Country Meadows Principal's Message - April 1st

Country Meadows Principal's Message - April 1st

Country Meadows Families,

I hope everyone had an enjoyable spring break and enjoys the long weekend ahead.  Conrad, Maisie, and I had a very exciting (and sleepless) two weeks, and we wouldn't trade it for anything! 

We are so thrilled to introduce you to our newest addition, Waylon Ford Bird!

Waylon Ford made his grand debut on March 18th, and we could not be more in love!  Maisie James is slowly adjusting to sharing the attention at home and is already such a great big sister.  We are truly enjoying every second as a family of four!


I will be out on maternity leave for the rest of the 2020-2021 school year, but our incredible Assistant Principal, Jason Williams, and Woodlawn Assistant Principal, Michelle Garlick, will ensure that things continue to run smoothly in my absence!  I look forward to seeing everyone as we open a successful and exciting 2021-2022 school year!

Warm Regards,

Meghan Bird - Principal

New: *Calendar Reminders*

  • April 2: No School - District Holiday

  • April 5: No School - District Holiday

  • April 6: No School - Teacher Institute/Election Day

  • April 7: Students last name A-L (Grades 1&2 bring Saliva Samples)

  • April 8: Students last name M-Z (Grades 1&2 bring Saliva Samples)

  • April 9: Students last name M-Z

  • April 12-16: All In-Person Students A-Z begin attending all days. (Grades 1&2 bring Saliva Samples on Mondays each week)

NEW: *Attendance Procedures for In-Person Students*

With the change to five days of in-person learning for all students beginning April 12th, the expectation is that students will attend in-person unless the student is under quarantine/isolation or is home ill. If for some reason your child needs to attend school remotely instead of in-person on a given day, attendance procedures are changing to state that the child’s parent/guardian will need to contact the school office prior to the start of the school day.

NEW: *Keeping Students (and Siblings) Home Due to Symptoms*

Per the IDPH COVID-19 School Exclusion Guidance, if any household member is showing any one of the symptoms listed below, ALL SIBLINGS must stay home from school. Please let the school office know when calling for attendance if your child is staying home due to illness, even if the student is participating remotely. 

The symptoms in which a student must stay home due to COVID-19 protocols are: fever (100.4°F or higher), new onset of moderate to severe headache, shortness of breath, new cough, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, new loss of sense of taste or smell, fatigue from unknown cause, muscle or body aches from unknown cause.

NEW: *2021-22 KCSD96 Registration Fee Charges on Credit Card Statements*

After successfully submitting your student’s 2021–22 registration, you will receive an itemized receipt by email promptly that lists the total charge, including required fees and optional donations, if any, that you chose to make.


Please do not refute the charge. It will result in a chargeback fee for your family.

If you select the credit card payment option when paying 2021–22 registration fees, look for either of the following identifying description labels on your credit card statement: POWERSCHOOL MD 512375–4514 or PB POWERSCHOOL. District 96 registration charges are not described with the District or school name.

Also, be advised that some banks code this transaction as a donation.

If you have questions, please refer to your registration receipt and/or contact the public info coordinator [email protected]



Después de enviar con éxito la inscripción de su estudiante para el ciclo escolar 2021–22, usted inmediatamente recibirá un recibo detallado con el cargo total por correo electrónico, incluyendo las cuotas requeridas y las donaciones opcionales, si las hubiera, que usted eligió hacer.


Por favor, no rechace el cargo. Eso resultará en un cobro de devolución para su familia.

Si usted elige la opción de pago con tarjeta de crédito al pagar las cuotas de inscripción de 2021–22, busque cualquiera de los siguientes términos descriptivos en su estado de cuenta: POWERSCHOOL MD 512375–4514 o PB POWERSCHOOL. Los cargos de inscripción del Distrito 96 no son descritos con el Distrito ni con el nombre de la escuela.

Además, tenga en cuenta que algunos bancos codifican esta transacción como una  donación.

Si tiene preguntas, por favor consulte su recibo de inscripción y/o contacte a la coordinadora de información pública [email protected]

NEW: *2021-22 Registration Emails Were Sent Again Mar. 31*

On Mar. 31, District 96 parents/guardians of returning and pre-registered new students were again sent registration email(s) for the upcoming 2021–22 school year (From: [email protected] Subject Line: Register Your District 96 Student for the 2021–2022 School Year). All returning and new students must be registered. Each registration email (one per D96 student) will include a link and a unique “snapcode” needed to access that individual’s online form. Register by Apr. 15 to save. After Apr. 15, required registration fees increase by $20 per student for all returning students.


