Principal's Message 9.27.19

Principal's Message 9.27.19

No School Monday, September 30th

News from Specials Class - What’s happening in P.E.?

     We are looking forward to a great year in Physical Education here at Prairie School! The students have been working very hard on all of their p.e. targets and getting ready for our Scamper Fun Run. We hope the weather holds out next Friday, October 4th so we can celebrate the school year and participate in a very fun heart-healthy event!

      Below is a snapshot of our first trimester activities and skills:

            First & Second Grade:

  • Cooperative Games-Emphasize cooperation, listening skills, spatial awareness, and movement exploration

  • Kicking-Soccer activities focusing on dribbling and ball control

  • Underhand/Overhand-Proper technique and skills

  • Catching-Eye hand coordination, tracking and proper catching form

  • Third, Fourth & Fifth Grade:

In addition to the above activities, the following units are also included:

  • Soccer-Dribbling, passing, shooting and game play

  • Speedball (5th)-Exciting game that combines soccer and football

  • Football-Proper grip, throwing form, catching and plays

  • Fitness Testing-Tests aerobic capacity, muscular strength, and flexibility

     Starting in third grade, students will be introduced to FitnessGram testing. Fitness testing is a valuable tool for helping young people assess their fitness and activity levels, identify ways to improve fitness and health and learn to enjoy regular physical activity. Our fitness tests evaluate each child’s aerobic capacity, muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility. Students then set goals and determine ways they can work towards and achieve these goals throughout the year. Yes, fitness can be fun! We hope to see you at the Scamper Fun Run next week! Mrs. Lehtman & Mr. Nickle

Assigned Bus Seats

As a reminder, all students who ride the bus have assigned bus seats.  Students are to be seated in their assigned bus seat to and from school.  Any changes to assigned seats are conducted in the principal’s office.

PTO News

Parents the PTO needs your help! We are still in need of volunteers to help on school store days and to coordinate/plan other events throughout the year. If you are interested in volunteering please sign up through Membership toolkit. If you have any questions please reach out to the PTO at [email protected] Thank you! 


Help Prevent Missed Emails from School District 96

Some District 96 parents reported they did not receive their student's MAP scores sent by email (from [email protected]) on Sept. 6. Delivery by several specific email service providers proved to be problematic.

The District has received the following specific instructions to help prevent missed emails for parents/guardians who use one of the following email service providers: MSN, Outlook, Hotmail, or Live

• Log into MSN, Outlook, Hotmail, or Live from a computer workstation.

• Click the PEOPLE icon in the extreme lower left-hand corner of the page (next to the Mail and Calendar icons). A new window will open.

• On the new window, click NEW CONTACT.

• Type in Jeanne Spiller into the First Name and Last Name fields.

• Type in [email protected] into the email address field.

• Click CREATE.

(Ms. Spiller is the District's assistant superintendent for teaching and learning.)

Repeat this process multiple times as you wish, creating contacts for your building principal (names/email addresses follow) and E-NEWS 96: Betsy Fresen, [email protected]

Principal Names/Email Addresses:

Willow Grove: Jennifer Smith [email protected]

Country Meadows: Meghan Bird [email protected]

Ivy Hall: Robert Hanrahan [email protected]

Kildeer: Vail Kieser [email protected]

Prairie: Christine Pfaff [email protected]

Twin Groves: Jessica Barnes [email protected]

Woodlawn: Greg Grana [email protected]


If you use another service provider for your email than those listed above, you might consider following your service provider's instructions for adding contacts to your address book.


Buddy Classroom Activity

On Monday, we had our first Buddy Activity of the school year.  Older and younger students got together to learn more about each other and to develop relationships across grade levels.  Please click Making Buddy Classroom Connections at Prairie to see photos from the getting to know you activity.

Halloween Costumes (Repeat)

As October is here, please help us with the following costume procedures and guidelines...

Students will change into their costumes after the lunch period or can go home for lunch on this day with a note.
Costumes must be appropriate for school.

  • Please no masks, blood, super scary stuff, general iciness, or weapons

  • Please no cigars or cigarette items

  • Please no bare tummies

  • Please keep hair coloring and make-up simple