Country Meadows Principal's Message - January 10th

Country Meadows Principal's Message - January 10th

Country Meadows families,

I hope everyone had a wonderful break!  The year 2020 is off to a great start at Country Meadows, and students and staff smoothly jumped right back into learning routines.  We had a ton of fun on Monday when our entire school met with buddy classrooms (Cub Communities) to get to know each other and build a stronger sense of school community.  We are excited to see the great things the year 2020 brings for our Country Meadows Cubs!  

NEW *Notice of 5Essentials Student Survey Administration* 

We are writing to inform you about a student survey for 4th–8th graders that will be administered at your child’s school. 

Elementary students will take the survey during the week of January 13-17th and middle school students will take the survey on January 17th. 

The Illinois 5Essentials Survey is based on 20 years of research at the University of Chicago. The survey asks students about their experiences in school, giving school leaders critical student input to help develop school improvement plans.

Students will be required to log in using their student ID and birth date in order to complete the survey. Students’ identities will be completely confidential. Teachers or administrators will never see individual responses to survey questions. Instead, they will receive only aggregated information, such as the total percentage of students who agree homework assignments help them learn the course material, for example.

Please be aware that under the Protection of Pupil Rights Act. 20 U.S.C. Section 1232(c) (1) (A), you have the right to review a copy of the questions your student(s) are asked. Find survey questions on the Illinois 5Essentials website (

If you do not want your son or daughter to participate, please contact your child’s principal.  

Country Meadows Elementary School:  Meghan Bird, [email protected]

Ivy Hall Elementary School:  Robert Hanrahan, [email protected]

Kildeer Elementary School:  Vail Kieser, [email protected]

Prairie Elementary School:  Christine Pfaff, [email protected]

Woodlawn Middle School:  Greg Grana, [email protected]

Twin Groves Middle School:  Jessica Barnes, [email protected]

NEW *Important Action Item for Parents of Current 5th Graders*

Parents of ALL currently enrolled 5th graders whose students will attend in School District 96 in the 2020–2021 school year must prove their residency again by Feb. 14, 2020.

Country Meadows Administrative Assistant Cheryl Kelly will accept proof of residency and provide a required form for your signature.

Please note that the requirement to re-prove residency for a current 5th grader applies–even for families who have other students currently attending KCSD96 schools.

MORE INFO about the requirement and process to re-prove residency

NEW *KCSD96 Offers a Dual Language Opportunity*

Parents are invited to consider the Dual Language Program for their incoming Willow Grove kindergartner. The program’s purpose is to give children the opportunity to develop a deep academic proficiency in two languages. Fifty percent of the academic day instruction is delivered in Spanish and 50 percent in English. Following their kindergarten year at Willow Grove, Dual Language participants continue at Country Meadows for Grades 2–5 and transition to Woodlawn for Grades 6–8.

To be included in the public lottery that will be used to select the 2020–21 Dual Language kindergarten class, an Interest Form (ENGLISH  or  SPANISH) is due to the Willow Grove Early Learning Center office by 3 p.m. on Mar. 18.

LEARN MORE about the KCSD96 Dual Language program and attend a Parent Education Evening on Feb. 12 or Mar. 16 at 6:30 p.m. at Willow Grove Early Learning Center to hear a presentation from District faculty/administrators and ask questions.

NEW *PTO Update*

Take a moment to read the BLOG this week.

REPEATING *Author Visit Book Order*

Country Meadows School is proud to announce a visit from award winning author, speaker, actor, and educator, Pablo Cartaya.  Pablo has acted on stage and television (notably co-starring on NBC’s "Will & Grace") and frequently gives talks around the country on writing, reading, and multilingualism. We are so excited for our students in grades 3-5 to participate in this presentation. If you would like an autographed copy of one of his books, please download this form and send to school by January 15th.

REPEATING *Access NWEA MAP Student Progress Reports Jan. 8th*

The District sent a School Messenger email Jan. 8, 2020, between 2:30 pm and 4:00 pm with instructions for accessing your child's MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) student progress report online. The message includes links to more information about understanding student growth, RIT scores, and general information about the MAP assessment.

Please contact Jeanne Spiller, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, if you would like more information about your child's report.  (847) 459-4260 ext. 8010 [email protected]

Preventing missed MAP and other emails from School District 96...
Delivery by several specific email service providers has been an issue on some occasions. If you use MSN, Outlook, Hotmail, or Live as your email provider, please consider taking the following steps to prevent missed emails from School District 96:
• Log into MSN, Outlook, Hotmail, or Live from a computer workstation

• Click the PEOPLE icon in the extreme lower left-hand corner of the page (next to the Mail and Calendar icons). A new window will open.

• On the new window, click NEW CONTACT.
• Type in Jeanne Spiller in the First Name/Last Name fields.
• Type in [email protected] into the email address field.
• Click CREATE.

