Woodlawn PTO Blog, Mar. 5, 2021

Woodlawn PTO Blog, Mar. 5, 2021



Our Fall Raffle was a huge success. Thanks to all who participated! In lieu of our annual Spring Fling Party, we will again offer raffle baskets–always a hit with students. Ticket sales start Mar. 8 and continue through the end of the school day on Mar. 17. Winners will be announced Thursday during Morning Announcements. Pick up prizes in the Woodlawn Office Thurs., Mar. 18, or Fri., Mar. 19.

Please log in to your Woodlawn PTO MEMBERSHIP TOOLKIT account Mar. 8 to view raffle baskets and purchase raffle tickets! Baskets will be previewed on our social media sites–stay tuned!

Basket 1: Woodlawn Spirit Basket #1 (value over $65)
adult small black hooded Woodlawn sweatshirt; adult small commemorative Woodlawn T-shirt; Woodlawn drawstring bag; Woodlawn facemask; Woodlawn hat; Woodlawn water bottle

Basket 2: Woodlawn Spirit Basket #2 (value over $65)
adult small blue hooded Woodlawn sweatshirt, adult small commemorative Woodlawn T-shirt; Woodlawn drawstring bag; Woodlawn facemask; Woodlawn hat; Woodlawn water bottle

Basket 3: Stevenson Spirit Basket #1 (value over $75)
adult XXL grey hooded Stevenson sweatshirt, adult small green Stevenson performance T-shirt; adult medium black Stevenson football T-shirt; adult large black Stevenson "S" T-shirt; adult medium green Stevenson athletic shorts, Stevenson hat; Stevenson decal

Basket 4: Stevenson Spirit Basket #2 (value over $75)
adult XL white Stevenson sweatshirt; adult small green Stevenson sweatshirt; adult large black Stevenson "S" T-shirt; adult large Under Armour® Patriot shirt; adult medium green Stevenson athletic shorts, Stevenson hat, Stevenson "S" magnet

Basket 5: Starbucks Basket (value over $50)
two $15 Starbucks giftcards; Chicago-themed Starbucks cup; mocha frappuccino, vanilla frappuccino

Basket 6: Amazon Basket (value over $50)
$50 Amazon gift card; assorted candies and treats

Basket 7: PlayStation Basket (value over $75)
pro gaming headset; headset lighted stand and USB charger; $25 PlayStation giftcard

Basket 8: Xbox Basket (value over $75)
pro gaming headset; headset lighted stand and USB charger; $25 Xbox giftcard

Basket 9: Lululemon Basket (value over $50)

Basket 10: Ulta/Sephora Basket (value over $50)

Basket 11: Movie Basket (value over $50)


We're in limbo for planning any special events for our students at this time; however, we will be able to carry out our tradition of giving each outgoing 8th-grader a gift from the Woodlawn PTO. This year we plan to give the students a hooded sweatshirt. This week students will be sent a Google form link through their school accounts. We are asking students to let us know the size they would like to order. Any student who does not complete the form will receive a hooded sweatshirt in size Adult Large.

Through the Woodlawn PTO MEMBERSHIP TOOLKIT, we are offering to families of our graduating 8th graders personalized yard signs and Stevenson T-shirts.

To ensure you get your items by the end of the school year, we have to order early! Orders are due by Mar. 18! Don't forget to place your order BEFORE Spring Break!


CLICK HERE to explore and sign up for the 2021–2022 Woodlawn PTO open Executive Board and Committee Chair volunteer opportunities. If you have questions or may be interested, please contact Holly Krull. Thank you for considering volunteering your time and talents to the Woodlawn PTO for this upcoming 2021–2022 school year. We cannot wait to, once again, be able to offer special programs to our students. We are hopeful that next year will open up a few more opportunities, but we cannot do it without your help!


Spring Conferences are here! Thank you to everyone who generously donated to help provide dinner for all the Woodlawn teachers and staff during Spring Conferences. The Woodlawn PTO and teachers truly appreciate your generosity. Thank you!


We would like to spotlight two very special volunteers this month: Elisha Magnifico and Melissa Greenberg.

Melissa and Elisha have headed our Staff Hospitality Committee the past three years and always outdo themselves when planning and implementing meals for the staff and ideas for staff appreciation. They have had themes such as "Stranger Things" and "Harry Potter" and have even had live music to relax our teachers before conferences. Little did we know that event would come to an abrupt end and we would not be returning to school until almost a year later. Through it all, they have persevered and adapted to continue to provide teachers and staff with meaningful gifts that show our support and appreciation. In the spring they created a slideshow of our community and students sharing their thanks (it brought many to tears). This fall they assembled care packages with a "Survivior" theme that were hand-delivered by Mr. Grana and Ms. Garlick.

Most recently, Mr. Grana has tapped their talents on campus beautification and they have been working tirelessly. They have collected motivational quotes from teachers and staff, transferring them onto vinyl cutouts and adhering them to the walls throughout the school! They have hung over 60 quotes so far! They also were instrumental in assisting with the diversity posters Mr. Grana shared in his previous blog.

Currently they are planning a wonderful meal for our teachers for spring conferences. We can't wait to share pictures with you of their final project. They are working with the locally owned restaurant Jameson's Charhouse to bring our teachers a very special meal!

Thank you Elisha and Melissa for all you do! You enhance our community in so many ways!


More info coming soon! In addition to the convenience of ordering online, supply kits will be delivered to your residence in time for this upcoming school year. Stay tuned to our next blog for more information....

We encourage you to continue to read our MONTHLY BLOG during the school year for information on upcoming events.

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