Principal's Message September 24, 2020

TGIF…Twin Groves it’s Friday! 

Please remember that we do not have school on Monday, September 28th. Please enjoy the three day weekend!

In an effort to spread positivity, Twin Groves uses our 5 Traits to recognize exemplars of the following qualities: Responsible, Accountable, Respectful, Safe, and a Community. In addition to the 5 Traits, we are also recognizing students for being leaders, role models, supportive peers, brave, and positive.

As part of this focus, the Twin Groves Staff would like to recognize the following students who consistently demonstrate these qualities. 

Joelle Chong
Rebecca Fears
Fiona Jin
Aiden Kanemori 
Karsen Libman 
Cohen Ottaviano 
Tanusha Santosh 



Please note the following addition to the current school year calendar:
NO SCHOOL Tuesday, October 13th – State-Approved Remote Learning Planning Day
District 96 staff will use this day for professional development related to staff preparing for transition to a hybrid model.



Health Forms- PLEASE READ
Please know that students who do not have the necessary health forms on file will be excluded from school on October 15th.  Please see the information below for specific details and health form deadlines.

Health form requirements vary by grade level and for new/returning students. New to District 96 (all grade levels)?

See MORE INFO regarding grade-level specific health form requirements. 

All students entering Grade 6 must have their CERTIFICATE OF CHILD HEALTH EXAMINATION/IMMUNIZATION FORM (signed by the physician) on file in the school office by October 15, 2020. 
Please contact the nurse at Twin Groves with any questions. 847-821-8946



Counseling Corner
Ms. Baker and Ms. McDevitt, School Social Workers
Ms. Koulentes, School Counselor
Ms. Leverentz, School Psychologist

Finding Balance in This Digital World

Create a schedule with your child that builds in time for relaxation, exercise, alone time, etc. after school hours
If students have both technology-based and technology-free tasks to complete, suggest that they alternate these types of tasks to give their eyes and brains a break from their screens.
Encourage your student to step away from the screen during passing periods between classes. Use those brief moments to take deep breaths, get water, use the restroom, stretch, visit with a pet or family member.  
Spend time outside when you can! Fresh air is a great way to reset our minds and have a nice break
Encourage your child to maintain social ties with friends and family in a way that feels comfortable and safe to your family. 

Is your child feeling distracted during their remote school day?  Consider these tips: 
8 Ways to Reduce Digital Distractions During Remote Learning & Homework September 2, 2020 By Smart Social 




Family Educator Conferences (this is the same information that went out on 9/23 at 8AM)
Please click THIS LINK to sign up for fall family educator conferences with your child's educators.  You will sign-in to Meet The Teacher with your name, an email address, your child’s name, and his or her date of birth.   
At the middle school level, you will be able to sign up for a conference with your child’s homeroom teacher and other non-core instruction teachers your child works with on a regular basis.

Homeroom teachers are:
2nd period class for 6th Graders
1st period class for 7th Graders
1st period class for 8th Graders

As a reminder, if you are unable to attend these conferences on these dates, please email the educator you are interested in speaking with to set up a phone conference. 

Please note that parents are always encouraged to reach out to the staff at anytime with questions or concerns.

In addition to individual conferences with educators, parent education opportunities will be provided both days in our school.  More information will be shared in the near future!

Conferences take place:
October 8th- 5pm-8:30pm 
October 9th- 10:00-1:30pm

Conferences are 10 minutes in length.
If you are having trouble signing up, please contact the front office at Twin Groves, 847-821-8946.



Colt’s Council- Charity Suggestions
Colt’s Council is currently accepting suggestions for our yearly charity. Please send any suggestions, along with a charity mission statement, and explanation by using this LINK.
All suggestions will need to be in by September 30th. 




PTO Spirit Wear
Twin Groves Spirit Wear in on sale NOW through October 1st!

Learn in style wearing any of the new Colts lounge wear. Choose from comfy hoodies, t-shirts, joggers, and pajamas. Check out the customized beanies and bucket hat, and grab a Colts mask to stay safe!

Orders will be available mid-October via on-site pick up at Twin Groves. Date and time TBD. For more information and to place your order, visit our PTO Membership Toolkit:



Daily Announcements
Please see Twin Groves website for up to date school announcements. The announcements let you know what exciting activities and clubs are going on at Twin Groves. Please click HERE to access the Daily Announcements.