Woodlawn Principal Blog 9/27/19


Welcome to the last blog of September!  Even though it is rainy outside, we had a positive and fun day here at school.  Sunday is always nice when you know that Monday is a holiday. We just have a couple of items in our blog this week.  

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Help Prevent Missed Emails from School District 96

Some District 96 parents reported they did not receive their student's MAP scores sent by email (from [email protected]) on Sept. 6. Delivery by several specific email service providers proved to be problematic. 

The District has received the following specific instructions to help prevent missed emails for parents/guardians who use one of the following email service providers: MSN, Outlook, Hotmail, or Live

• Log into MSN, Outlook, Hotmail, or Live from a computer workstation.

• Click the PEOPLE icon in the extreme lower left-hand corner of the page (next to the Mail and Calendar icons). A new window will open.

• On the new window, click NEW CONTACT.

• Type in Jeanne Spiller into the First Name and Last Name fields.

• Type in [email protected] into the email address field.

• Click CREATE.

(Ms. Spiller is the District's assistant superintendent for teaching and learning.)

Repeat this process multiple times as you wish, creating contacts for your building principal (names/email addresses follow) and E-NEWS 96: Betsy Fresen, [email protected]

Principal Names/Email Addresses:

Willow Grove: Jennifer Smith [email protected]

Country Meadows: Meghan Bird [email protected]

Ivy Hall: Robert Hanrahan [email protected]

Kildeer: Vail Kieser [email protected]

Prairie: Christine Pfaff [email protected]

Twin Groves: Jessica Barnes [email protected]

Woodlawn: Greg Grana [email protected]

If you use another service provider for your email than those listed above, you might consider following your service provider's instructions for adding contacts to your address book.

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Parent Awareness 

Hidden In Plain Sight is an article from the Powertotheparent.org website.  Click here for some very interesting reading.  

Finally, my daughter is going to the homecoming dance on Saturday night.  Not cool. I am the king of the double standard. It is all well and good when my boys were going to the dances, but when either daughter was going, I had/have an issue with it.  I am still struggling with the whole homecoming poster and light show thing. Why the big show, can’t we just ask? Yes it was cute, but come on. Everything about this situation just irritates me.   The young man she is going with introduced himself to me, shook my hand, looked me in the eye, had a nice conversation with me and was very mature. I don’t trust him. Nope. I am not sure if I have blogged this topic before, but my thoughts on this young men haven’t changed.  Hmmmmm. I hope you all have a good weekend, I will be waiting up on Saturday night.