Kildeer Principal's Message- February 28th

Trimester 2 assembly

Dear Kildeer Families,

You know you love your job when the question you ask yourself is, "Could I possibly be any luckier?" I have such a tremendous amount of pride being the Principal at Kildeer. In fact, I start by saying "My name is Mrs. Kieser and I am proud to be the Principal" anytime I introduce a musical, welcome parents to a PTO event, or kick off a student assembly. 


I do this because I want the community to know that I value what we do each day for students, we appreciate the partnerships with parents, and feel inspired our collective effort to help our little ones succeed.

Today we had our Cougar Pride Assembly and I was blown away by our staff and student leadership. If you were a fly on the wall, you would have seen some of the following:

  • 1st-graders getting complimented for setting a great example with the quiet signal. (Yes, our 1st-graders!)
  • Student council leading out the wave with Mrs. Norman by their side. 
  • Mrs. Gruenwald and Mrs. Brandt coordinating behind-the-scenes work.
  • An intense and extremely exciting reveal of the book tournament winners while also wishing Ms. Harding a goodbye. 
  • Hearing Mr. Emde share the thousands of dollars students raised for the American Heart Association.
  • Mrs. Keller and Mrs. April in some funny hats for reader's theatre, while Mrs. Flaskamp narrated and our 5th graders acted!
  • A video of student bravery (check it out below!)
  • Mr. Tatar using his trustworthy ukelele to lead our school in our songs.
  • Students presenting and being brave to stand up in front of our whole school.
  • Staff members being vulnerable with brave things they've tried. 
  • All staff and students with tremendous smiles on their faces and they left the assembly!

If I could bottle up this feeling at Kildeer, I would! In the meantime, thank you for your support along this second trimester. Our students are absolutely amazing and we feel so fortunate to be a part of this journey. I'd like to invite you to see some of the brave things our students did over trimester 2, outside of the school day!

I'm really looking forward to seeing where the next trimester brings us. 5th-graders, make this one count!


Attention 5th-Grade Families

We have 21 families that still have not proved Residency yet for registration to Woodlawn Middle School. There will be a delay in your Registration email until we get the necessary paperwork. Please stop by Kildeer's School office as soon as possible with the required documents. Thank you for your cooperation.

Kildeer Office Team


Not able to attend during collaborative conferences? 

If you are not able to attend Spring Conferences with your child, see the options below:


Your child will be recording and sharing his or her presentation.  This video will be shared with you via email from your child's teacher.


Your child will share their presentation with you at home utilizing their iPad.  Please set aside some time for your child to share the presentation they have worked hard to create.



Be sure to check out THIS PAGE to see what before or after school activities are available for your child! 


The partnership with our PTO is extremely important at Kildeer. Please take a moment each week to review the information to learn how you can get involved, support Kildeer, and dates to mark your calendar!

Catch up on very important information from our PTO!


  • 5th Grade Parents: Send in your child’s baby picture by Friday 2/14 for a special tribute in the yearbook (click the link to our Blog for more information)
  • 5th Grade Parents: Log On to Membership Toolkit and Order Your Professional Video of Kildeer’s 5th Grade Variety Show! The Professional Recording of the show will be delivered through a Downloadable Link- There will be NO DVD Sales. Check out more details on our Facebook Page!

To close out trimester 2 officially, I'd love to hear from YOU and what you and/or your family celebrates when it comes to Kildeer. Some of you are brand new and some of you are veterans. This may be your last year at Kildeer or perhaps this is your first blog. Either way, we value your perspective and want to hear from you! 

Please take two moments of your time and use this link!

Enjoy the three-day weekend ahead! We will see students return on Tuesday, March 3rd! 


Mrs. Vail Kieser