Woodlawn Principal's Blog 12-10-21

Happy Friday!  One week until our Winter Break.  Today was a special lunch day and next week is another Woodlawn spirit week.  Woo hoo!  

8th Grade SHS Placement Information

Please click THIS link for a video presentation that helps explain the SHS placement process. This is a video slideshow that incorporates the information from the various departments at SHS regarding the placement process.

After School Bus 361

Parents of bus 361,

I apologize for the description of “mechanical problem” when talking about the bus issue today.  After seeing a picture, it was much more of a “stuck” problem.  Please know that myself and our Director of Facilities and Transportation will be in communication with First Student.  


Greg Grana  

Early release this Tuesday, December 14th. Students will be dismissed at 1:30p.m.  

PRE-REGISTER FOR 2022–2023 KINDERGARTEN (and Get a Free Willow Grove Student T-Shirt!)  ←  (MAD PERK)

Pre-registration for 2022–2023 kindergarten is in-person or online. Incoming kindergarten students must be 5 years old by September 1, 2022 to register for the 2022-23 kindergarten school year.

In-Person Pre-Registration Option:

Thursday, January 13, 2022, 5–7 PM drop-in (Parents may also pre-register online during the month of January for the free T-Shirt)

Willow Grove Early Learning Center, 777 Checker Drive, Buffalo Grove, IL

Parents of incoming kindergartners will need to prove residency with required documents and District forms and to complete a brief online pre-registration form. (Incoming kindergartners do not need to be present.)

Required documents:

• CURRENT monthly mortgage or lease statement or property tax bill AND

• CURRENT utility bill AND

• Student’s birth certificate, passport, or visa (photocopy not accepted) AND 

• Parent or Guardian photo ID (Passport or Driver’s license)




Questions? Please contact the public info coordinator at [email protected] or 847.459.4260, ext. 8022.


2022 January 13, 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Online Pre-Registration Option:

You do not have to attend in person to pre-register. Details coming soon. Please continue to watch for updates in the Principal's Message and District 96 website.

Click here to learn more about Kindergarten in District 96.

For those of you with a middle school student and a kindergarten student, I have been there.  Hang tough.  

Chorus Concert

Congratulations to our Woodlawn Chorus and their wonderful performance last night!  Great job by all of our students at our first live concert since 2019!  Way to go singing Wolves!  

Current Patriot Consortium Mathematics Placement Process- Repeat from 11/22/21 District Communication

The consortium has created criteria that defines the four strands of mathematical proficiency to highlight the attributes of a proficient mathematical thinker. The criteria are grouped into three categories (See description below):

Procedural Skills & Fluency (How well you can correctly use mathematics.)

Conceptual Understanding (How well you utilize mathematical ideas, transfer your knowledge into new situations, and apply it to new contexts.)

Problem Solving with Adaptive Reasoning and Strategic Competence (How well you can apply strategies and sound reasoning.)

Over the course of the year, the mathematics teachers will be discussing these criteria with the students in class to create a portrait of each student. This portrait will be used to recommend the students into the mathematics course at Stevenson High School that matches their content knowledge as well as level of mathematics proficiency at this time.

As a district and consortium, it is our vision that each student moves on to the next course in the sequence providing that there are no significant gaps in content knowledge. If there are significant gaps in content knowledge and a change in recommendation occurs, we will contact you. We feel that this process allows a mathematical picture of the student to develop over time, which will provide a more informed recommendation.


Resequence of courses for the 2022-23 school year

In working with other area school districts and with Stevenson, it has been decided to align the sequence of all mathematics curriculum pathways to follow the learning progression of Algebra 1, then Geometry, then Algebra 2. Below are mathematics course pathways for our students beginning the 2022-23 school year. For more information on the resequencing of courses, please see the notification you received via School Messenger on November 22.


Procedural Skills & Fluency

How well you can correctly use mathematics.

(skill in carrying out procedures flexibly, accurately, efficiently, and appropriately)

-I can identify and use the most efficient method for the problem. (MP7)

-I can use mathematical computations, terms, symbols, formulas, and language appropriately. (MP5, 6)

-I can recognize the algebraic structure in problems and use rules or procedures to solve or simplify. (MP7)

-I can solve problems with accuracy. (MP6)

Conceptual Understanding

How well you utilize mathematical ideas, transfer your knowledge into new situations, and apply it to new contexts.

(comprehension of mathematical concepts, operations, and relations)

-I can use diagrams, pictures, and symbols to justify my work. (MP4)

-I can understand and justify the “why” of the procedure. (MP3)

-I can justify solutions algebraically, graphically, and numerically. (MP3)

-I can explain my solution with sound mathematical reasoning using precise mathematics vocabulary and terminology. (MP3, 8)

-I can determine the reasonableness of my answer.  (MP2)

Problem Solving with  Adaptive Reasoning and Strategic Competence

How well you can apply strategies and sound reasoning.

(capacity for logical thought, reflection, explanation, and justification and ability to formulate, represent, and solve mathematical problems)

-I can select and use all the pertinent information to solve the problem. (MP2)

-I can determine a solving strategy by forming logical relationships among concepts and situations. (MP7, 8)

-I can represent a situation mathematically using modeling. (MP4)

-I can retain and apply information and skills from previous units to solve problems alongside new concepts. (MP7,8)

-I can make connections between multiple mathematical concepts to solve problems in unfamiliar situations. (MP7,8)

-I can persevere when encountering new and difficult concepts.(MP1)

Spirit Week is Coming Up!!

NEW *Covid Metrics*

To stay up-to-date this school year on local metrics, please visit the COVID DASHBOARD for District 96. Our priority remains to keep our students safe and follow guidance from the CDC. If your student is identified as a "close contact", you will be notified individually through the contact tracing process. 

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Finally, I was really hoping that it would skip a generation.  For those of you who have followed this blog through the years, I have four wonderful children and a wildly intelligent and beautiful wife.  Personally, I am a try hard guy who, weirdly enough, loves being a middle school principal.  Honestly, this job allows me to live my life of struggle over and over, almost on a daily basis. I get pulled in so many different directions that by the end of the day, I wonder what I accomplished.  My issue, which I was hoping would skip a generation, is one which can be exceptionally frustrating.  It challenges the patience of the calm and ignites the powder keg of someone less known for their calm, let’s say of Irish heritage (my wife).  

Yes, I am talking about being a prolific procrastinator.  

It started at a young age and has continued throughout my life.  For example, when family is coming over for a party, I will prepare until the very last minute and when the first guest arrives, I jump in the shower. Ridiculous.  I know it.  

My oldest son had a touch of this issue in high school but figured it out.  My youngest daughter is just like me.  I know that I drove my parents crazy, but it is who I was/am.  Since Thanksgiving, we have been asking our daughter how she would like to get home for Winter Break.  No idea.  At the very last minute, plans change and let's just say it isn’t very convenient for the parents.  Payback.  I had this one coming.  

To all of you who understand me, Happy Procrastination Day!  September 6, 2021.  3 months and 4 days ago.