Principal's Message November 5, 2020

TGIF…Twin Groves it’s Friday!

Please note...Friday, November 13th will be a half day. Dismissal will be at 11:10AM for Middle School students.
Please use THIS SCHEDULE on the 13th. 

What’s happening at TG?
PE: During the month of November the students will continue with two fitness days a week.  We are hoping to get outside as much as possible during the month.  The students will have activity days three times a week that allows for them to choose an activity they are interested in and depending on what they have available at home.  During this rotation the students will also be designing their own fitness plan using the FITT principle and Smart Goal models.  As we head indoors the students will need the equipment in their blue bag from the materials pick up that took place in September.  We are finishing up our fourth rotation which means all students will have gone through Health once.  They will be in Health once each trimester.  

Health: Sixth grade students have been learning about decision making, creating online bully free comics and building their resiliency skills.  They also are learning about basic first aid and the skills to treat someone if they become injured or ill.  Such first aid topics include EDITH floor plans, hypothermia, shock, seizure, frostbite, choking, burns, fracture, and more.  In seventh grade we have been working on what the health triangle is and why it is important to keep all sides of the triangle healthy.  In addition, the seventh graders have been learning about self esteem and grit.  The eighth graders have started off the school year learning about nutrients and proper nutrition.  They have even created a food and fitness plan for a client of their choice.

Art: We are starting our final project!  6th and 7th grade will be exploring the element of art: value.  We will be using our 12 piece sketching pencil set to take flat 2D shapes and shade them into forms that look 3D.  8th grade will be using an app called Pixelmator that is similar to Photoshop.  We will be exploring our current cultural identities and will then create a digital collage that represents who they are today.

Music: As our trimester begins to wind down, students have been working on composition using different music software programs (Breezin’ Thru and Noteflight). We will finish up with composition and notation next week and then start creating in Garageband. 8th Grade will create an accompaniment to a poem they will read, 7th Grade will create an improvisation over a 12 Bar Blues Pattern, and 6th Grade will create different melodies for characters in a story book.

The Art of Science and Living: Students in 7th and 8th grade have been learning about consumerism and how to make good decisions when purchasing different goods. The cooking unit looks different this year due to e-learning. The class is focused on learning new cooking techniques and identifying unknown utensils. We have reviewed kitchen safety and looked at how to keep food safe while cooking and storing. As the trimester comes to an end, students will be sharing their recipes and experiences from different opportunities to cook at home. Sixth grade is finishing their sewing projects. Next, they will be exploring the MyPlate recommended guidelines. We will finish the trimester by learning about utensils, cooking techniques and kitchen safety. Take some time in the kitchen this fall to cook with your children. They love to try new recipes and it is the perfect way to spend quality time with the whole family. Trimester 2 will start on November 30. All TASOL students will rotate to Art. 


Book Bin for Returns at Twin Groves
There is a book bin outside the front doors of the main office at Twin for library books or books that need to be returned to the school.
Please feel free to drop books off at any time. We empty the bin daily.


Daily Announcements
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