Woodlawn Principal Blog 11/1/19

Happy Friday, November the 1st.  This month and next month are going to fly by!  This week was awesome here at Woodlawn! We had our fantastic musical, Fiddler on the Roof,  on Tuesday and Wednesday. Yesterday was a lot of fun as our teachers and students dressed up in costumes and had a ton of laughs.  We also celebrated Red Ribbon Week with a number of activities with our students.  

Fall Back

Remember to turn your clock back on Sunday morning.  Classes will still begin at 7:45a.m. on Monday.  

Fall Family Educator Conferences

Electronic sign ups for Family Educator Conferences will be emailed out on Tuesday, November 5th at 8a.m. You are at a huge advantage by reading my blog and having this information.  Set some type of alarm and check your email on Tuesday to get a jump on sign ups!  



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Through its Illinois School Report Card, the Illinois State Board of Education provides a comprehensive view for the previous year of a public school’s progress in the areas of academics, the school environment, finances, staff qualification and retention, and more.

See the Woodlawn Middle School State Report Card for the 18–19 school year.

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Fiddler on the Roof

Check out some of our awesome pictures from this week.  


Halloween at Woodlawn

Here are a couple of Halloween pictures!  



Red Ribbon Week 

Check out these Red Ribbon Week pictures!  


Finally, I am heading to St. Louis for a lovely weekend of soccer games.  As the father of a goalie, you do not understand the pressure I face (unless you are the parent of a goalie yourself).  Any other position on the field messes and there is someone else that can help you out. The goalie messes up and who do the other  parents look at?  The parents of the goalie! Sure I love the positive feedback when my goalie makes a great save, but there is always pressure. I am not sure who had the great idea to host an outdoor soccer tournament in November, and maybe it is because we are from Chicago that they set us up with the 8a.m and 8p.m. games tomorrow.  Alright...I am done complaining. As I say to the Woodlawn staff, let’s focus on best hopes, not our worst fears. Have a great weekend! Enjoy your extra hour.