El 31 de marzo se volvió a enviar correos electrónicos a los padres/tutores del Distrito 96 de los estudiantes que regresan y de los nuevos estudiantes preinscritos para el ciclo escolar 2021–22 (De parte de: [email protected] Tema: Inscriba a su Estudiante del Distrito 96 para el Ciclo Escolar 2021–2022). Todos los estudiantes que regresan y los estudiantes nuevos deben ser inscritos. Cada correo de inscripción (uno por estudiante del D96) incluye un enlace y un código único (snapcode) que va a necesitar para ingresar al formulario en línea. Inscríbase para el 15 de abril y ahorre. Después del 15 de abril, las cuotas de inscripción aumentan $20 por estudiante para todos los estudiantes que regresan.

REPEATING: *Parent Input for 2021-2022 Class Placement Survey*

Creating balanced class lists that meet the needs of all students is a tremendously difficult job that takes many hours of thoughtful dialogue between classroom teachers, administrators, and specialists. We take this process very seriously. The process for class list creation is as follows:

Teachers think about the social and academic needs of each of their current students while recording pertinent information to assist in the decision-making process.

Grade level teachers, principals, specials area teachers, and specialists meet together to form class lists that are balanced in terms of academic, social, and emotional needs as well as considering friendships.  This team of educators considers each child’s personality, academic needs, friendship patterns, etc. as they make a match for each individual child.

This team of educators creates a draft set of class lists taking into consideration parent input. Class lists are then revised in August with summer changes for students who move in or out of the district. Class rosters are never final until they are released to families in August.

This process happens for grades 2-5. Willow Grove creates the class lists for our incoming 1st graders.  Our 5th-grade team actively works with Woodlawn to provide data and input related to placement decisions at the middle school level.

We welcome input from parents regarding your child’s strengths, needs, and learning style through our 2021-2022 Parent Class Placement Input Survey. This information remains confidential between parents and school administration. We will take into consideration pertinent information received on or before FRIDAY, APRIL 30th. Please remember, while we welcome your input, specific teacher or friend placement requests will not be honored.

NEW: *PTO Blog*

If you are interested in being a part of our incredible Country Meadows, PTO Executive Board, please click here to show interest. Please take a moment to read this week's PTO Blog.

REPEATING: *Returning to In-Person Learning Information*

We are very excited to have additional students joining us in-person after spring break. Below is some information you need to know for a successful transition from remote to in-person learning.

Masks for In-Person Learners

Send your student to school with a comfortable mask that complies with CDC/ISBE guidelines, ensuring that the face-covering fully covers the mouth and nose and that the covering fits snugly against the sides of the face with no gaps.


If your child needs to take medication at school please bring the medication to the school nurse’s office in its original container along with this Medication Authorization Form.


Please look for specific information from your child's classroom teacher regarding materials he or she will need to bring to class on days he/she reports.  Here is the updated Specials Materials List.  Please reach out to your child's classroom teacher or specific specials teachers with any questions.

Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

All students reporting in person will enter through the main school entrance.  Once entering the building, students will approach one of our two scanning stations to ensure their self certification has been completed that morning.  Our 1st/2nd graders will walk through one hallway to their classrooms while our 3rd/4th/5th graders will walk through another to limit the number of students in a hallway at all times.  Breakfast is available for students who would like to eat at school in the morning, and socially distanced seating (similar to lunch) will be used.  We will have staff outside to help guide students from both the buses and parent pick up into the building. 

Bus Information

Bus routing information will come by email to families over spring break. Please anticipate that busses may be running late.  If you have any bus route questions, please call the office.  Our arrival and dismissal routines within the school building have been designed to maintain social distancing.  For purposes of social distancing and to maintain order on the bus, all students will be directed to sit in an assigned seat separated from peers.  Siblings may sit together.  Please prepare your child for this routine to sit where the driver or school assigns and to always stay seated in their seat.  As a reminder, complete the daily self-certification before your child gets on the bus or comes to the school by parent drop-off.  All children coming to school must wear masks on district transportation as well as in the school building.

