Kildeer Principal's Message- January 29th

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Dear Kildeer Families,

Well, this week certainly had it all! Students reporting in-person, saliva screenings, hybrid learning, and a snowstorm. Speaking of snow, did you all get outside to enjoy it this week? I want to thank the parent that gave me the incredible idea of filling up spray bottles with food coloring to "paint the snow". My children had a great time making art in the snow this week. If you haven't tried this, I highly recommend it!

I want to take a moment to express my heartfelt thanks to all of our Kildeer families for your continued support while we continue to navigate our new normal that each week brings. Your partnership and mutual support of our students and staff truly make Kildeer a model partnership.

Please take a few moments to review the contents of this week’s principal’s message.

NEW *News From the Learning Center/Exploration Lab*

We are pleased to announce the purchase of over 1,500 Ebooks for our students to check out directly onto their iPads. Using the Sora by Overdrive app, children are allowed to check out one book at a time. They can also place one book on hold at a time.

Many of our books have a limited number of checkouts before they disappear forever so we strongly encourage children to read a sample of the book before borrowing. This allows students to decide whether the book is a good fit and it will help our books last longer. In addition, we are asking students to return books as soon as possible so others may have a turn. 

Finally, If you have a public library card, students can add their public library and have thousands of more books to choose from. All you need is a library card. See this video for instructions on how to add a public library to the Sora app.


An Illinois law known as Erin’s Law requires schools to implement an age-appropriate sexual assault and abuse awareness/prevention curriculum for Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Kildeer Countryside CCSD 96 researched and observed best practices and programs for delivering this instruction, selecting Victor Pacini to present Be Seen & Heard ©.

The focus of this developmentally appropriate and interactive program is to teach children skills to keep them safe from danger or abuse. Concepts discussed will include distinguishing safe from unsafe touches, safety rules at home and school, saying NO, safe/unsafe secrets, and telling a trusted adult, as well as reinforcing that an adult’s touching him or her is not the child’s fault. For more information about this presentation please go to

The presentation to Kildeer students will be during the school day on Monday, February 22nd. 

If you prefer that your child does not attend this prevention education session, please submit your written request - or your questions - to me at [email protected]


Parents who have children coming in must do their daily self-certification.  It significantly slows down our arrival procedures when students don't have this.

Likewise, parents whose students do not bring their saliva samples will be called to come to the school and bring their student’s sample collection vial, barcode label, and plastic baggie and assist their student in collecting the sample. 

Please remember that completing the daily self-certification and providing the weekly saliva sample is a commitment you made for your child to attend in-person. If there are repeat incidences for the daily self-certification and/or saliva collection, the student may need to go back to remote learning.  Please set alarm reminders for yourself.  I do not want anyone to have to move back to remote learning for this reason.

The schedule for saliva sample collection for EC–Grade 2 is as follows:


Ivy Hall Grades 1-2 (Last names A-L)

Prairie Grades 1-2 (Last names A-L)


Country Meadows Grades 1-2 (Last names A-L)

Kildeer Grades 1-2 (Last names A-L)

Willow Grove PM Students 


Willow Grove AM Students 


Country Meadows Grades 1-2 (Last names M-Z)

Ivy Hall Grades 1-2 (Last names M-Z)

Prairie Grades 1-2 (Last names M-Z)

Kildeer Grades 1-2 (Last names M-Z)

*Samples for 3rd-5th graders are collected at Kildeer on Mondays and Thursdays. 

See MORE INFO regarding saliva samples and collecting them.

To access the required Daily Self-Certification Form, you need to log into TeacherEase each day your student will attend in person to submit self-certification.

This VIDEO gives instructions, including how to access the daily self-certification form using your cell phone (iOS or android).

If you will be using your home computer to send daily self-certification, we suggest that you bookmark the TeacherEase website. The link is:



If your child is participating in in-person learning next week and you would like your student to receive free meals in the building on those in-person days, please pre-order using the Linq website (  Find more information about how to create your account and how to order HERE.


Please place your orders by 6 p.m. Thursday for the week ahead.

These meals are free to all students through the Summer Food Service Program of the USDA.  This program is anticipated to be in place through the end of this 2020–2021 school year.

