Superintendent's Message, 10.5.20

Dear District 96 Community:

Metrics Monitoring Supports Proceeding with Hybrid Learning Plan

I’m reaching out today as indicated previously to update you on the current status of the metrics we are using to help guide our decision making. 

Superintendents’ weekly meeting with the Lake County Health Department confirmed that current Covid-19 metrics in our area continue to support moving forward with the implementation of our in-person hybrid model.  

Be assured that we will continue to monitor the metrics and trends in our area daily and will certainly inform you of any changes that impact our timeline and plan. We have provided access to this public METRICS DASHBOARD to maintain transparent and open communication around COVID-19 metrics.

I also want to take this opportunity to emphasize once again the importance of the commitment of our entire community to partnership in implementing this hybrid in-person learning model. All involved must be truthful with the school and with the health department regarding symptoms and diagnoses and with individuals conducting a contact tracing process, should that be needed. 

Further, I ask you to remind your students of the 3 Ws:

  • WASH your hands.
  • WEAR your mask.
  • WATCH your distance.

Seeking Your Feedback

Another purpose for my communication with you today is to ask you to take a minute to complete this KCSD96 REMOTE LEARNING PARENT FEEDBACK SURVEY for each of your District 96 students.

This survey is brief and your feedback is important for helping us understand and continue to improve our students’ remote learning experience. We ask you to please complete and submit a separate survey for each of your District 96 students before midnight on Thurs., Oct. 15, when the survey will close.

I will share an overview of results from this survey with the community in a future communication.

Your Need for a TeacherEase Account

TeacherEase is the system District 96 uses to give parents access to view their student’s report cards online.

TeacherEase also is the system the District will use for families to complete required self-certification daily on the days their students will be learning in person in our schools. (More info on this process will be coming soon.)

Most District 96 parents set up their TeacherEase accounts when their students are originally registered in School District 96. If you have ever viewed your student’s report card online, you can be assured that your account is set up.

However, some parents–particularly of kindergartners and other newly registered students–have not yet set up their TeacherEase accounts. Please do so promptly. A separate email with instructions for setting up your account was sent to you this morning (from Mr. Michael Stonacek via TeacherEase with the subject line Welcome to TeacherEase from “School Name” and KCSD96). Both parents may set up an account, but at least one parent must do so. If you have questions, please contact our District 96 public information coordinator.

I thank you sincerely for your partnership and support.
--Julie Schmidt, District 96 Superintendent of Schools