Principal's Message 5.8.20

Principal's Message 5.8.20


Thank you so much for all of the love and appreciation that was shown to our staff this past week.  We truly appreciate the videos, emails, and heartfelt thanks we received, and we are so grateful to work with such a supportive school community and PTO.  



REPEATING BUT REALLY IMPORTANT: Don't Wait! Register for the 2020–21 School Year

If you haven't already registered your new or returning District 96 student for the 2020–21 school year, please do so right away. Having an accurate enrollment count is important for anticipating staffing needs appropriately. Please tell new neighbors and friends to contact the public info coordinator [email protected] with registration questions and for info on options to delay/waive registration fees.

NEW: Guidance for Parents Supporting Their Children’s Remote Learning

Our faculty and administrators continue to look for ways to support District families during this challenging time, including cultivating a happy parent-child working relationship. As many of us are also working from home with our own children, we recognize that when children listen and follow directions, there are better learning outcomes and less frustration for the entire family. We believe you’ll find THIS ARTICLE helpful and broadly applicable, as it offers specific steps you can take as a parent to earn instructional control and respond to your child’s behavioral challenges: Seven Steps to Successful Parenting Through Behavioral Challenges, written by ELC Behavior Analyst Alexa Halbert, based on Robert Schramm’s work, MA BCBA.

NEW:  Buffalo Grove Police Department Coloring Challenge

BGPD would love to receive a virtual wave via a coloring challenge from your child!  This is something fun to do if your child would be interested.  CLICK HERE for the BGPD Coloring Challenge! 

REPEATING: Dual Language Update & Info

Dual Language Interest Forms are due from interested parents of 2020-21 incoming kindergartners by 3 PM on May 15.


The Dual Language Program Public Lottery will be at 6 PM on May 27.

This Dual Language Parent Screencast VIDEO (17 minutes) presented by KCSD96 Director of Language and Early Literacy Kathryn Sheridan gives detailed info about the program.

More info: Dual Language in KCSD96  

Dual Language Lottery 

Dual Language FAQs