Principal's Message December 11, 2020

TGIF…Twin Groves it’s Friday!

Please note that next week there are two special schedules.
Tuesday, December 15th is an Early Release. Students are dismissed at 1:30PM. HERE is the Early Release Schedule.

Wednesday, December 16th is the first Monthly Asynchronous Day for the District. HERE is the schedule for the Monthly Asynchronous Afternoon Schedule. There is more information below regarding the Monthly Asynchronous Day.

The last day of school before Winter Break will be Friday, December 18th. 



What’s Happening at Twin Groves?

PE: As the weather stays unusually warm during the month of December, we will continue to give the students an off camera activity each day to get them off of the computer for a little while.  Also, just a reminder... In Schoology under Daily Activities we have all of our resources of activities available daily for the students. The expectation is that all students participate in their activity for the entire class period.  The students seem to be doing a good job staying engaged throughout the period.  We hope everyone has an enjoyable winter break.  Hope to see the students in person soon. 

Health: This rotation, the 6th graders have begun working on digging in on decision making and making good choices.  We have spent a considerable amount of time discussing this and then working on what sexual harassment is and how to stop it.  Seventh grade has been busy learning about stress and how to reduce it in their lives.  They have had guest speakers from Omni Youth Services located here in Buffalo Grove to help them with coping skills and communication skills.  The eighth graders have been busy studying about human sexuality.  Just like the sixth graders, the eighth grade is reviewing sexual harassment and creating a court case out of this.

Art: Business as usual in Art!  
6th grade is learning how to draw people with correct proportions.  7th grade is learning how to truly “see” in order to draw accurately from an image.  8th grade is learning how to draw a portrait.  All 3 grade levels are also exploring artwork by professional artists and learning to use their voice in their own work.

Music: We just started trimester two! Time is flying! We just met each other this week and we’re getting ready to get started. 6th grade is starting off by using their rhythm and rhyming skills in creating a short RAP song. This RAP will introduce us to the many facets of Garageband. 7th and 8th grade will begin working on their listening skills and describing music, and then quickly move on to rhythm using one of the online programs we use called “Breezin’ Thru”. We will continue with creating a rhythm composition and then start shifting to “Melody”.

The Art of Science and Living: This month in TASOL we are working on the nutrition unit for 7th and 8th grade. Students have been keeping a food journal and examining their choices compared to the MyPlate recommendations. They are also investigating different nutrition labels and how to identify healthier options. In 6th grade, we have been looking at the family functions and creating a family crest to represent those functions within each individual's family. Students are currently exploring different career clusters and will begin creating a resume after Winter Break. 



8th Grade Math Placement Information- Please read! This is new information.
Current Patriot Consortium Mathematics Placement Process

The consortium has created criteria that defines the four strands of mathematical proficiency to highlight the attributes of a proficient mathematical thinker. The criteria are grouped into three categories 

-Procedural Skills & Fluency (How well you can correctly use mathematics.)
-Conceptual Understanding (How well you utilize mathematical ideas, transfer your knowledge into new situations, and apply it to new contexts.)
-Problem Solving with Adaptive Reasoning and Strategic Competence (How well you can apply strategies and sound reasoning.)

Over the course of the year, the mathematics teachers will be discussing these criteria with the students in class to create a portrait of each student. This portrait will be used to recommend the students into the mathematics course at Stevenson High School that matches their content knowledge as well as level of mathematics proficiency at this time.

As a district and consortium, it is our vision that each student move on to the next course in the sequence providing that there are no significant gaps in content knowledge. If there are significant gaps in content knowledge and a change in recommendation occurs, we will contact you. We feel that this process allows a mathematical picture of the student to develop over time, which will provide a more informed recommendation.

UPDATED Patriot Consortium Mathematics Course Sequence for Algebra 1 Students

Below are details concerning the pathways for 9th grade recommendations - whichever path students take, they will complete both Algebra 2 and Geometry by the end of Sophomore year.  
A few weeks ago, you received an email from your student’s math teacher explaining the Stevenson Placement Process for Mathematics. This process has NOT changed. However, the sequence of courses offered to students has changed. If a student is proficient in the essential Algebra 1 content, it will be recommended for them to move on to Algebra 2. For students who need to refresh and strengthen essential Algebra 1 content, it will be recommended to take Geometry prior to Algebra 2. Whichever path students take, they will complete both Algebra 2 and Geometry by the end of Sophomore year.

