Willow Grove Principal's Message ~ March 15, 2024

Willow Grove Principal's Message ~ March 15, 2024

Dear families,

Pizza Bingo night sure was a blast! Thank you to our incredible PTO for setting up such a fun night for all to enjoy! We loved seeing so many of you there and enjoyed getting to see our wonderful students' families. We know this is a huge undertaking to plan and organize and thank our PTO and volunteers! Thank you to all for joining in the evening so we could enjoy one another and for the funds you raised for Willow Grove! Your contributions always go to a great cause and provide joy for our students now and for years to come.

A note to families who won Bingo silent auction experiences with us at school, such as teacher helper, principal helper, Buddy Meet and Greet, etc., we'll be in touch to let you know what day this will be. We coordinate the day as a school so that most experiences are on the same day. 

We're looking forward to conferences next week. It's always a pleasure to come together with parents and celebrate the milestones of their children. I know our teachers have been working hard to prepare for your time with them and are looking forward to it! Be sure to review the "March At-A-Glance" section below as a reminder for days we are closed and an early release.


Jenny Smith, Principal

March At-A-Glance

Tuesday, March 19 - NO SCHOOL (Staff Institute Day)

Thursday, March 21 - EARLY RELEASE DAY: Spring Family –Educator Conferences

Friday, March 22 - NO SCHOOL - Spring Family–Educator Conferences (Last day of school before Spring Break)

March 25-29 - SCHOOL CLOSED: Spring Break

District 2023-2024 School Year Calendar

REPEAT *Kindergarten Save the Date - Music Performance on Friday, May 17*

We are looking ahead at our calendars to prepare for the kindergarten music performance. This event celebrates our kindergarten students as they near the end of their school year. We ask that you save the date of Friday, May 17th. The kindergarten music performance is during the school day and the show is about 30 minutes in length. We also share a recording of the concert with families if you aren't able to make it. The following are the times for each classroom's performance: 

9:15-9:45- Musical 1 (Derry, Zanardo, Dyer, Rabin, Chappas)

10:15-10:45 - Musical 2 (Hibbs, Crescenti, Melamed, Casas-Maya, Felleson*) 

1:15-1:45- Musical 3 (Wisneski, Mason, Santucci, Preskill, Anderson, Felleson*)

*Mrs. Felleson will communicate directly with parents which show to attend. Thank you!

REPEAT *Spirit Week Coming Soon!*

REPEAT *Spring Family/Educator Conferences*

Spring Family/Educator Conferences are right around the corner. The conference dates are Thursday, March 21st from 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM and Friday, March 22nd from 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM.

We will be using Meet the Teacher as an electronic sign-up for conferences. A School Messenger email will be sent to families on Tuesday, March 5th at 5:00 PM with a link to sign up for conferences.

Conferences will be held virtually using Meet the Teacher’s video conferencing platform unless parents request an in-person conference using the instructions bolded at the end of this message. After you have scheduled your conferences, you will receive an email from Meet the Teacher with a link you will use to access the video conferences.

Elementary parents will have the option to sign up with the classroom teacher as well as select specials teachers and any related service providers their children see.

If you are unable to schedule a conference with a specific teacher, please remember that conferences are not the only time to communicate with teachers. Please feel free to reach out at any time.


If you want to have an in-person conference with the teachers, you must notify the teachers via email by the end of the day on Tuesday, March 19th.

REPEAT *Proof of Dental Exam - Kindergarten Only* 

Dear Parents/Guardians of District 96 Kindergarteners, 2nd, and 6th Grade Students:

Please note that your child’s completed dental examination is now due, per Illinois school law. The deadline for the dental examination is due no later than May 15 of the current school year.  Proof of this required dental examination must have been completed within eighteen months prior to the May 15 deadline.

If you haven’t already done so, please make an appointment with your child’s dentist for a dental examination, have him and/or her complete the required form and return it to your child’s school nurse. 

