Woodlawn Principal's Blog 11/5/21

Friday.  Dessert Day.  Tons of candy in our lunches all week.  It is the weekend and I hope that everyone gets some time to relax and enjoy a beautiful fall weekend.  

LC Traffic - Why  Not?  

Please be aware that Lake County has notified us that Old McHenry Rd. will be closed (from Hawthorn Woods to Rt. 22) to through traffic beginning Monday, November 8th and is scheduled to reopen on Sunday, November 21st.  This will likely impact traffic patterns for the duration of the closure.  


The PTO SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR is coming to the Woodlawn Learning Center, November 16th - 19th.  Mark your calendars!  

Students can purchase books using eWallet - a pre-pay payment option for students.  Give your child a secure, cash-free way to shop the fair.  Simply create an account, pre-authorize a spending limit and have funds immediately available.  Set up an account for each child now through November 19th.

 Check out the NEW PTO Blog for more details on how to set up your eWallet and support Woodlawn! 

NEW * Indoor Music Concerts*

We are excited to have our students perform in concerts to showcase their talents. Students will follow school guidance protocols as they do in their music classes. 

In order for District 96 to maintain safety and health guidelines, each child will be strictly limited to 1 guest only. Guests will be provided seating in the gym that has been spaced for social distancing. Masks will be required.

The event will allow for live virtual access and will be recorded to later share with other family members or relatives unable to attend due to attendee restrictions. More information on how to access the live link will be coming soon. 

My Packers

Now that Aaron Rodgers is out, wouldn’t it be funny if Jordan Love turned out to be a Hall of Fame quarterback?  ( I feel the anger of the Bear fans traveling through my computer)

8th Grade Spanish Speaking Assessment

The 8th graders will be taking their Spanish Speaking Assessment for SHS placement during their Spanish class from 11/8-11/15.

Lake County STEM for Girls

Please see below for more information.


NEW *Covid Metrics*

To stay up-to-date this school year on local metrics, please visit the COVID DASHBOARD for District 96. Our priority remains to keep our students safe and follow guidance from the CDC. If your student is identified as a "close contact", you will be notified individually through the contact tracing process. 

Red Ribbon Week

Thank you for supporting Woodlawn's Red Ribbon Week spirit events during the week of October 25th designed to raise awareness of the dangers of drug use. Although we did not win the Middle School competition overall we did have lots of Woodlawn Winners and reasons to celebrate. Please help me in congratulating the following:

Woodlawn Coloring Contest Winners:

6th- Anna Slyvych

7th - Devshree Kumar

8th - Cailyn Yan 

Overall - TBD by Culver's soon and the winner be displayed in their restaurant!

Woodlawn Door Decorating:

6th Grade - Ms. Aussem's Flex Class

7th Grade - Ms. Gordon's Flex Class

8th Grade - Ms. Warkenthien's Flex Class 

Spirit Week Participation:

1st - Aptakisic Middle School 

2nd - Twin Groves Middle School 

3rd - Woodlawn Middle School 

Great Job Woodlawn Wolves! 

- WL Catalyst 

Click here for the Woodlawn Daily Announcements

Daylight Savings Time

We gain an hour this weekend!  Woo hoo!  I have never really thought about it, mostly because DST just happens to all of us here in Illinois.  Spring ahead, fall back.  Seems easy to remember.  If it is still confusing, turn your clock back an hour when you wake up Sunday.  Or if you are like my wife, she changes the clocks before she goes to sleep so that her Sunday morning is peaceful.  There are people out there who want to get rid of DST completely.  Here are a couple of reasons, both pro and con as to why DST should stay or go.  

Pro - Longer evenings

Con - It can make people sick 

Pro - Extra light makes us feel safer

Con - You won’t save energy during DST

Trivia - There are two states that do not follow Daylight Savings Time.  Can you name them?  

(Answer below)

Championship Soccer Team

Finally, I find the show Shark Tank to be very intimidating.  From my point of view, I have always dreamed of coming up with the dumbest idea and stumbling into a fortune.  Think about it, did the people who invented Snuggies, The Pet Rock, Magic 8 Ball, Furbies (creepy), Slinkies or even Big Mouth Billy Bass (the fish that sings “Take Me To The River” -estimatedly made 100 million dollars) really believe that they were going to strike it rich?  What if those people went on Shark Tank?  They would have been told, “I’m out” by everyone.  Yet, there I was as an eight year old, frustrated beyond belief, trying to get my Slinky to walk down the stairs like it did in the commercial.  Is it possible that I am not trying hard enough to come up with a worthless contribution to mankind?  That is entirely possible.  Until I come up with my meaningless idea, I will continue to think about creating a bumper sticker that everyone must have on their car.  Then again, who wants a bumper sticker?  Even if I did invent something, I am not sure that I could take the rejection from the Shark Tank crew.  Thank goodness I work at Woodlawn! 

The two states that do not follow Daylight Savings Time are Hawaii & Arizona.  If you answered that correctly, please go on Amazon, buy yourself something frivolous and charge it to your credit card.  Congratulations.