Woodlawn Principal Blog 10/25/19

We had a lot of fun at our Fall Party this past Wednesday night!  We had 335 students come to this event (Woodlawn has 630 students total) as students could dance, have their picture taken, see a magician, go to the escape room, shoot hoops or just hang out.  I do not have a lot for our blog today.  

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Middle School Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is an alcohol, tobacco, and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign observed by schools annually in October throughout the United States.

Monday: Banner Day During Lunch - Woodlawn will provide a banner during all lunch hours that students can sign a pledge to stay "Too Smart to Start."  

Tuesday: Sticker Day-Woodlawn will provide "Too Smart to Start" stickers on lunch items.  

Wednesday: Sucker Day. - Woodlawn will provide "Too Smart to Start" suckers for everyone! 

Thursday: Post Card Distribution - Postcards will be distributed during Flex to individuals to take home to parents.  The postcards have a QR code which takes parents to a parent/child lesson on vaping prevention. For anyone who completes the lessons, they will receive a code valid for 1 free concrete mixer from Culver's. 

 Friday: Poster Decoration- During Flex students can create a poster around Red Ribbon Week and our theme Too Smart To Start. The Catalyst middle school team will pick a Woodlawn winner. The Woodlawn winner will then be submitted to the High School Catalyst group and they will pick an overall winner. 

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Whoever is in charge around here forgot one of his championship teams last week!  My apologies to the 7th grade “A” team for their basketball championship! Coach Megan Chernich, Kierra Flynn, Nisha Musunuri, Nora Maloney, Ava Wilson, Cassandra Freund, Lila Neubauer, Sophia Joeng & Ashlyn Simon.


Remember that your child can dress up for school on Thursday, October 31st!  No blood, guts or gore. No *Al Gore either because masks aren’t allowed. *That was not a political statement in any way, shape or form.  It was merely a quip by the guy writing the blog. Let’s all relax. The kids would have no idea who he is anyways.  

Finally, I have come to realize that our kids are trying to take years off of our lives.  My youngest daughter (17 yesterday) scared me on Sunday when she called me crying hysterically.  She had just left to go to see her best friend, when the call came to me. Me. Nobody in my house calls for me.  All important calls go through my wife. They need advice on college classes - my wife gets the call. No idea on what to wear for a special occasion - my wife gets the call.  Not feeling well at college - my wife gets the call. You name it - my wife gets the call. Back to my daughter and her hysterics...at this point, I am sitting up in my chair, but I couldn’t understand what she was saying.  I told her to relax, take a deep breath and tell me that she is alright physically. After 5 seconds of deafening silence (gasping really), the words finally came out. D-D-D-Dad, I h-h-h-hit a-a-a- BUNNY. Words escaped me at this point.  The relief of knowing that she was alright, the car was alright and no one else was hurt, I turned my attention to the bunny.  

“Honey, maybe you missed the bunny.”  

“No, I killed it.  I’m a bunny killer.” 

“There was no intent, it was an accident.  Did you go back and look?”  

“No. And I am not driving back that way!”  

“I understand.  When you are calm, come home.”  

You have to understand that my daughter loves animals, is kind to everyone and is just a sweet young lady.  When she came home, I hugged her and talked about my bad experiences with wildlife behind the wheel. To this day, I feel bad when something happens.  Knowing her love for animals, I hopped in the car and went to look for the scene of the accident. Yep, it was bad. Planning ahead, I scooped it up and headed home.  Luckily, I live by a forest preserve and had a private ceremony with the bunny. The next day, still shaken by her experience, I encouraged her to drive that way to see if it was really as bad as she thought it was.  I am not sure if this was the right thing to do, but when my daughter reported that she didn’t see the bunny, I let her believe that she may have missed it.  

Have a  good weekend.