Woodlawn Principal's Blog 8/14/20

Happy Friday everyone!  Next week our staff will report to attend multiple meetings in preparation for our new school year.  I want to thank everyone who communicated with me this week, giving me feedback on what I wrote about Woodlawn last week in the blog.  I absolutely mean it when I talk about the unique bond between this community and the school.  I need you to communicate with me and even though you may not get the answer you want, I will be respectful and explain the way behind my decisions.  


Health form requirements vary by grade level and for new/returning students. New to District 96 (all grade levels)? See MORE INFO regarding grade-level specific health form requirements.

All students entering Kindergarten must have their CERTIFICATE OF CHILD HEALTH EXAMINATION/IMMUNIZATION FORM (signed by the physician) on file in the school office by October 15, 2020. 

All students entering Kindergarten must have their Vision Examination Form by October 15, 2020.

All students entering Kindergarten must have a DENTAL EXAMINATION FORM on file at their school office by May 15, 2021.

All students entering Grade 2 must have a DENTAL EXAMINATION FORM on file at their school office by May 15, 2021.

All students entering Grade 6 must have their CERTIFICATE OF CHILD HEALTH EXAMINATION/IMMUNIZATION FORM (signed by the physician) on file in the school office by October 15, 2020. 

Additional Grade 6 health form requirements include the DENTAL EXAMINATION FORM by May 15, 2021. 

PTO Yard Signs & Woodlawn Masks- ORDER NOW 

One week left to order your yard signs and masks through Membership Toolkit.

Woodlawn PTO is committed to staying connected during these unusual circumstances.  Please take a moment to login and update your information on  Membership Toolkit, get current information on the  PTO BLOG  and join us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

Parents of Returning KCSD96 Students: Check Their Tech Today!

FAQ: How do I get my returning KCSD96 student's broken or missing iPad or Logitech Crayon fixed or replaced?

Answer: Please complete and submit THIS FORM as soon as possible, so we can help before the school year begins.

See the Revised Quicklist 20–21 Calendar

Please see the Revised Quicklist 2020–21 CALENDAR, including school hours information and dates for Early Release Days, Half Days, holidays, and winter/spring breaks.

Student Schedule Creator

On Wednesday, August 12th, student schedules became available on TeacherEase. The student schedules on TeacherEase are listed by period, in chronological order.

For remote learning, students will follow the REMOTE LEARNING SCHEDULE linked HERE.

In order to try to help you with schedules at home, we have made lunch period breaks at approximately the same time for 6th, 7th & 8th grades. Because of that, the REMOTE LEARNING SCHEDULE lists periods out of order for each grade level.


Period 1 - Period 2 - Period 4 - Period 3 - Period 5 - Period 6 - Period 7 - Period 8


Period 1 - Period 2 - Period 3 - Period 4 - Period 6 - Period 5 - Period 7 - Period 8


Period 1 - Period 2 - Period 4 - Period 5 - Period 6 - Period 3 - Period 7 - Period 8

To help organize the students, we have created Student Schedule Creator Links for each grade. Please feel free to make a copy or print the Student Schedule Creator linked below and use it to fill in your student’s unique schedule based on the class schedule that is in TeacherEase. The Student Schedule Creator includes a column for class Zoom links which will be available soon.

Schedule Creator LINKS:

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

 **Students will need to make a copy of the schedule creator before they can edit the document & input their schedule.**

Back To School Kick Off 

We will be having a quasi meet the teacher this Friday, August 21st.  In the past, there has not been a meet the teacher day at the middle school.  Because of our unique situation, we will be doing a socially distanced, mask wearing opportunity to see (most of) your teachers in person. 

See the map below and show up during your time frame.  Personally, I think that the teachers need this just as much as the teachers do! This is an outdoor event!  

6th Grade 8-8:45a.m.

7th Grade 9-9:45a.m.

8th Grade 10-10:45a.m.  


Virtual Meet The Teacher- 8/20 (for students only)

On Thursday, August 20th, students will have the opportunity to virtually meet their teachers over Zoom. Each zoom will be 30 minutes in length. The students will meet the content teachers at each grade. They will also have the opportunity to meet the PE teachers, Health teacher, Spanish teachers, Exploratory Teachers, Social Workers and Counseling Staff.

Please see below for times and zoom links.


6th Grade Teachers- 6-1 Team- LaVine, Aussem, Barba & Kopp

1:00 - 1:30 

Woodlawn 6-1 Team Zoom 

Meeting ID: 993 3622 1824

Passcode: 562891


6th Grade Teachers- 6-2 Team- Gartenberg, Zbylut, Benitez, Nadulek

1:00 - 1:30 

Woodlawn 6-2 Team Zoom

Meeting ID: 999 1399 0834

Passcode: 953688


7th Grade Teachers- 7-1 Team- Gordon, Yu, Bessinger, O’Shea, Schneider

1:45 - 2:15 

Woodlawn 7-1 Team Zoom

Meeting ID: 966 2985 4719

Passcode: 195840


7th Grade Teachers- 7-2 Team- Russell, Thut, Doherty, Carpenter

1:45 - 2:15 

Woodlawn 7-2 Team Zoom

Meeting ID: 968 0845 8106

Passcode: 435062


8th Grade Teachers- 8-1 Team- Warkenthein, Esmael, Miller, Khan

2:30 - 3:00 

Woodlawn 8-1 Team Zoom

Meeting ID: 964 8926 6954

Passcode: 452477


8th Grade Teachers- 8-2 Team- Ufheil, Logar, Reuter, Pollack

2:30 - 3:00 

Woodlawn 8-2 Team Zoom

Meeting ID: 961 7835 3926

Passcode: 968938

Opening Day

Opening Day will be Monday, August 24th, 2020 from 7:45 AM - 11:10 PM. 

Please note, this is a HALF DAY.

The HALF DAY schedule is LINKED HERE.  

The first full day of school will be on August 25th, 2020 from 7:45 AM - 2:30 PM.

Superintendent’s Messages from 8/7 and 7/30- linked below

Please take time for this VIDEO, in which Superintendent Schmidt is joined by District leadership in the areas of curriculum, language and early literacy, special education, human resources, and facilities/business in answering your questions about the rationale for remote learning and how it will be implemented. Information shared in this video is in response to specific questions and question themes submitted by District 96 community members on Aug. 5th and 6th via an online form provided for this purpose.

Please CLICK HERE to access the Frequently Asked Question Doc that was linked in the Superintendent’s Message on 7/30/20.

Finally, have you ever had a really powerful smemory? Yes, it is a smell memory.  I recently had this and it almost knocked me off my feet.  My sister celebrated a milestone birthday not too long ago.  Knowing that she had a favorite type of cookie from a certain bakery, I thought that I would venture out and pick her up a few.  Not really thinking about the journey to the bakery very much, I drove the extra distance to get this treat for her.  When I walked into the bakery it was the closest thing I have ever experienced to time travel.  The instant I walked through the door, IT hit me like a ton of bricks.  Suddenly, I was my 7 year old self.  The smell of this bakery was like no other place in the world.  I instantly remembered being in this place with my mom, pointing at the cookies I loved.  The smemory was so intense that I just stood there and took it in.  There were 3 people ahead of me and I wish there had been 50.  I watched as the people working there still wore a certain type of uniform and hat.  The items in the case were the same as they had always been and that smell, that incredible, memory provoking smell was making me deliriously happy.  I hope that you get to have this wonderful experience.  I am telling you, it was time travel.  Have a great weekend.