Kildeer Principal's Message- May 15th

Kildeer Principal's Message- May 15th

Dear Kildeer Families,

Isn't it amazing what our kids can do? During such a difficult time, I find such extreme joy in hearing about our students and the contributions they are making, whether on a small scale at home or large scale to impact the community. For example, Madden was featured on the news last night for his gift of helping essential workers. Claire is featured in the Chicago Sun Times for an art contest honoree. Our student council members bring smiles to us each Friday with their own positive messages and even daily with the ABC countdown.

I know there are many of our students out there doing amazing things too that may seem to go unnoticed. Please consider this your notice! YOU are making a difference. The kindness mosaic is proof!



In keeping with our School Board Policy, any unused medication remaining at the end of the school year ​must be picked up by parents. ​This ensures the safety and well being of all children.

The medications from each building have been picked up and brought to the ELC located at the following address:

990 Corporate Woods Parkway

Vernon Hills, Illinois 60061

You may pick the medication(s) up on any of the following days between 8-3: 

  • Tuesday, May 19
  • Wednesday, May 20
  • Thursday, May 21

If you have any questions about medication pick up or cannot make any of the designated times, please contact: 

Beth Finato, BSN, RN, PEL-CSN, District Nurse 

[email protected]



Food Donations during Student Materials Pick-up

During student materials pick-up next week, we will also have a box to donate food items for families in need. There will be no coolers available at the school, so please make sure you only bring items that do not need to be refrigerated. If you have refrigerated items, those need to go directly to the ELC. Please review Superintendent Schmidt’s recent message to view the needed items!


Attention Current 4th-Graders

Are you interested in signing up for band next year? Check this out


No Instruction/Slideshows on Friday, May 22nd

Looking ahead to next week there will be new instruction/slideshows sent to students on Friday, May 22nd.  The purpose of this day is for students to catch up on any work they have not been able to complete to the best of their ability and submit it to their teachers.  Instruction will begin again on Tuesday, May 26th, and the nature of this instruction may include more closure activities and less content-specific activities.  Remember that Monday, May 25th is Memorial Day.


End of Year Gifts for Staff

Many of you have asked about delivering End-of-Year gifts for staff.  Given that most staff will not be present during Material Pick Up and we have no way of getting the gifts to staff at this time, we ask that you please refrain from bringing gifts with you to drop off at Material Pick Up.  If you feel strongly about thanking the incredible staff that works with your child(ren), please consider a virtual gift that can be delivered to their email.  Thank you for your understanding! 


Elementary Student Material Pick Up

Our D96 staff has worked to ensure student materials have been located and organized for an effective student material pick up experience. 

Elementary Student Material Pick-Up will take place:

Wednesday, May 20th from 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Thursday, May 21st from 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Friday, May 22nd from 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm  

*A reminder email will be sent on Monday with an opportunity to once again sign-up, donate your items, and learn more about the PTO information!


Student iPads 

Due to both our expanded virtual options for June and our intention to share suggestions and resources for continued learning with families over the summer, ALL RETURNING DISTRICT 96 STUDENTS WILL KEEP THEIR IPADS DURING THE SUMMER. We are pleased to be able to offer families and our students ongoing access to this resource. Please remind kids to continue to take care of these iPads. They will need them in the fall!

REPEATING: Don't Wait! Register for the 2020–21 School Year

If you haven't already registered your new or returning District 96 student for the 2020–21 school year, please do so right away. Having an accurate enrollment count is important for anticipating staffing needs appropriately. Please tell new neighbors and friends to contact the public info coordinator [email protected] with registration questions and for info on options to delay/waive registration fees.

REPEATING: Do Your Kids Need Some Good Books to Read?

Students with iPads have no reason not to be reading. It's important to read every day. CHECK OUT ways to find great books to read (online) and more.



The partnership with our PTO is extremely important at Kildeer. Please take a moment each week to review the information to learn how you can get involved, support Kildeer, and dates to mark your calendar!

Catch up on very important information from our PTO!


  • Canceled PTO Events and Programs:  Emails have been sent out today regarding account credits for canceled PTO Events and Programs.  Please see the blog for more details.

  • School Supply Kits:  Purchase your Kildeer School Supply Kit!  New this year - kits will be shipped directly to your home before Aug 14th!  Deadline to order is July 10th. Login to  Account #22106  More details are in the blog.

  • YEARBOOKS:  Great news…  The Yearbooks have arrived!  Drive by the PTO table and display your name and a PTO volunteer will place your child(s) yearbook in your car.

  • Special Message to Parents/Students of 5th Graders:

    The PTO would like to recognize the achievements of all our Kildeer 5th Graders.  Normally we would have a special day (Transition Day) dedicated to celebrate all of the 5th graders and wish them well as they begin their journey to Woodlawn.  In lieu of this celebration, the PTO has purchased a Woodlawn sweatshirt and a Kildeer Yard sign for each 5th grader.   The yard signs will be on display at Kildeer during Materials Pickup for families/community to recognize our wonderful 5th-grade class.  Please drive by the PTO table during Materials pickup, display your last name and a PTO volunteer will put your Woodlawn sweatshirt and Yearbook in the trunk of your vehicle.  We would like to keep all of the signs in the lawn of the school until after Materials pickup.   You are welcome to pick up your yard sign after 6pm on 5/22 through 5/25 so that you can display it proudly at your home.

If you didn' have a chance to look at Superintendent Schmidt's message this week, I highly recommend the read. I felt my head nodding quite a bit and essentially, I could sum up my own words with, "I echo what she said!" 

At the end of the day, it's about taking care of ourselves and each other. Thank you for being a champion for your children. We see the effort and time you are putting into supporting their learning. It's not easy, and we recognize that. My advice? Go easy on yourselves and know that what you are doing is your best. You are enough.

Thank you to our incredible educators that have been giving their ALL over the past two months. I'm in awe of the talent from this staff. 

If you are ready for a smile, be sure to check out the cool signs our PTO purchased for 5th-graders. They will be proudly displayed all next week and during student materials pick-up at Kildeer. It's a small way to make sure our 5th-graders know we adore them!

Have a great weekend ahead! 


Mrs. Vail Kieser