will leave at 2:30.


Ensuring the safety of our staff and students is our number one priority!

Health and Safety Protocols- Students Self Certification

Before Heading to School - Symptom Screening

Parents/guardians will be required to self-certify annually that the daily wellness check will be completed prior to sending their child to in-person learning.  Students will have a badge that is scanned upon entering daily.

In addition, parents/guardians will be required to self-certify each morning that their child is fever-free and symptom-free, has not been recently diagnosed with COVID-19, has not been in contact with someone recently diagnosed with COVID-19.  Staff also follow the same self-certification process. Parent/Guardian to complete the COVID-19 questionnaire by logging into the student's TeacherEase account either through the app (iOS or Android or online). 

If any student or staff member has a temperature greater than 100.4° F or displays one or more of the currently known symptoms of COVID-19, that individual will not be able to enter a District 96 school building. 

Hand Washing and Sanitizing

Each room and hallways have hand sanitizing wipes that can also be used on surfaces.

Students will be provided with multiple opportunities to wash and sanitize their hands and use hand sanitizing wipes while at school for in-person learning.

-District 96 will prioritize hand washing (both with soap/water), as time and space constraints allow, particularly focusing on the following times:

-Arrival at school

-Following restroom use

-Before and after eating (if and when this applies) 

-After blowing one's nose, coughing or sneezing

-Hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout all buildings and in the classroom and the proper use of hand sanitizing wipes will also be directly taught to all students upon first returning to our buildings for in-person instruction. 


Masks and Face Coverings

As required by IDPH, face coverings must be worn at all times in school buildings and on the bus–even when social distance is maintained. 

Face coverings can be temporarily removed at school:

-When eating (if and when this applies)

-When taking brief structured water breaks

-When outdoors and physical distancing of at least 6 feet can be maintained 

-For staff, when alone in classrooms or offices with the door closed 


Mask Requirements

The District will provide all students with face coverings as needed. Students and staff are encouraged to bring their own face coverings as long as they comply with the CDC/ISBE guidelines, ensuring that the face-covering fully covers the mouth and nose and that the covering fits snugly against the sides of the face with no gaps. Please CLICK HERE to review current CDC guidance on how to select, wear, remove, and clean an appropriate face covering. Please note the CDC does not recommend the use of gaiters as a fask mask and they will not be accepted as one. 

If students are using a washable face covering rather than a disposable mask, we ask that parents/guardians please wash the face covering regularly. 

Face Covering Pre-Teaching and Re-Teaching

Please talk with your child about the need to wear a face covering at school. District 96 recommends that parents/guardians practice wearing face coverings with students prior to their return for in-person instruction. For younger students, the District can provide sample social stories that you can share with your children regarding wearing face coverings in the school setting.

Staff will provide training to students during Flex about how to wear and remove/replace/dispose of face coverings properly as well as the importance of performing proper hand hygiene after removing and replacing a face covering. 

What if a student is not wearing a face covering?

Health experts continue to recommend the use of face coverings to prevent the spread of COVID-19; wearing a face covering while at school and on the bus (other than per the outlined exceptions above) is an expectation of returning safely to school. If a student refuses to wear a face covering or otherwise engages in conduct that compromises the safety of others, District staff will contact parents and guardians immediately. If a student is not wearing a face covering while in the building or on the bus, District administration will discuss with parents/guardians the immediate need for the student to transition to remote learning.

Arrival Procedures for Walkers or Parent Drop Off

Parent drop off will start at 7:30AM. Students will be dropped off near Door 4. Please see the map below.

Students will socially distance in the cafeteria before being scanned to ensure the self-certification was complete before going to class.

Once the students are scanned, they will go directly to their first period class.

Arrival Procedures for Bus Riders

Buses will unload the students at the South Entrance (Athletic Entrance/door 6)

Students will enter through the South Entrance Doors (Athletic Entrance). Students will socially distance in the large gym before being scanned to ensure the self-certification was complete before going to class.

Once the students are scanned, they will go directly to their first period class.\

Dismissal From School

The 8th period teacher will walk their students to the parent pick-up exit and bus lot/door. The teachers will have a staggered dismissal time to reduce the amount of students in a particular hallway or stairwell.

Students must maintain social distancing until they are in the car, or once they arrive home from the bus.

Bus Transportation

Bus Routes and Bus Stop Times

Bus routes and bus stop times for students attending the in person hybrid model will be sent out from the district this week.

Bus ridership will be in compliance with current IDPH and CDC requirements. Students must wear masks and sit in their assigned seats to ensure appropriate social distancing. Siblings will be seated together. Please note that schedule changes and riding an unassigned route will not be permitted.

Drivers will wear PPE and perform regular hand hygiene. Students will be encouraged to perform hand hygiene when boarding the bus. Hand sanitizer will be available for all riders. Also, First Student and Septran will disinfect all buses per IDPH and CDC recommendations and frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected after each route.

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Finally, it is time to dream.  The world is trying to distract me from the day to day struggles and is giving me some fun, what if scenarios.  

Yes, I am thrilled that the students are coming back and that I will feed off the energy of the staff and students.  That WILL happen!  

Yes, the Packers are in the NFC Championship Game and they have a chance to win.  I am disappointed that parents didn’t send me any heckling emails, but I can live with that.  This Sunday from 2-5p.m., I will be distracted in a good way.  This MIGHT happen.  

Yes, the lottery tonight is, as Dr. Evil would say, “One BILLION Dollars!”  Whenever I start dreaming about this, it quickly moves from helping my fellow man to what is it that I want?  I am pretty sure that I would have a crew.  A bunch of gray haired old guys, looking to golf and just hanging out.  Although I am a believer and dreamer, this (most likely) Won’t happen.  

All of these things are fun distractions.  I hope that everyone has a great weekend!