Superintendent's Message, 12.20.18

Woman talking to children in classroom

Remember your kids’ earliest favorite books? Typically, they were pictures that told an engaging story without any words.


As I continue to spend time with staff and students in our classrooms district wide, what I observe in every District 96 school is truly an engaging, energizing, exceptional story.


Professional and passionate teachers, administrators, and staff captivate me in the ways they teach and support our students. It is so apparent that their hearts are in their work.


Our students–continually growing, questioning, and discovering–are likewise inspiring to watch. I see them learning independence, overcoming challenges, discovering talents, and defining themselves as individuals.


I invite you to take just a few minutes to LISTEN AND SEE the story these pictures tell about the learning, teaching, and leading happening in School District 96.


District 96 schools are closed beginning Mon., Dec. 24. I hope Winter Break will include time for family fun and relaxation for each of you! We’ll welcome our students and faculty back to school on Mon., Jan. 7, 2019.

Best wishes,
Julie Schmidt, District 96 Superintendent of Schools