Woodlawn Principal Blog 1/17/20

Happy Friday afternoon (or evening, or Saturday, or Monday)!  I get into this belief system that the world is anxiously awaiting our Woodlawn Principal’s Blog.  Technically, it is coming from both Michelle Garlick (amazing Assistant Principal) and myself. I haven’t figured out how to delegate this one to her just yet.  Anyways, we had some cool stuff happening here at Woodlawn last week including wrestling meets, the Parent to Parent Network discussion on vaping, our visit from Erin Merryn discussing her work with Erin’s Law, a visit from Stevenson Fine Arts Tour, showing off the clubs and/or activities that our students can join next year and our first ski trip of the season.  

 7th GRADE “Halfway through Middle School” LUNCH

The PTO celebrates our 7th grade class this year with a free lunch Wednesday, January 29th. Every 7th grade Woodlawn student will enjoy a Culver’s entrée of choice, baked lays chips, a bottle of water and half chocolate/vanilla custard or lemon ice. In addition, a special Woodlawn favor celebrating the halfway mark of the school year will be distributed at the end of the 7th grade lunch period. Lunch and favors provided by the PTO.

If you have a 7th grade student, please feel welcome to join your student, fellow PTO members and other 7th grade parents as the PTO provides our 7th grade students with their very own special lunch. Interested in volunteering, sign up today on Membership Toolkit

REMINDER: Culver’s order forms must be completed TODAY by 7th grade students. Earlier this week, 7th grade students received an order form on Schoology to select their Culver’s lunch options which include grilled cheese, grilled chicken wrap or hamburger. Order forms can be found on your student’s Schoology account. Please remind them to complete their order TODAY to receive their preferred lunch option.


This one is always a favorite for parents as your child is either entering high school or soon to enter high school.  

Simplifying Stevenson is a Q&A program for parents of current 8th-grade students.The purpose of this popular program is to give parents the opportunity to ask Stevenson seniors and Dr. Gwen Zimmermann, SHS assistant principal, questions about how SHS students choose their classes and extracurricular activities, make summer school decisions, make the transition from middle school, balance the workload, and more.

No preregistration/RSVP is needed and all interested adults are welcome.

Simplifying Stevenson is Wed., Jan. 22, 7–8:30 p.m., in the Twin Groves Middle School Learning Center. Questions? Call 847.459.4260, ext. 8136

 Stevenson Fine Arts Tour

The Woodlawn 8th graders were treated to SHS students performing band, orchestra, dance and showing off their acting skills among other things that our students will be able to join when they attend high school.  

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Erin’s Law

As you read in the blog last week, Erin Merryn came to Woodlawn on Thursday and educated the students and staff about body safety and the prevention of child sexual abuse.  We had 630 students in our gym along with our entire faculty and you could hear a pin drop as Erin shared her story. This is the second time Erin has been at Woodlawn and our students were outstanding while Erin shared her experiences and how she had impacted our country, getting prevention into law in 37 states.  

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Congratulations to the Woodlawn Geography Bee Champion

Ryan Barua won the school event while Michael Intelegator finished in 2nd place, and Noah Hanif took 3rd place. The other finalists were Ida Diab, Armeet Gill, Danny Shepin, Shrinidi Sriraman, Diana Tang, and Jingyi Wu, who all showed impressive geographical knowledge. All students in our school participated in the bee during their social studies class. 

Finally, I don’t want to get my hopes up.  The Packers are in the NFC Championship game this Sunday evening and I am afraid that it isn’t going to end up well for my Pack.  Being a fan means you are with them through thick and thin (see Chicago Cubs from 1908-2016) but when you go all in on your team, you are opening yourself up for heartbreak.  All year long I refused to buy in, telling people that the Pack isn’t that good. In the past, I have let my guard down and had my dream crushed with gut wrenching losses. The Packers lost Superbowl XXXII to a guy who looks like their team logo, they gave up 28 yards on 4th & 26 to Eagles team in the playoffs, losing that game in overtime and they blew the NFC Championship Game by messing up an onside kick.  So, this Sunday around 9p.m. you can tell people that you know a Packer fan and venture a guess as to how I am doing at that time. It is too much stress to place on a guy my age. If you are a Bear fan and you feel no sympathy for me right now, I also understand that as well.