Woodlawn Principal Blog 11/8/19

Happy Friday Woodlawn!  I am not sure if the one hour time change has an impact on people, but I was really at night this week.  And why is it when I am a little tired, the energy level of the children seems to skyrocket. We had a great week here at Woodlawn.  I am really proud of the students and staff and the work that they are doing. As part of my duties, I get the pleasure of observing teachers.  When this happens, I see amazing work done by our students and staff. I am always impressed. Just a few things for the blog this week!  

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Our School Resource Officer, Ashley Krozel, came and visited all Social Science classes this week to talk to students about Internet Safety. Topics included were: Cyberbullying, Internet Predators & Sexting.   

Please continue the conversation at home by talking to your child about what they learned and how to stay safe! Please reference the following websites for more information:



Photograph for principal's blogStudents in class



The PTO SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR is coming to the Woodlawn Learning Center, November 19th - 22nd.  Mark your calendars!  

New this year to the fair is E-WALLET - a pre-pay payment option for students.  Give your child a secure, cash-free way to shop the fair.  Simply create an account, pre-authorize a spending limit and have funds immediately available.  Set up an account for each child now through November 22nd with this link (scroll down to the “Go Cash-Free e-Wallet section.)


Check it out (or would that be e-wallet it out) and support Woodlawn!  


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  Current Patriot Consortium Mathematics Placement Process


Over the last few years, Stevenson High School and the feeder middle schools have created a scope and sequence and aligned the curriculum to the Common Core Standards for Mathematics, as well as created common benchmarks for the end of each unit for both the Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 courses. The consortium has created criteria that defines the four strands of mathematical proficiency to highlight the attributes of a proficient mathematical thinker. The criteria are grouped into three categories (See chart on second page):


  • Procedural Skills & Fluency (How well you can correctly use mathematics.)

  • Conceptual Understanding (How well you utilize mathematical ideas, transfer your knowledge into new situations, and apply it to new contexts.)

  • Problem Solving with Adaptive Reasoning and Strategic Competence (How well you can apply strategies and sound reasoning.)


Over the course of the year, the mathematics teachers will be discussing these criteria with the students in class to create a portrait of each student. This portrait will be used to recommend the students into the mathematics course at Stevenson High School that matches their content knowledge as well as level of mathematics proficiency at this time.


As a district and consortium, it is our vision that each student move on to the next course in the sequence providing that there are no significant gaps in content knowledge. If there are significant gaps in content knowledge and a change in recommendation occurs, we will contact you. We feel that this process allows a mathematical picture of the student to develop over time, which will provide a more informed recommendation.



Sequence of Courses


Algebra 1

Algebra 2 (AC)


Algebra 2

Algebra 2 AC

Geometry AC

Geometry HN



Geometry AC

Precalculus AC

Precalculus HN



Precalculus AC

Calculus AB

Calculus BC


Calculus AB

Calculus AB


MV / Statistics


Procedural Skills & Fluency

Conceptual Understanding

Problem Solving with 

How well you can correctly use mathematics.


skill in carrying out procedures flexibly, accurately, efficiently, and appropriately

How well you utilize mathematical ideas, transfer your knowledge into new situations, and apply it to new contexts.


comprehension of mathematical concepts, operations, and relations

Adaptive Reasoning and Strategic Competence

How well you can apply strategies and sound reasoning.


capacity for logical thought, reflection, explanation, and justification and ability to formulate, represent, and solve mathematical problems

I can identify and use the most efficient method for the problem. (MP7)


I can use mathematical computations, terms, symbols, formulas, and language appropriately. (MP5, 6)


I can recognize the algebraic structure in problems and use rules or procedures to solve or simplify. (MP7)


I can solve problems with accuracy. (MP6)


I can use diagrams, pictures, and symbols to justify my work. (MP4)


I can understand and justify the “why” of the procedure. (MP3)


I can justify solutions algebraically, graphically, and numerically. (MP3)


I can explain my solution with sound mathematical reasoning using precise mathematics vocabulary and terminology. (MP3, 8)


I can determine the reasonableness of my answer.  (MP2)

I can select and use all the pertinent information to solve the problem. (MP2)


I can determine a solving strategy by forming logical relationships among concepts and situations. (MP7, 8)


I can represent a situation mathematically using modeling. (MP4)


I can retain and apply information and skills from previous units to solve problems alongside new concepts. (MP7,8)


I can make connections between multiple mathematical concepts to solve problems in unfamiliar situations. (MP7,8)


I can persevere when encountering new and difficult concepts.(MP1)

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Fall Family Educator Conferences

There is still time to sign up for our fall conferences!  



Band Concert

Congratulations to the Woodlawn Band member and Mr. Craw for a great concert on Tuesday night!  As always, this band excelled and put on an amazing performance.!   

Finally, I apologize for my self pity last week and the soccer tournament.  I had a good time! 

Some things to know:  I loathe mice. Going back to living by a forest preserve where I had the lovely, private burial for my rabbit friend....mice tend to head into my neighborhood when it gets cold.  I have had 2 in my garage. Key word there is had. Have a bad mouse experience early in life and you tend to hold a grudge. 

A question to ponder: Why is it that when you are flying 30,000 feet above the earth, traveling at a speed of 500+ miles per hour, you are free to move about the cabin, but when you are on the ground, traveling at 3 miles per hour, you MUST keep your seat belt on?