Woodlawn Principal's Blog 10/18/19

Welcome back!  I hope that everyone had a good break from the blog last week.  I am sure that it was disappointing to not receive the blog and check in with all of the happenings at Woodlawn Middle School.  At least there wasn’t a repeat blog, much like your favorite sit com, when you go tune in and realize that you have seen this one before. Disappointing.  I thought that the students might be a little sleepy on Tuesday when they arrived. Nope. Tons of energy and ready to roll in class. It was a busy week at Woodlawn that included tournament games in basketball and soccer, an assembly and special lunch!  Good times for all. Next week we have our musical (Fiddler on the Roof) and the Fall party! Look for information from the PTO later in the blog.  


Don’t forget to purchase your student’s tickets for the upcoming PTO Fall Party on Wednesday, October 23rd from 6-8pm

 This is an AMAZING party for the students and is open to ALL grades – your student will not want to miss it.  We have lots of new and exciting activities this year.

You can purchase tickets online on membership toolkit through Sunday, October 20th at 6pm. 

After Sunday, tickets can be purchased by your student during their lunch periods (cash or check only during lunch sales.)

Visit the PTO Blog for all of the Fall Party details and activities as well as all of your important PTO News.

 Click here for the Woodlawn Daily Announcements!  

Congratulations Conference Champions!

Congrats to our conference champs in the following sports:

7th Grade Girls Cross Country-Ava Wysocki, Katie Tyer, Sami Matzek, Katie Kehrberg, Eugene Lim, Grace Rick, Diana Tang, Sriya Talari

8th Grade Girls Cross Country - Kaitlyn Dianis, Lakshmi Govindarajan, Romy Clorfene, Kyla Smith, Amanda Jiang, Richelle Shi, Ava Gordon, Elizabeth Ebeling, Naomi George, Peyton Posadas

 Congratulations to the 8th Grade "B" Girls Basketball team as they played an incredible game yesterday defeating Twin Groves in decisive fashion to win 1st place in the Conference Tournament!  It was an incredible game played by some AMAZING student athletes. Twin Groves was no match for our aggressive defense and our non-stop effort on both ends of the court. Congrats to Maddie, Mirelly, Bethany, Michelle E, Olivia, MJ, Hannah, Kayla and Anishka.  

My Favorite....

District 96 uses Integrated Pest Management--a program that combines

preventive techniques, non-chemical methods (such as bait traps), and the

appropriate use of pesticides (with a preference for products least harmful to

human health and the environment).

On Saturday, October 19, 2019, the District 96 landscape contractor, Acres

Group, will treat all grass areas and fields adjacent to the school properties for all

Kildeer Countryside District 96 Buildings. If you have any questions regarding

this application you may contact Sam Miranda, Director of Facilities and

Transportation at (847) 459-4260.

I often wonder if anyone shows up for this show.

Halloween at Woodlawn

On Thursday, October 31st, students are allowed to wear costumes to school.  The students have done a great job with this in the past and it is a ton of fun!  The staff does a great job of dressing up as well, with each team coming up with a theme.  Please keep these guidelines in mind:

  • No masks 

  • No weapons

  • No blood     

Encourage your child to dress up for school that day!  

If your child is like my oldest, there is NO WAY he would ever put on a costume, and that is just fine as well.  

Finally, this age thing is for the birds.  I find myself doing things that do not make any sense.  Last month, my nephew had the reveal party for their baby due in February(?).  Just this week I asked him if they knew the gender of the baby. I was at the reveal but it didn’t even dawn on me that I knew.  I try to justify it as I am busy and my fantasy football teams are in disarray. My wife is kind and she tells me that I have always done stuff like this, but it still makes me wonder.  As I think about it, here are my favorite senior moments:

  • I believe that when I talk to myself, this is alright because I need confirmation that something is a good idea

  • I sometimes roll my eyes out loud

  • My people skills are fine... My tolerance of fools is questionable 

  • I lie to myself…”I don’t need to write that down, I’ll remember it.”

  • I now deeply understand how my grandfather could fall asleep in the middle of a conversation

  • My battles with Alexa are getting personal.  Additionally, I find myself telling her/it to mind its own business when it chimes in when I am talking to myself  

  • When playing Jeopardy with my kids, I make the comment of “I was in this grade when that happened”

  • And my personal favorite, “Why did I go downstairs?”