-Algebra 2 will be recommended if students have mastered targets in Unit 1-3
-Geometry will be recommend if students need to reinforce and refresh targets in Unit 1-3
Course Sequence for Algebra 2 Students
-Geometry Honors will be recommended if students have mastered targets in Unit 1-3
-Geometry Accelerated will be recommend if students needs to reinforce and refresh targets in Unit 1-3


Procedural Skills & Fluency
How well you can correctly use mathematics.
(skill in carrying out procedures flexibly, accurately, efficiently, and appropriately)

I can identify and use the most efficient method for the problem. (MP7)
I can use mathematical computations, terms, symbols, formulas, and language appropriately. (MP5, 6)
I can recognize the algebraic structure in problems and use rules or procedures to solve or simplify. (MP7)
I can solve problems with accuracy. (MP6)

Conceptual Understanding
How well you utilize mathematical ideas, transfer your knowledge into new situations, and apply it to new contexts.
(comprehension of mathematical concepts, operations, and relations)

I can use diagrams, pictures, and symbols to justify my work. (MP4)
I can understand and justify the “why” of the procedure. (MP3)
I can justify solutions algebraically, graphically, and numerically. (MP3)
I can explain my solution with sound mathematical reasoning using precise mathematics vocabulary and terminology. (MP3, 8)
I can determine the reasonableness of my answer.  (MP2)

Problem Solving with  Adaptive Reasoning and Strategic Competence
How well you can apply strategies and sound reasoning.
(capacity for logical thought, reflection, explanation, and justification and ability to formulate, represent, and solve mathematical problems)

I can select and use all the pertinent information to solve the problem. (MP2)
I can determine a solving strategy by forming logical relationships among concepts and situations. (MP7, 8)
I can represent a situation mathematically using modeling. (MP4)
I can retain and apply information and skills from previous units to solve problems alongside new concepts. (MP7,8)
I can make connections between multiple mathematical concepts to solve problems in unfamiliar situations. (MP7,8)
I can persevere when encountering new and difficult concepts.(MP1)




Monthly Asynchronous Wednesdays (12/16, 1/13, 2/24, 3/17, 4/21)

Schedule is linked HERE.

Once per month, beginning in December, students will participate in asynchronous activities for a portion of their school day.  The dates for each of these asynchronous Wednesdays are identified below.  Students will go through all of their periods on an amended schedule. They will be done with their classes at 12:00PM. Lunch will be from 12:00-12:30PM and the asynchronous portion of the day will be from 12:30-2:30 PM. Teachers will communicate with students to be sure that they understand the expectations for each of these days.  

These monthly asynchronous days were created to give students the opportunity to participate in topics that will enhance our current curricular content, and so that teachers have time to collaborate and plan with each other to determine the best way to approach future instruction.  

In addition to the December 16th date, the remaining asynchronous Wednesdays will take place on the following dates.

December 16

January 13 

February 24 

March 17

April 21

The asynchronous portion of the day will take place in the afternoon. The asynchronous focus for this day is digital citizenship.  Students will be engaging in a variety of Digital Citizenship activities See specifics below.

Middle School (Grades 6-8):   Students will engage in instruction as they typically would until 12:00pm.  At 12:30pm, the asynchronous portion of the day will begin and continue through the end of the school day. Students will access the asynchronous work in Schoology.  Teachers will communicate with students to be sure that they understand the expectations and communicate where they should access the asynchronous work for each of these days.  While we prefer that the asynchronous work is completed during this designated time, please adjust timing based on what works best for your family.  

HERE is the schedule for 12/16.




Preorder Free Meals for Pick-Up During Winter Break
Free meals may be preordered for pick-up during Winter Break.
NOTE: Preorders must be in by 10 AM on THURSDAY for pick-up in the week ahead.
-Preorder by 10 AM on THURSDAY, Dec. 17, to pick up meals (meal packs for 5 days) on Mon., Dec. 21.
-Order by 10 AM on THURSDAY, Dec. 24, to pick up meals (meal packs for 5 days) on Mon., Dec. 28.
Preordering Free Meals in 2021
IMPORTANT: The last day to preorder free meals for the week ahead is changing. You’ll need to preorder by 10 AM on Thursdays, rather than Fridays.
To preorder meals for the first week after Winter Break (Jan. 4–8)
-Order by 10 AM on THURSDAY, Dec. 31, to pick up meals on Mon., Jan. 4 (meal packs for 3 days) and Thurs., Jan. 7 (meal packs for 2 days).

The first step is to create an account to use for preordering meals. SEE INFO  Link: 

Please direct your questions to the public info coordinator [email protected]




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