Continue your immigration journey by learning more about your country.

  1. How far it is from your REAL home to where you immigrated from? Click below and in the from box, type your REAL hometown and country. In the to box, type in a city in the country you are immigrating FROM. How Far is it?
  2. To enter the United States as an immigrant you were required to have $25. How much is $25 in your country's money? Click on the currency converter to find out. Make sure you select U.S dollars and click on Perform Currency Conversion. Currency Converter
  3. What do you know about the country you came from? Click on Country Facts to find two facts about your country. Country Facts
  4. To learn how to say "HELLO" in the language of your country, click below and select your country. When you leave class today, say good bye to the teacher in your "new" language. Say Hello to the World
  5.  Use the translator to type a sentence in English and translate it to another language.
    Language Translator

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