Woodlawn Principal's Blog 8/13/21

The Friday before school starts.  Some students are thinking about how great this is while others are wondering what happened to their carefree life in June.  Some parents are thinking about the last minute details while others will be fighting the crowds trying to get a new pair of gym shoes, wondering what happened to their carefree life in June.  I am really looking forward to seeing everyone next week.  Good times.  

Please click HERE to access the Superintendent’s recent message.

Sports Physicals

If your child is participating in sports this year, they must have an updated physical on file.  Please contact our amazing nurse Mrs. Kaufmann with any questions.  847-353-8500.  

New Week - New Apology

To the parents who received the email from me yesterday regarding parent testing consent and symptom free forms, we need those turned in.  I really apologize to those individuals who turned it in and had to redo it.  I appreciate your patience.  

FREE MEALS IN SCHOOL:  Under the waivers to USDA Nutrition Programs currently offered, the District is able to provide free meals to all students.  One reimbursable daily meal will be provided free of charge to each student that chooses to participate on school days.  

SNACKS FOR PURCHASE IN SEPTEMBER: Snacks will start being offered at the beginning of September.  If you wish your child to be able to purchase snacks at that time, please be sure to have their account prepaid on the K12PaymentCenter.  This site will allow you not only to monitor balances but also transaction history.  There are no transaction fees related to this account.  To create an account you will need your student's 7 digit ID number, which will be emailed to you this evening with the subject line of D96 Food Service Information.

ORDERING PROCESS:  Each morning, students will tell their teachers which entree they will order and those numbers will be shared with the food service staff.  Please encourage your students to take the entree they ordered to ensure that all students receive the desired meal.  Menus can be viewed on the District website.

FINAL DRIVE THROUGH MEAL HANDOUT: Now that all students will be in person, the final drive through meal handout will occur on Monday, August 16th and will contain four days of meals.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS – Locker Set Up Day is August 17 th from 4:30-6pm


  • Log in to Membership Toolkit to order the following for your student:
  • Gym clothes and locks (required for all Woodlawn students)
  • Locker shelving (a student and parent favorite!)
  • Spirit wear
  • Dessert day and special lunch
  • And more!

You can also sign up to volunteer for PTO committees as well as dessert day and special lunch.

Join us in the gym on Locker Set Up Day – August 17th – to pick up your ordered items.

PRE-ORDER by AUGUST 16 TH AT NOON to receive pre-order incentives on gym clothes and locker shelving. Pre-order now in the comfort of your home! If you do not pre-order beforeLocker Set Up Day, please be prepared to wait in long lines that day to place your order.

Check out the PTO Blog for additional details. Contact Elizabeth Owens or Bob Christian with questions.

Opening Day

Opening Day will be Thursday, August 19th, 2021 from 7:45 AM - 11:10 PM. 

Please note, this is a HALF DAY for students.


The first full day of school will be Friday, August 20th, 2021 from 7:45 AM - 2:30 PM.

HERE is the D96 Calendar for the 21-22 school year.

Activity Bus Dismissal Procedure

Starting on Monday, August 23rd, the Woodlawn Activity Bus routes will begin. 

Students board the buses starting at 3:15 PM. The buses typically leave at 3:25 PM.

All students must wear a mask on the bus at all times.

Activity buses are available for the students who qualify for busing during the school year. If students are NOT a bus rider to and from school, the students are unable to take the activity bus. 

**Please note that due to bus driver shortages in Illinois, we are unable to guarantee the activity buses will be available to start the year or that the activity buses will be on time. At this time, the bus company is estimating that the buses will be leaving Woodlawn up to 30 minutes late. This means that students will not be leaving Woodlawn until 3:50 PM. 

***It is highly recommended that parents arrange for rides if a student is staying for clubs, activities, and study halls. 

Clubs, Activities and Study Halls

Information on our 21-22 clubs, activities, and study halls will be updated on the Woodlawn Website by August 20th.

Activities and Study Halls will start on Monday, August 23rd.

The activity period for clubs, activities and study halls is from 2:30PM-3:15PM.

There will be buses available for the students who qualify for busing during the school year. If students are NOT a bus rider to and from school, the students are unable to take the activity bus. 

**The same bus note applies.  

Picture Day- Save the Date

Picture Day will be Wednesday, September 1st. More information to follow. If you need something to hold you over, have your child practice smiling.  

Curriculum Night- Save the Dates

6th Grade Curriculum Night:  Tuesday, August 24th.

7th and 8th Grade Curriculum Night:  Thursday, September 2nd.

More information to come.

Attention 7th Graders in Orchestra and Band

In the past, 7th grade students in Band and Orchestra have had the opportunity to elect to take Art, Music, or TASOL as an independent study class. This independent study took place during the second half of the Flex period. 

Starting this school year, students in Band and Orchestra will no longer have the option of a 20-minute independent study period. This change is new to the 21-22 schedule.  This will allow more consistent availability to receive support from their teachers during the Flex period.

Finally, I dropped my youngest off at college yesterday.  Let me tell you, between the thunderstorms, you could feel the excitement in the air.  So many parents with a gleam in their eye, knowing the fun times that await.  For me, I try to be happy for my child (this is the fourth one I've dropped off at college),  but I always try to have the awkward dad to child talk before they begin this journey.  It usually ends quickly with a, “OK Dad, got it” and a departure from the room.  Maybe it is the Italian in me, but I look for the long sappy goodbye, while my wife is like, “See ya later, have fun!”  She was one of 9 kids, I am not sure her family noticed she was gone until she came back for Thanksgiving. My youngest and I share the same sense of humor, which drives my wife up a wall.  I wonder how that is going to play now that it will be just she and I at the dinner table.  You want them to grow up until the point that they actually do.   I plan to take my sadness out to the golf course.