Repeat *Kildeer specific In-Person Learning Procedures*

PRIOR to Arrival: Questions for parents to consider-

  • Have you filled out the DAILY self-certification to ensure your child is symptom-free? 
  • Does your child have their mask on?
  • Does your child have their lanyard on? (Handed out on the first day of their in-person learning, must be worn upon entry to Kildeer every day after that.) 
  • Does your child have a lunch and water bottle? If you need a lunch, you MUST pre-order. Please see the information above!
  • 1st/2nd Graders ONLY: Is it their day to drop-off a saliva sample? Thanks for making sure it's in a handy place for the adult screeners to collect. As noted above, parents whose students do not bring their saliva samples will be called to come to the school and bring their student’s sample collection vial, barcode label, and plastic baggie and assist their student in collecting the sample. Thanks for your cooperation. 


All students should wear a mask upon arrival. Morning drop-off will start at 8:10 by the doors to the small gym, instead of the front entrance. Please pull your vehicle up to a cone and let your child out along the sidewalk. Thank you for waiting patiently in the vehicle line. 

If you would like to walk your child up to the school on the first day, please park your car in the side lot and utilize the crosswalk when there are no other cars driving. Once you reach the sidewalk, your child will independently enter through the small gym doors. Thank you for maintaining 6 feet of social distancing and wearing a mask. 

For first and second graders, bus tags with barcodes were given out in October and attached to their backpacks. For any students that are returning in-person, ID badges with attached lanyards will be passed out. These MUST be worn upon entry to school. The barcode will allow us to scan your child’s information and ensure the daily certification screener has been completed by the parents. 

First and second graders need to bring their saliva samples on their designated day. Please see the specific information above as a reminder.  

Adults will be placed strategically around the school to support social distancing. Once your child has been scanned and confirmed there are no symptoms, he or she should go immediately to the classroom where the teacher will be eagerly waiting! We will not be utilizing lockers to avoid hallway congestion.

Also, thank you for minimizing the amount of winter gear sent with your child. We do not have recess on our master schedule so there should be no need for snow pants, etc. 


Each grade at Kildeer will have a designated lunch space, taking place outside of the classroom. Disinfecting hand wipes will be readily available and all tables and seats will be disinfected according to the guidelines. Students may bring a lunch from home or preorder. See the information above for preordering. 

After School

Students may be picked up outside the small gym, the same location used in the morning arrival procedure. As you park by a cone, please hold up a sign with your student's full name to show the adults helping at parent pick-up.  

Students will be waiting at cones spread out safely on the sidewalk until they are called by a staff member to get into the vehicle. Siblings will be standing together at the same cone. In case of inclement weather, students will be sitting socially distanced in the small gym waiting for their names to be called.

For bus riders, there will be assigned seats coming to and from school. Siblings will sit together. The assigned seats are determined by First Student. If you have questions about the bus, please reach out to First Student directly. 

Notes for After-School 

If you have any changes for after-school plans, please call the front office or email Mrs. Hagen, Mrs. Wright, and your child’s classroom teacher on the same email. This will ensure that someone sees this change.  If you need to communicate past 2:00 p.m., please call the office! 

If your student attended school in person in the fall, we have a record of what their typical after school plans were (parent pick up or bus). We would ask you to notify us by email ([email protected] or [email protected]) if these plans have changed. 

General Safety Protocols

Throughout the building, hand sanitizing stations, stand spots, disinfectant wipes, 6-foot indicators, etc. are prominently displayed.  All staff will consistently work with our students and each other to ensure we are following the 3 W's with fidelity: Wear a mask, wash your hands, watch your distance!

Student Materials for In-Person

Your child’s homeroom teacher will communicate the expectation for which materials to bring to school. Please see this document from our specials team. 

Repeat *Calling All Kildeer Cougars*

We are looking for brave students to recite the Kildeer Pledge to be featured on the Monday morning announcements. If you are interested, please record a short video with:

  • First name
  • Grade
  • Recite the following:

As a Kildeer Cougar,

I promise to start each day with a smile on my face and make Kildeer school a safe, happy place. 

I pledge to follow the Cougar 5 each day, respecting others in every way.

