Principal's Message 11.15.19

Principal's Message 11.15.19

Student Report Card Access Nov. 22 

Your student’s report card will be available for you to access online NEXT FRIDAY, Nov. 22, AFTER 3 PM. If you need assistance, please CLICK HERE for instructions to view your student’s report card, to switch between your children’s report cards, and more. Report cards will be available for online access after 3 pm on Nov. 22.

Family Reading Night

Family Reading Night is Thursday, November 21st from 6:30-7:45. The theme for this year is SHOWTIME! Families will enjoy quality time reading with their children! We will also have teachers reading aloud with fun activities to go along with each book! We are asking families to arrive on time or even early if you want to purchase books from the book fair.

Please keep in mind that children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  There will be two sessions. Your family will decide which stations to attend. Once a choice is made, we ask that you remain with your child inside the classroom for the entire session. We look forward to seeing you there for this community event to celebrate READING!   ~Mrs. Spivack

Eco Club Presents LUNCHROOM WARS! 

Dear Parents,

We would like to inform you about "Lunchroom Wars"! This event was created by the Eco Club and will be happening on November 18th-20th. This project involves encouraging your child to reduce his/her plastic consumption. This will hopefully make our school more eco-friendly.

The event will take place at the end of each lunch period. After the lunch period, we will weigh the amount of garbage that each grade level uses. The following week on the announcements, an Eco Club member will report how many pounds of garbage each grade produced. The grade level with the least amount of garbage will win!  We hope that this will decrease the amount of garbage each grade level produces. Here are some suggestions on ways to reduce garbage in your child’s lunch: Instead of Ziploc bags, you could use reusable plastic containers. Use reusable silverware instead of plastic spoons and forks.


This will help us make our world better because, back then, in the olden days, our earth was not polluted and it was Eco-friendly. But now, we are polluting it a lot and using too much electricity, we are trying to make the Earth a better place and it is our turn to help Earth get better again, so please help us! The Eco club has been collecting many plastic items. We have been inspired to make something called an Eco brick, an Eco brick is where you stuff items into clean bottles, the things you can put in the plastic bottle include styrofoam, plastic bags and plastic wrappings. Thank you for taking the time to read this message and please keep in mind, to try to reduce your plastic consumption. 

Let's get in the habit of using less garbage next week to get ready for "Lunchroom Wars" on November 18-20th. 


The Eco Club


Poster Contest

Stevenson invites students in Pre-K through Grade 8 to submit poster designs for Consortium Orchestra, Band, and Choir posters. Entries are due by Fri., Nov. 29.


Social-Emotional Learning- Part II 

As was shared in the video "What does Social Emotional Learning  Mean in District 96?", this year students are receiving instruction on the social-emotional targets throughout the school year. What does instruction look like for students? 

Instruction can look different across settings and the target being addressed. For some targets such as Using expected behavior across all settings teachers may include an explicit discussion within the classroom where students help to identify what expected behavior looks like, sounds like and how it aligns with the specific activity. Following the discussion, students are provided opportunities to engage in the practice of these skills. 

Once explicit instruction has occurred, teachers may embed the targets more implicitly, incorporating them into daily learning activities. For example, for the target Utlizie perspective-taking to analyze how one's behavior may affect others,  in literacy or social studies teachers may ask students to take the characters' perspectives and apply to their own perspective of a situation. Overall, instruction is occurring across settings both explicitly and implicitly with ongoing feedback provided to students.