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7th Grade Halfway Through MS Lunch: Feb. 23

7th Grade Halfway Through MS Lunch: Feb. 23

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome back to the second half of the school year! New year, new updates … 

NOMINATING COMMITTEE – Consider sharing your time and talents with the PTO. The Woodlawn PTO Executive Board will be assembling the Nominating Committee to assist in filling open Executive Board and Committee Chairperson positions. We will post open positions here in the blog in the upcoming months.

CLICK HERE to explore options for the PTO Executive Board and for committee information. If you have questions or are interested in serving on the Nominating Committee, please contact Elizabeth Owens. Thank you for considering volunteering your time and your talents to the Woodlawn PTO. 


7th Grade “Halfway through Middle School” Lunch 

The PTO celebrates our 7th grade class this year with a free lunch Wednesday, Feb. 23.  Stay tuned to next month’s blog for more details! 


Dessert Day & Special Lunch 

Thank you to all of our December PTO Parent Volunteers who helped pass out Dessert Day and  Special Lunch. We sincerely appreciate the contribution of your time to ensure Woodlawn Students receive a wonderful treat monthly during lunch hours. 

REMINDER: If you missed the deadline to order January Dessert Day and Special Lunch opportunities, you can still order Special Lunch and Dessert Day throughout the school  year.  

ORDER DEADLINE FOR EACH MONTH IS THE 15TH OF THE PRECEDING MONTH. (Order by  Jan. 15 for February Dessert Day & Special Lunch.)  

To view February options and to place your order by Jan. 15, log onto https://woodlawnmspto.membershiptoolkit.com/home


Volunteer Spotlight 

This month we would like to highlight the work of our three Book Fair Committee Chairs: 

  • Marlene Aaron
  • Donna Cobb
  • Elizabeth Owens

​​​​​​​Woodlawn hosts one book fair a year and this past November, we had a very successful fair with proceeds going to our school library. 

Marlene Aaron has eight years of Book Fair experience between Kildeer and Woodlawn. She is dedicated to getting grade-appropriate materials to our students while helping to raise money at the same time. Marlene is also the Recording Secretary for the PTO Executive Board. We are so lucky to have Marlene at our school with all of her volunteer experience in our district — even more so, for her willingness to jump in and lend a hand, whenever needed. She is always one of the first people to volunteer her time when she hears of an area of need!

Donna Cobb, as well, has been involved with Book Fair often during her years as a dedicated  Woodlawn volunteer. Donna is currently serving as Treasurer for our Executive Board. It is a rare situation when you ask for help that Donna is not jumping on board, giving 100 percent to help  things stay organized and run smoothly. 

Elizabeth Owens stepped up to help work the week of Book Fair. You may recall from an earlier  Spotlight that Elizabeth is our PTO President and is continuously busy working to pull off this year’s activities as close as possible to year’s past. 

We hope you have a chance to interact with these ladies as you become involved with our PTO.  Each holds a wealth of knowledge about our PTO, school, and district. 

We encourage you to continue to read our MONTHLY BLOG during the school year for  information on upcoming events.  

Please don’t forget to follow us on our Social Media Accounts for more up-to-date information.  

~ Contributed by Yvonne Wendland, Woodlawn PTO

~ Woodlawn PTO Calendar, 2021-22