Superintendent's Message, 11.2.2017

Superintendent's Message, 11.2.2017

Recognition and Celebration:
As professionals and as parents, we know that excellence is not a destination we reach. Instead, it’s a moving target that compels us to change and seek to improve constantly.

That understanding is fundamental to our work with your students in District 96. As a deeply embedded Professional Learning Community (PLC), it’s a practice we embrace, knowing that improved outcomes for our students depend upon ongoing, job-embedded learning for the adults who teach them.

Because we are completely committed to this practice for the observable, measurable benefits that result for our students and teachers, I’m particularly proud to share with you that District 96–and each of our schools individually–have been recognized as a Model Professional Learning Community at Work. This recognition honors our demonstrated commitment to PLC concepts and the resulting academic growth the data reflect. As a PLC, we’ve also submitted our practices, structure, data, and culture for review and have been recognized for our “sustained commitment to helping all of our students achieve at high levels.” This is another confirmation that the collaborative culture that distinguishes our District is helping to meet all students’ needs, consistent with our value Every child, Every school, Every day.

You’ll find Kildeer Countryside School District 96 listed on All Things PLC (, a website where we share our strategies and collaborate with other educators worldwide. Only about 200 worldwide have been awarded recognition as a Model Professional Learning Community at Work.

Updated Crisis Plan and Procedures:
Our ongoing commitment to best practices also has extended beyond academics–to the District’s Crisis Plan. During the past year, working collaboratively with law enforcement and first responder representatives, we’ve been engaged in updating that plan and procedures associated with it. That work is in effect, in the implementation phase.

Convenient Communication: There's a D96 App for That!
Still more news I’m happy to share with you is the introduction of the KCSD96 app–a convenient and free way for you to access District 96 info from your cell phone!

Here’s how to get our KCSD96 Mobile App:
Go to the App Store on your phone (iOS and Android)  and–in the Search field–type Kildeer Countryside School District 96.
Select Open and download the free App.

When you open our App on your phone you can select a specific school or the District. Swipe left to expose the menu specific to that school. A Menu symbol (three short horizontal stacked lines) in the top right corner will give you access to select a Quick Links menu of frequently visited links, including the Principal’s Message, menus, E-News 96, and more.

The Calendar feature in our App is one we believe parents will appreciate; however, we want to make you aware that the times that appear for some events that don’t have a specific starting time or a specific ending time (e.g., “Box Top Collection Week begins”) may have hours/minutes displaying that don’t apply. The mobile app developers are aware of this and continue working to address it. Because I wholeheartedly agree with American writer/humorist Mark Twain that “Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection,” I want you to benefit from the convenience of our App while this fix is underway.

If you have questions about downloading or using our App, I know I’m accurate in saying it’s likely that your student can help! If you prefer, though, please contact us at 847.459.4260, ext. 8022, or send email to [email protected]. I want D96 parents to have access to this convenient way to view our communications.

Well, we’ve turned the calendar page to November and begun the search for our gloves and hats and windshield scrapers….  In just a few weeks–on Nov. 20 or 21–you’ll have the opportunity to conference with your children’s teacher(s) at scheduled appointment times. (Please arrive on time and be mindful that others have scheduled appointments, as well.) I’m sure you and your student’s teacher will benefit from these focused minutes together to celebrate your child’s growth and discuss his or her goals. Learning is a journey and our District is truly fortunate to have a community of parents committed to enriching and supporting it!

It will be here before we know it! I wish you wonderful family time together during our Thanksgiving Break Nov. 21–24.

– Superintendent Julie Schmidt