Woodlawn Principal's Blog 10/4/19


10/4 everybody!  Wow, I am showing my age with that comment.  For you youngsters who do not understand, the 70's had a CB craze and I was in 3rd grade during that time. "We're gonna have ourselves a convoy"...CW McCall?  Anyways...I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying this school year.  The students are great and I am having a lot of fun conversations with our middle school students about a variety of topics.  Looking ahead to our shortened week coming up, please take note of how it will look.

Monday, October 7th - Regular day of school and afterschool activities

Tuesday, October 8th - Regular day of school - NO AFTERSCHOOL ACTIVITIES

Wednesday, October 9th - NO SCHOOL DISTRICT HOLIDAY

Thursday, October 10th - NO SCHOOL DISTRICT HOLIDAY




Today your student is bringing home his or her Illinois Assessment of Readiness (IAR) data from the IAR assessment administered in April 2019. Please check your student’s backpack for these assessment results.

IAR  is the assessment and accountability measure used for students enrolled in Illinois public schools.

Students in Grades 3–8 take this assessment in the academic areas of English language arts and mathematics.

IAR results show whether your student met grade-level expectations and is on track for the next grade level. Please note that IAR  is only one measure of how your student is performing academically.

For more information and support in understanding your student’s IAR  assessment results, please refer to the following:


Also, please feel free to direct your questions about your student’s results to the principal of the District 96 school your student currently attends or to Jeanne Spiller, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning- 847 459-4260 ext 8010- [email protected]

No Blog Next Friday

I know that you will all be sad, but it would be silly to have a blog next Friday.  I understand your disappointment. 

Visit the all new for October, PTO Monthly Blog!!!!  There is important information regarding special lunch/dessert day deadlines as well as information for the upcoming Fall Party which your student will not want to miss. I am sure that you had your calendar marked for the updated PTO Blog, but just in case, there you go.  

PTO Special Lunch

Our next PTO Special Lunch will be Friday, October 18th.  

Fall Party

Our Fall Party will be coming up later this month on Wednesday, October 23rd from 6-8p.m.  Look for more details to follow. NEW this year – Fall Party tickets can be purchased online on MTK.  Visit the PTO blog for more details and for all your upcoming PTO news! This is a crazy good time!  


Say Re-Cheese

Picture retake day will be Wednesday, October 16th.  

Woodlawn Daily Announcements

Click here for the Woodlawn daily announcements

Finally, I have mentioned many times over the years that baseball has had a major impact on my life.  My goal is to watch as much of the baseball playoffs as possible this year because there are a bunch of really good teams.  Recently, during one of my baseball conversations, someone brought up a point that I had no way to answer. Why does the baseball manager wear a uniform?  Now I am a person who loves tradition, especially building upon something that has a rich tradition of excellence. It is just accepted that the manager wears the uniform and everyone is cool with this tradition.  Have you ever thought about a football coach wearing the uniform? I am talking shoulder pads, helmet, the whole deal. I think that a basketball coach, shorts and a tank top jersey would be even sillier. I need a hobby because this is just not something I should be wasting my time thinking about.  See you in two weeks!