Change in After School Pick-up For Your Child

If your child will not be taking the bus home after school, please send a note or call the office to let us know.  Please DO NOT send emails of this nature, as we cannot guarantee that an email will be seen prior to school dismissal.

Additional Items of Note

  • It is still chilly!  We may go outside for short breaks so please ensure that your child has the proper outerwear. 
  • Children will be bringing iPads and Logitech iPad "crayons" between home and school daily.  Please develop a routine of charging both every night and putting them in their backpack each morning.  A helpful tip is to post a sign at child eye level on the door where your child will exit in the morning.  You can make a picture checklist of this and anything else to support your child to develop independence with morning routines. 
  • Children may bring individual water bottles to school.  They should not be glass and should have a spill-proof top.  Please label your child's water bottle with his/her name.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Parents must do the DAILY self-certification for their child.  Parents must submit a daily self-certification prior to their student being allowed to attend in person. Parents will need to download the TeacherEase app if they haven't already in order to access the daily self-certification form.  Please see this video for further instruction.

Commitment to Partnership

We are confident that the District 96 community will rise to the occasion and partner with us to ensure the safety and success of our hybrid learning plan. Please think carefully about your commitment to our partnership before sending your child to school.  Please review our In-Person Learning Protocols.

REPEATING: *Daily Self-Certification Questions Revision*

The questions on the Daily Self-Certification will be changing slightly as of Monday, March 29th.  Please read the questions carefully when completing the self-certification after spring break.

REPEATING: *Safety Drills*

All schools are required to hold fire/evacuation, severe weather, and lockdown drills.  We recognize some content could potentially be frightening for students.  Please be assured that presentations to students are developmentally appropriate.  Teachers and support staff are attentive to students’ emotions during instruction and drills.  Specific drill dates are not shared with parents.  At school, we conduct drills at unknown times so that students and staff can respond authentically as would be needed in an actual emergency.  You can expect lockdown education to be provided to your child when we come back from break followed shortly after by a drill.  We will maintain our social distancing requirements throughout all drills.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

REPEATING: *Calculators During Math*

Some teachers have noticed that students are using calculators to help complete math assignments and/or assessments. Please know that there is never a time when an elementary teacher will ask the students to use a calculator in math. Elementary math provides the critical foundation for math in both middle and high school. Using a calculator, even for simple computation, potentially creates skill and knowledge gaps that can hinder mathematical progress in the future.


Our District 96 nurses are closely following the Illinois Department of Public Health school exclusion decision tree to determine when students are eligible to return to turn school. Thank you for your patience with students who have had to isolate or quarantine due to illness, household, illness, positive COVID-19, and/or close contact status. The building nurse will request appropriate documentation for students to return to school. While you may receive this documentation outside of school hours, the nurse will contact families regarding a return date upon receipt during the next school day. 

If you would like to be in touch with one of the District 96 nurses, please note the hours that they are available: 

Country Meadows, Ivy Hall, Kildeer, Prairie, Willow Grove: 8:00-3:15 

Twin Groves, Woodlawn 7:30-2:45

REPEATING: Kindergarten and 2nd Grade Parents Dental Screening Reminder 

The Illinois School Code requires all children in kindergarten, second and sixth grades to have a dental examination by May 15th of each year in compliance with the rules adopted by the Illinois Department of Public Health.  If you have not already done so, please submit your 2nd-grade child’s dental exam form to our building nurse. To see a complete list of the health forms required for students, please visit our Student Health Section of our Web page.

REPEATING *Obtaining Free Meals*

Preorder free meals for in-person students by 6 PM on Thursday for the week ahead. Order at only for your student's in-person days.

Pick up meal supplies for 5 days for remote students on Wednesdays from 11 AM– 2 PM at Twin Groves or Woodlawn. No preordering needed.

Please direct questions to the public info coordinator [email protected].

REPEATING *Family Tradition Survey*

Last year, families filled out a form to share their family traditions with us. We shared those traditions in a daily slideshow for students and the kids absolutely loved reading about themselves and other students in the school. We would love for you to participate again this year!

Read more about how you can share your family traditions this year. It will show you a QR code and a link you can use to participate.