I am proud to be a Kildeer Cougar.


*Only videos from students that have not been featured before will be accepted. Thanks for emailing to Mrs. Wright ([email protected]).

Repeat *In-Person Learning Protocols (REVISED)

Parents whose hybrid in-person students will be learning in person, please be sure to review the Revised IN-PERSON LEARNING PROTOCOLS for information about health and safety protocols and expectations for families and their students who will be learning in-person in our schools.

Repeat *Kildeer Social Club*

Kildeer would like to cordially invite your student(s) to join our brand new Social Club!

Here at Kildeer, we all recognize the amazing amount of hard work and energy all of our students have put into adjusting to their new normal of remote and virtual learning. 

This Social Club was created for students in each grade level to come together and connect with their peers! This club is designed to ensure that students have time, outside of academics, to connect and talk with their peers about relatable topics.

Here is a little more information about this new club:

  • Who: Open to all Kildeer students. Each student will be placed in a social club with their grade-level peers.
  • Where: Zoom =) Your student's grade level zoom link will be shared with you by the facilitators of your student's grade level.
  • When: 1 day, weekly. Information regarding the day and time will be shared with you by the facilitators of your student's grade level.
  • Why: To provide students with the opportunity to connect with their peers in fun, engaging, and interactive ways! 

If you are interested in having your student explore this opportunity, please fill out the google form below and be on the lookout for a zoom link with more detailed information.

We are looking forward to having your student join this great opportunity with us! 

  • 1st-Grade led by Mrs. Lushypynskyj & Ms. Dolin on Wednesdays from 3:15-4:15. Sign-up 1st! 
  • 2nd-Grade led by Ms. Cristofaro & Ms. Brand on Wednesdays from 3:15-4:15. Sign-up 2nd! 
  • 3rd-Grade led by Miss Ohnsted & Miss Lynch on Wednesdays from 3:15-4:15. Sign-up 3rd! 
  • 4th-Grade led by Ms. Markiewicz & Ms. Avedon on Wednesdays from 3:15-4:15. Sign-up 4th!
  • 5th-Grade led by Ms. Sadowski & Ms. Wlodek on Thursdays from 4:00-5:00. Sign-up 5th! 

Repeat *VAPL Book Talks* 

Take some time this month to see some new recommendations by the Vernon Area Public Library. You won't want to miss this!

For more book talk recommendations, please visit our Book Talk Help Guide at 

*Tech Hub*

KCSD96 Family Technology Hub! The District 96 Family Technology Hub is designed to guide families through technology tools related to Enhanced Remote Learning. On this site you can find links to the recordings and the corresponding Slides decks for the parent/family informational sessions from last week. You can also find tutorials on how to use  ZOOM, Schoology, Seesaw, Clever, Notability, and other iPad essential tools for student learning. Additionally, there is a link to email the technology support desk. Please save or bookmark this site. It will be updated with tools, resources, and tutorials through remote learning to better support your family.

Please email [email protected] with any tech-related support needed.

***  PTO News ***

Check out the blog! CLICK HERE!

  • 3rd/4th Grade Movie Night coming up 2/25. 

  • Trivia Blast- Save the Date March 15, 2021

  • Yearbook- 5th Grade Baby Pictures and any E-learning photos NEEDED! See information below!

  • Nominating Committee and other Volunteers needed

  • Light up Card STEM Kits still available

  • YEARBOOK NEEDS YOUR HELP: If your child did not participate in picture day this year, please check out the information below to upload your own yearbook picture:

Parents and teachers can download portraits for the composite pages and candid shots for the montage or special pages. The deadline is January 31st, 2021.

If you are submitting an individual student portrait picture, please try for the shoulders and up with a solid blue or neutral background!

If you have any questions about this, thanks for reaching out to Charissa Stoldola: [email protected]

It was a joyful week to welcome more students back. We counted that this week marked the "5th" 1st day for us (due to the staggered approach with bringing students back). We may not have access to faces as we did before, but the "smiling eyes" said it all. 

Simply stated: Our students are incredible! 

If you have a story to share with me about this week and your child, send me an email. I'd love to hear about it! 

Have an amazing weekend ahead! 


Mrs. Vail Kieser