Principal's Message 8.6.21

Principal's Message 8.6.21

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year.  The Prairie staff is very excited to be working with you and your child(ren) this year.  If this is your first experience as a Prairie family, I know that you will be pleased with our school and staff.  We have a positive and vibrant community that makes us all - staff, students, and parents - proud to be Pumas!  It has been my honor to be Prairie’s Principal since 2010 and it is my true privilege and joy to serve this community.

I’m excited for this school year and the transition back to full student attedance.  The pandemic challenged everyone in ways that we could not have imagined but from it, we emerged a stronger community.  The experience proved that we are all resourceful, creative, and flexible and that our students care deeply about being at school.

Positive relationships continue to be of the utmost importance.  Last year we implemented morning meeting time to ensure that students and staff had a structured forum to get to know each other and socialize in a non-academic setting.  I’m happy to share that we will continue to allot this time in our master schedule for classroom family and personal relationship development.  As we transition back to full in-person learning, we will continue to communicate strongly with you through emails, regular teacher newsletters, and my weekly Principal’s Message.

Teachers and administrators have been working tirelessly over the summer months to prepare for this school year participating in curriculum development, technology tools workshops, social-emotional learning workshops, professional book studies, and so much more.  I could not be prouder of our staff for their dedication in preparing for this school year.   

The staff and I are looking forward to seeing all our students in person.  We deeply value our partnership with you and are so appreciative of your support.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with your questions. 


Christine Pfaff

NEW *Reminder to Complete the Consent Forms* 

This is a friendly reminder to complete your acknowledgment forms by August 9th.  It is required that each family acknowledge they will send their child to school, symptom-free, every day. 

Each family has received the following Consents and Acknowledgements:

1) Consent to participate in weekly screening using the RT-PCR nasal swab at home (not required)

2) Consent to test on campus when symptomatic or when identified as a close contact (not required) 

3) Acknowledgements that include that by sending a student to school parents are certifying that they are symptom-free (REQUIRED).

NEW *Class Placement Information & Bus Information*

This year your child’s class placement and bus information, if applicable, will come to you electronically on Thursday, August 12th.  A team of staff members worked diligently to make sure each child was placed in the classroom in which he or she will find continued success. We know you appreciate the fact that, with such careful thought and consideration put into these decisions, including your input, no changes will be made and we thank you for your support. This year’s class lists were developed with the following teaching teams in place to ensure student success.

1st:  Mrs. Kathy Angel, Miss Kaylee Furlett, Mrs. Kaitlin Giannos, Mrs. Lindsay Silverstein

2nd:  Mrs. Vrunda Desai, Miss Kaitlyn Elfering, Miss Abby Heuer, Mrs. Melanie Pawlow

3rd:  Miss Morgan McHugh, Miss Barb Ramont, Mrs. Roberta Souza, Miss Arienne Weil

4th:  Ms. Suzy Cotter, Miss Angela Kotsonis, Mrs. Alana Schmidt, Mrs. Amy Wood

5th:  Mrs. Betsy Davis, Mrs. Wendy Hafft, Mrs. Ramona Smith, Mrs. Chris Weede

If you do not receive a notification, please email our administrative assistant, Mrs. Michele Demas, at [email protected], or give us a call in the office.

NEW *New Family School Tours*

Elementary Schools (Country Meadows, Ivy Hall, Kildeer, Prairie): Friday, August 13th at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.


NEW *Meet the Teacher*

Everyone must wear masks regardless of vaccination status.  Please be aware of social distancing.

All children must be supervised by their caregiver for the duration of the event.

Elementary Schools (Country Meadows, Ivy Hall, Kildeer, Prairie) - Tuesday, August 17th.  Last Names A-L ~ 8:30am - 9:15am.  Last Names ~ M-Z 9:15am - 10:00am.

Willow Grove - Tuesday, August 17th.  Last Names A-L 10:00am - 10:30am.  Last Names M-Z 10:30am - 11:00am.

NEW *First Day of School - Thursday, August 19th*

Elementary Schools (Country Meadows, Ivy Hall, Kildeer, Prairie): 8:25 AM - 11:45 AM

Willow Grove Early Learning Center: 

Full & Half-Day Kindergarten and Structured Program 8:40 AM - 11:45 AM

ONLY Blended AM attend (8:30-11:00) and these alternate between the AM and PM classes throughout the school year (see District 96 Quicklist Calendar).

Please see the District 96 calendar link for more information.

NEW *Birthday Treats*

Our birthday treat policy has changed.  Please know that moving forward, only school appropriate, non-food items such as pencils, stickers, crazy straws, etc. will be allowed.  If you are unsure whether an item is school appropriate, please contact your child's classroom teacher for guidance.

NEW *Health Form Deadline*

The district website lists today as the deadline for immunization forms. All immunizations should be completed to avoid school exclusion.  Please refer to the D96 Student Health website for more information.

NEW *Curriculum Nights*

More information will be forthcoming.  Please save the date:

Willow Grove - Monday, August 23:  6:30pm - 7:30pm

Elementary Schools (Country Meadows, Ivy Hall, Kildeer, Prairie) - Wednesday, August 25 

Grades 1 & 2:  6:30pm - 7:30pm  

Grades 3 - 5:  7:15pm - 8:15pm

NEW *Student Picture Day*

Prairie’s student picture day is Friday, September 10th.  More information to come. 

NEW *Daily Snacks*

Children have daily snack time in their classrooms.  Snacks must be from the Approved Snack List.  Abiding by this helps to keep our environment safe for all students to do their best learning.  Any items not on the Approved Daily Snack List sent to school will be returned home.