Dual Language Lottery

Parents who desire to have their incoming kindergartners enrolled in the Spanish Dual Language program must complete an INTEREST FORM and submit it no later than 3 p.m. on April 15, 2022. The public lottery drawing will be held via Zoom at 6 p.m. April 27, 2022. Confirmation emails will be sent to parents. 

Student Selection

  • All district students who have Spanish language experience in the home will be entered in the Spanish Experience Lottery.* (18 students**)
  • To determine which non-Spanish speaking students are selected for the program, there will be two lotteries: a Host-School Lottery and a District-Wide Lottery.
    Host school (Country Meadows) students will be selected through a Host School Lottery. (10 students**)
    Host school students who are not selected will NOT be entered into the other lottery.  Instead, they will be placed on a Host School Waiting List based on the order in which their names were drawn in the Host School Lottery.
    District-wide students (who are not from the host school) will be entered into a District-Wide Lottery.  (10 students**) District-wide students who are not selected will be placed on a District-Wide Waiting List based on the order in which their names were drawn in the District-Wide Lottery.


    Within each of the lotteries, preference is given based on the following:

    • If one twin (or other multiple) is selected, the other(s) is (are) automatically accepted into the program, provided there is room.
    • Students who have siblings in the program are accepted, provided there is room in the program. (If there is not sufficient space for all siblings, a sibling lottery will be held.)

    Program Entry

    Students may enter from the Waiting List through the kindergarten cohort. Students with Spanish language experience may enter beyond kindergarten if they possess the skills needed and space allows. A student who moves into the District and was previously enrolled in an equivalent program will be allowed to enter the program if there is space.

    *If needed because more than 18 students express interest via the form, students with Spanish language experience are assessed with a language proficiency tool.  If their skills indicate they qualify for language services, they will be entered into the Spanish Experience Lottery.  If their skills do not require language services, they will be entered into either the Host School or District-Wide Lottery.

    **The number of open slots may change from school year to school year, based on District enrollment. The value represented is true of the current lottery year.