Woodlawn Principal's Blog 10/30/20

I am having an upbeat day.  It is the Friday of Halloween weekend! Sounds like I am going to head home and do nothing!  I will also be working with the staff on Monday (no school), and Tuesday there is no school for election day!  There are a lot of exciting opportunities coming up including golf on Saturday and football this Sunday.  Additionally this Sunday,  we turn our clocks back an hour.  What!?!  Yep, an extra hour to the weekend.  Good times.   When I am on a positive vibe like this, I like to share a song that I think is fun.  Here is Friday I’m in Love by the Cure.  

No School (In case you missed it above)  

Monday, November  2nd - Remote Learning Planning Day

Tuesday, November 3rd - Election Day


During the week of November 2nd, please know that D96 schools and offices may be operating remotely.  If your phone call does not get picked up, we will return it as quickly as possible.  

Remote Learning - Halloween Pictures 2020

Great job by our students and staff of getting into the Halloween spirit!  Here are a few fun costumes from today!  


Traffic Report - True Story

For those of you who take Route 53 South on a daily basis, you may have been impacted by an overturned truck this morning near Schaumburg.  The truck was carrying a load of corn.  This part is unconfirmed, but when the driver was told he did a great job of not getting anyone hurt, I can only imagine that his response would be... “Shucks.”  Please feel free to use that as a mom/dad joke.  I know it is corny...OK, I am done now.  

STEM Opportunity for Middle School Students: Lake County Robotics Competition

The College of Lake County (CLC) Engineering Department invites students in grades 6–12 to participate in the virtual Lake County Robotics Competition. 

Participants will work individually at home using robot kits and will upload a video of their robot in action for judging in Apr. 2021. Finals and awards will be presented in a public webinar on Tues., Apr. 13, 2021.

The challenge is to build and code a Tetrix (or similar, such as Vex) kit robot to do simple tasks with ping pong balls. CLC engineering students will provide mentoring and guidance as requested.

Any middle school student may participate and registration is free. 


Meals Are Available for Drive-Up Pick-Up

Any KCSD96 family choosing to do so may pick up free breakfasts/lunches for their students weekdays from 11 AM–1 PM when District 96 students are in session. SEE DETAILS

ComEd Bill Payment Assistance Options

ComEd has provided bill payment assistance options for families experiencing financial hardship. Please find info HERE.

Visit the PTO Monthly Blog    

PTO Raffle Baskets - All students were shared on the results of the raffles in the lunch courses part of their Schoology.  There is still time to buy a 2020 t-shirt.  Check it out in the PTO Blog

Halloween Participation Door Signs

School Resource Officer Essig and the Buffalo Grove Police Department have provided signs to download and print for display on your front door on Sat., Oct. 31. Choose according to the decision your family has made:



If participating, please observe social distancing and wear a mask.

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Finally, we are all stressed. I get it.  Sometimes I come across a news story and I just have to ruminate on the topic for a while.  I heard about this one a couple of weeks ago and it seems too good to be true and dare I say, mooving?  The Dutch have something called “koe knuffelen”, which literally translates to cow hugging.  Here is the jist of this stress reliever, you lean up or sit up against a cow for two to three hours.  I feel the tension of someone out there in Woodlawn land saying, “where am I going to find two or three hours to just lean on a cow?”  My research tells me that the cow’s warmer body temperature, slower heartbeat and mammoth size make this “an incredibly soothing experience.”  This stress reliever is gaining popularity in Switzerland and the United States.  So for the rest of this Covid craziness, forget about seeing a psychiatrist, therapist or taking meds.  Go find a cow and just chill together.  Stop on Route 53, pick up some feed corn and bond with a bovine.  It might just work.