Woodlawn Principal's Blog 10/2/20

My hope is that everyone had a great week.  We are working diligently to prepare for students who are returning to school as well as what we envision our hybrid model will look like on a daily basis.  I just want to remind everyone that in person learning will require students to wear masks, carry their supplies in a backpack and not have a locker.  Mrs. Garlick and I have mapped out the rooms and feel comfortable with our current design.  Students will be on either end of a long table with a divider between them.  For students at home, we will have a camera that shoots the room and teachers will be using their iPads for notes and communication with allstudents.  Stay tuned!  

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Important Dates Coming Up!  

Family Educator Conferences 

This Thursday, October 8th, we will have an early release for Family Educator Conferences. Dismissal will be at 1:30PM.  There is no school on Friday, October 9th as well for the second day of conferences.  


Columbus Day -No School on Monday, October 12th is Columbus Day. 


State Approved Remote Learning Day 

No School on Tuesday, October 13th due to a State Approved Remote Learning Planning Day.  The District 96 staff will use this day for professional development related to staff preparing for transition to a hybrid model.  This is a late addition to the district calendar.

Commitment to Partnership

As emphasized in Superintendent Schmidt's message sent on Tues., Sept. 29, implementing a hybrid in-person learning model is and must be a partnership. 

We know that some surrounding districts or schools who began their in-person learning plan have had to revert to full remote for a period of time. In many situations, this has been due to positive cases about which families were not truthful with the school or with the health department regarding symptoms and the diagnosis or with those conducting the contact tracing process.  

We are confident that the District 96 community will rise to the occasion and partner with us to ensure safety and success. Please think carefully about your commitment to our partnership before sending your kids to school.  


Please know that students who do not have the necessary health forms on file will be excluded from school on October 15th.  Please see the information below for specific details and health form deadlines.

Health form requirements vary by grade level and for new/returning students. New to District 96 (all grade levels)? See MORE INFO regarding grade-level specific health form requirements. 

All students entering Grade 6 must have their CERTIFICATE OF CHILD HEALTH EXAMINATION/IMMUNIZATION FORM (signed by the physician) on file in the school office by October 15, 2020. 

I cannot say this more clearly...If your child is new to Woodlawn (7th & 8th grades) or you have a 6th grade student, if your health form is not turned in, they will be excluded from school on October 15th.  This is a State of Illinois requirement.  I will send out a SchoolMessenger on Monday to inform anyone who doesn’t have their form in.  

Family Educator Conferences

Notification went out for you to sign up for fall conferences last week.  As a district, we are only having parents sign up for conferences with the homeroom teacher of your child.  

Just like we have done in the past, if you are unable to attend the conferences on these dates, please email the teacher you are interested in speaking with to set up a phone conference.  You can always reach out to staff members with questions or concerns.  

Conferences will be:

October 8th- 5pm-8:30pm 

October 9th- 10:00-1:30pm

If you are having trouble signing up, please contact Woodlawn at 847-353-8500.

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Finally, I have decided that I am a facial expression person.  People know where they stand with me because I can give a quick smile or a reassuring nod of the head.  I can also read the slightest gesture that someone gives me. Right now is a struggle bus for me.  I am not sure that I am getting my point across nor do I know if I am on the same page as the person I am speaking with.  Masks are working against me, plus advanced age and a lack of hearing proficiency is putting me in a weird position.  Throw in background noise and the party is completely over for me.  Common phrases for me are “excuse me? Can you repeat that? I’m sorry (with the obligatory head tilt)? Can you repeat that?”  And my personal favorite, WHAT?”.  I am thinking about getting one of those clear masks, but then I will look like the Joker.  I don’t want the pull up scarf mask because then I am Mort from Bazooka Joe.  Hey! There is a Halloween costume idea.  If you run into me and the answer I give you doesn’t remotely connect with the question, know that simply cannot figure out what you are asking me.