Parents of all currently enrolled Kindergarten and 5th-graders whose students will attend in KCSD96 in the next school year must prove their residency again.

Following Winter Break, administrative assistants at Willow Grove and KCSD96 elementary schools will accept proof of residency and provide a required form for your signature.

Please note that the requirement to re-prove residency for a current kindergartner and 5th grader applies–even for families who have other students currently attending KCSD96 schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what school should you prove residency? 

Re-prove residency at Willow Grove for current kindergartners. 
Re-prove residency at the elementary school your 5th grader currently attends.

How do you re-prove residency?

At Willow Grove or the elementary school your 5th grader attends now, please visit the building office and present the following to the administrative assistant:
• a current monthly mortgage or lease statement or property tax bill
• a current utility bill

By when must you re-prove residency?

No later than Fri., Feb. 14, 2020. This deadline is important!

Your current kindergartner’s or current 5th grader’s online registration form link will not be emailed when 2020–21 registration opens for all returning students districtwide on Mar. 3, 2020, and he/she will not be assigned a teacher for the 2020–21 school year until you do so.

Can the residency paperwork be sent to school with your student?

No–it's necessary for a parent to visit the school office to re-prove residency because the administrative assistant must witness the required signature on the form provided onsite.