Woodlawn Principal's Blog 1/24/20


Another cold week is over.  Think of it positively and look at it as though we are another week closer to spring.  The students have been outstanding as we continue to work and improve now that we are past the halfway point of the school year!  It goes fast.  

Science Olympiad Team 

We are so proud of our students competing in Science Olympiad this year! The students have been working evenings and weekends to make sure that they are prepared for invitational tournaments since October. At our invitational on December 14, our teams came in 1st place overall. On January 18 at the University of Chicago, out of 43 teams, our Junior Varsity team came in 7th place and our Varsity team came in 3rd place!   

Great work to our Science Olympiad team: (Varsity:) Lizzy Abraham, Rafeek Cherradi, Thomas Edat, Naomi George, Aania Gill, Florian Halimi, Micah Kim, Derrick Lee, Lanie Lee, Connor Lin, Kush Nagrani, Yash Ravipati, Devin Singh, Shrinidhi Sriraman, Diana Tang, and (Junior Varsity:) Sanjith Jothi Bala, Diptasha Chakrabarty, Ishan Gawade, Armeet Gill, Armaan Gill, Pujita Jain, Noah Kang, Parth Lande, Olivia Matthews, Shourya Mehta, Kash Rajesh, Rithika Rajesh, Caleb Song, Priya Thakkar, Pari Thakkar, Sahil Velagapudi, Alan Vellanikal, and Pranav Mandadi!! 

Thank you to our volunteer coaches, who ensure that we are doing our best for each competition: Sapna George, Vian Lee, Alen Lin, Jagdish Lande, Johnson George, Dan Mathews, Teresa Nagrani, Dennis Lee, Vishali Chandramouli, Sudipto Chakrabarty, Gentiana Halimi, Jayesh Gawade, Srividya Sriraman, and Mala Singh! 

Stevenson High School - PageBreak Contest

PageBreak is a literary festival and contest for middle school writers organized through Stevenson High School. 7th and 8th graders were invited to submit their writings in various writing categories. Congratulations to Woodlawn 8th graders Haniya Khan and Kyla Smith for their awards in the poetry category!

Wolves Vs. Hunger

The Woodlawn Student Council is sponsoring our Wolves vs. Hunger challenge.  Please take a look at the items below and support the grade level of your choice!  








Township Food Pantry


Parents if your child will be late or absent from school, please give us a call! Thanks!


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7th GRADE “Halfway through Middle School” LUNCH

The PTO celebrates our 7th grade class this year with a free lunch Wednesday, January 29th. Every 7th grade Woodlawn student will enjoy a Culver’s entrée of choice, baked lays chips, a bottle of water and half chocolate/vanilla custard or lemon ice. In addition, a special Woodlawn favor celebrating the halfway mark of the school year will be distributed at the end of the 7th grade lunch period. Lunch and favors provided by the PTO.

If you have a 7th grade student, please feel welcome to join your student, fellow PTO members and other 7th grade parents as the PTO provides our 7th grade students with their very own special lunch. Interested in volunteering, sign up today on Membership Toolkit

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Two weeks ago I listed some of my favorite words which included, shenanigans, ruckus and doofus.  Other blog readers contributed gibberish, nincompoop and babushka. Those made me laugh and made me think of other things that could be heard at a family gathering.  Phrases like “She’s a pill” or “He’s a gem”. Does any of that resonate with other people? Any other favorite words? Let me know.  

 Finally, my Packers were whipped.  Embarrassingly bad. So I started thinking...what was another really bad loss I was actually a part of?  They piled up in my mind. In a previous life as a high school baseball coach, I guided a sophomore baseball team to a 1-22-1 record.  We were whipped day after day. I appreciated that game we tied. There was the freshman football team that I played for where we lost our first two games by a combined score of 80-0.  My “favorite” bad loss came in college when we lost the state championship game 25-6. The loss was tough, and our team was done for the season, but when we stepped into the van, heading back to school, the song by Chicago, 25 or 6 to 4 was playing on the radio.  I changed the words to “We just lost 25 to 6 or more….” That one has always stuck with me. The good news is this, there is always next season and yes, I did have a good number of positive victories in both my playing and coaching careers. Maybe I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor is the most appropriate song to play.  “At first I was afraid, I was petrified…”