State of Illinois Proof of Dental Examination Form - Click Here

In the event that you are unable to fulfill this requirement, the state of Illinois does permit a waiver of the examination - Click here

REPEAT *Sense of Belonging Survey*

In District 96, we believe that feedback from students regarding their perception of the school climate and teacher-student relationships provides valuable input about their sense of belonging. Our school district is committed to providing our students with every opportunity to succeed. Substantial research indicates that supporting students’ social-emotional development improves their readiness to learn, positive classroom engagement, and overall academic performance. As a result, District 96 will administer a student belonging survey to all students EC-8. These surveys are below for your review. A physical copy will be available from the district office upon request.

Surveys Below:

-Grades K, 1, and 2 

-Grades 3, 4, and 5

-Grades 6, 7 and 8 

With this information, the District can make thoughtful and informed decisions to support students' deeper sense of belonging at school. As always, student privacy and safety are of the utmost importance. This survey is FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act), and PPRA (The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment) certified. The collected data will improve our students’ sense of belonging and will only be used by our schools. Student responses will support group patterns so schools can provide support in those targeted areas. Thank you for supporting our school communities and their corresponding sense of belonging. 

If you would like to exclude your child from participating in the survey, please contact your child/children’s building principal.

REPEAT *Opening March 1:  Registration for 2024-25 School Year*

Registration for the 2024-25 school year opens on Friday, March 1. Parents and guardians of new Kindergarten students and returning District 96 students will be emailed a link to register their child for the 2024-25 school year.

Complete registration by April 15 to receive a $20 Early-Bird discount. Families with returning students who register after April 15 will pay the standard registration fee. Registering early helps us to plan for the upcoming school year.  

Registration fees paid by April 15 for the 2024-25 school year are:

Early Childhood Blended Tuition:  $2,870 (or $335.07 monthly)

Kindergarten:  $90

Grades 1-4:  $110

Grade 5:  $120

Grades 6-8:  $135 

Please note that your child must be 5 years old by September 1st, 2024 to attend kindergarten for the 2024-25 school year.

REPEAT *Parking and Pick-up/Drop-Off Information*

If you are a regular drop-off and/or pick-up parent here at Willow Grove you may have noticed some additional cones were added at the Checker and Essington intersection. The Buffalo Grove Police Department put cones there because when people are coming out onto Checker from Essignton, their view is obscured by cars parking too close to the intersection. BGPD explained that cars should park at least a car's length away from the intersection so those pulling out can have a clear view.

In addition, we have noticed that many who park on Checker come through the bus traffic to drop-off/pick-up their child. Please cross our front circle drive where buses are located either by going behind the buses near the entrance, or at the crosswalk near the exit of the circle drive. This will ensure the safety of all. 

Lastly, I continue to see U-turns in front of the school during high levels of traffic. Police do regularly monitor and give tickets when they see this. For the safety of all, please refrain from this.

We appreciate everyone's kindness towards one another, patience, and safe decision-making when dropping off and picking up their children. Thank you, so much.

REPEAT *Dual Language: For Parents of Incoming 2024-25 Kindergartners*

Do you have an entering kindergartner or know of a D96 resident who does?  Are you interested in your child having a bilingual school experience?

The District 96 Spanish/English Dual Language Program was designed several years ago to implement instruction across the curriculum and provide an opportunity for students to develop a deep academic proficiency in two languages.  In the Dual Language Program, 50 percent of the academic curriculum is delivered in Spanish, and 50 percent of the academic curriculum is delivered in English.

Families interested in enrolling their incoming kindergartner in the Spanish/English Dual Language Program can indicate so on the registration form while completing the kindergarten registration process that begins March 1, 2024.  This process should be completed by April 15, 2024, to be entered into the Dual Language Lottery.  Please note that indicating interest in the Dual Language Program does not guarantee acceptance into the Dual Language program.  

Please visit our District 96 Website to learn more about the optional Spanish/English Dual Language Program and our Dual Language Lottery.