Simplifying Stevenson: Everything To Know, and Then Some!

In early February, parents of KCSD 8th graders can learn everything they want to know about their child entering Stevenson High School.

The occasion is this year’s “Simplifying Stevenson,” a virtual Q&A session with some Stevenson High School students and SHS principal Mr. Troy Gobble.  The session starts at 7 p.m. Monday, Feb. 7.

Parents will be able to ask students how they choose their classes and extracurricular activities; make summer school decisions; transition from middle school; and balance the workload; among other questions.

Questions? Contact KCSD96 Community Parent Liaison Lubna Andrabi @ [email protected].

Interested?  Pre-register by clicking here.

Simplifying Stevenson: Feb. 7, 2022