Repeat this process multiple times as you wish, creating contacts for your building principal (names/email addresses below) and E-NEWS 96: Betsy Fresen, [email protected].

Principal Names/Email Addresses
Willow Grove: Jennifer Smith [email protected]
Country Meadows: Meghan Bird  [email protected]
Ivy Hall: Robert Hanrahan: [email protected]

Kildeer: Vail Kieser  [email protected]

Prairie: Christine Pfaff  [email protected]
Twin Groves: Jessica Barnes  [email protected]
Woodlawn: Greg Grana  [email protected]

If you use another service provider for your email than those listed above, consider following your service provider's instructions for adding the contacts listed above to your address book.



Mrs. Meghan Bird, Principal



Familias de Country Meadows,



Los padres de TODOS los estudiantes que están actualmente inscritos en 5º grado y que asistirán al Distrito Escolar 96 durante el año escolar 2020–2021 deben comprobar su domicilio nuevamente para el 14 de febrero, 2020.

La Asistente de Administración de Country Meadows Cheryl Kelly aceptará el comprobante de domicilio y le dará un formulario que requiere de su firma.

Por favor tome en cuenta que este requisito de volver a comprobar su domicilio para un estudiante que está actualmente en 5º grado aplica aún para las familias que tienen otros estudiantes que asisten a las escuelas del Distrito 96.
Más Información sobre el requisito y el proceso para volver a comprobar su domicilio

KCSD96 Ofrece una Oportunidad de Lenguaje Dual

Invitamos a los padres a que consideren el Programa de Lenguaje Dual para los estudiantes que entrarán al kindergarten de Willow Grove. El propósito de este programa es darle la oportunidad a los niños para que desarrollen una capacidad académica profunda en dos idiomas. Cincuenta por ciento de la enseñanza académica se implementará en Español y 50 por ciento en Inglés. Después de kindergarten en Willow Grove, los participantes continuarán en en Programa de Lenguaje Dual en Country Meadows para los grados 2–5 y pasarán a Woodlawn para los grados 6–8.

Para poder ser incluido en la lotería pública que se usará para seleccionar la clase de kindergarten de Lenguaje Dual del año escolar 2020–21, debe completar el Formulario de Interés y entregarlo en la oficina de Willow Grove Early Learning Center para el 18 de marzo a las 3 p.m.

APRENDA MÁS sobre el programa de Lenguaje Dual de KCSD96 y asista a la Noche de Educación para Padres el 12 de febrero o el 16 de marzo a las 6:30 p.m. en Willow Grove Early Learning Center para la presentación de los profesores/administradores y para hacer preguntas.


Tome un momento para  leer el blog de esta semana.



El Distrito enviará un correo electrónico el 8 de enero, 2020, entre las 2:30 pm y las 4:00 pm con instrucciones para poder ingresar en línea al reporte de progreso de las Medidas de Progreso Académico (MAP por sus siglas en Inglés) de su estudiante. El mensaje incluirá enlaces a más información sobre la comprensión del crecimiento del estudiante, los resultados RIT, e información general sobre la evaluación MAP.

Por favor contacte a Jeanne Spiller, la Asistente de Superintendencia de la Enseñanza y Aprendizaje, si desea más información sobre el reporte de su hijo.  (847) 459-4260 ext. 8010 [email protected]

Cómo prevenir que se pierda los correos de MAP y otros correos del Distrito Escolar 96...

En varias ocasiones el envío de varios proveedores de servicio de correo electrónico específicos ha sido un problema. Si usted usa MSN, Outlook, Hotmail, o Live como su proveedor de correo electrónico, por favor considere los siguientes pasos para no perderse los correos electrónicos del Distrito Escolar 96:

• Ingrese a MSN, Outlook, Hotmail, o Live desde a una estación de trabajo de computadoras.

• Haga clic en el ícono PEOPLE en la parte inferior del lado izquierdo de la página (al lado de los íconos Mail y Calendar). Se abrirá una nueva ventana.

• En la nueva ventana, haga clic en NEW CONTACT.

• Escriba Jeanne Spiller en los espacios de Nombre y Apellido.

• Escriba [email protected] en el espacio de correo electrónico.

• Haga clic en CREATE.

Repita este proceso cuantas veces sea necesario, creando contactos del director de su escuela (nombres/correos electrónicos de abajo) y E-NEWS 96: Betsy Fresen, [email protected].

Nombres de los Directores/Correos Electrónicos

Willow Grove: Jennifer Smith [email protected]

Country Meadows: Meghan Bird [email protected]

Ivy Hall: Robert Hanrahan [email protected]

Kildeer: Vail Kieser [email protected]

Prairie: Christine Pfaff [email protected]

Twin Groves: Jessica Barnes [email protected]

Woodlawn: Greg Grana [email protected]

Si usted usa otro proveedor de servicio para su correo no mencionado arriba, quizás deba considerar seguir las instrucciones de su proveedor de servicio para agregar los contactos a su agenda.