Superintendent's Message, 3.7.2019

Superintendent's Message, 3.7.2019

One Question/Your Action Needed...

I have a question for you. That’s it, just one question!

I’m very excited to share an interesting and convenient opportunity that lets you give your answer–AND rate your agreement with the answers of some others in our District 96 community.  

This opportunity focuses on your using Thoughtexchange to answer a single specific question. (The question for this particular Thoughtexchange is from our Board of Education.)

This exchange is completely confidential. Your ideas–not your identity–are shared. 

We appreciate your polite and respectful participation as we work as a community to improve our students’ learning experiences. 

Ready? Please take action now and answer the question:
Please CLICK HERE (then click the "Introduction" arrow) for my brief video introduction and some simple instructions to make you comfortable using Thoughtexchange. Then you’ll simply click “Continue” to begin–NO log-in or sign-in needed!

NOTE: To participate in any language other than English, go to and enter the 9-digit code 610-692-062 to get started. You can type HELP for Thoughtexchange support at any time.

This Thoughtexchange opportunity will close on March 18. Please share your answer as soon as possible before then, though, and in the process learn what other District 96 community members are thinking, too.

Board of Education Reflections on KCSD96

Our Board of Education is a dedicated behind-the-scenes group, working collaboratively with District administrators and faculty on behalf of the community to prepare our students to succeed. 

I hope you’ll take a moment to VIEW THIS BRIEF VIDEO of their personal reflections on Kildeer Countryside School District 96 and their work as a Board of Education for our kids and our community.

We’ve turned the calendar page to March. Spring is in sight!

Warm regards,
Julie Schmidt, District 96 Superintendent of Schools