Parents of all currently enrolled 2021–22 Kindergartners and 5th-graders whose students will attend KCSD96 in the next school year must prove their residency again.

Administrative assistants at Willow Grove and KCSD96 elementary schools are accepting required proof of residency from parents of current kindergartners and 5th graders.

Please note that the requirement to re-prove residency for a current kindergartner and 5th grader applies–even for families who have other students currently attending KCSD96 schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I re-prove residency?

Please scan or take a photo with your phone and email to Willow Grove OR the elementary school your 5th grader attends now, the following three (3) items:
1. a current monthly mortgage OR lease statement OR property tax bill OR Warranty Deed
2. a current utility bill (e.g., water OR electric OR waste collection)
this Proof of Residency Form (completed and signed)

To whom do I email scans/photos of proofs of residency?

If your student currently attends:

May I drop off proof of residency at my student's current school?

Receiving proof of residency via email is preferred, but parents of current kindergartners and 5th graders may drop off proof of residency at the school their student currently attends. Drop off between 8 AM and 3 PM on days school is in session.

By when must I re-prove residency?

No later than Monday, APRIL 18, 2022. This deadline is important!
Your current kindergartner’s or current 5th grader’s teacher assignment/schedule will not be provided for the 2022–23 school year until you do so.

Do I need to re-prove residency for ALL the students in my family?

No. Proving residency again is required ONLY for your student who is currently in kindergarten or is currently in Grade 5. Re-proving residency is not required for students currently at other grade levels.