Superintendent's Message, 6.7.2017

Superintendent's Message, 6.7.2017

On Monday evening KCSD96 families and faculty proudly celebrated our Class of 2017 at graduation ceremonies for our Woodlawn and Twin Groves 8th graders. A common theme in many of the speeches delivered that evening was readiness.

Indeed, our students are ready to succeed at Stevenson. They’re bringing their abilities to calculate, to reason, to think creatively, to write persuasively, and to work collaboratively. They are equipped to meet challenges and explore new options confidently using their 21st-century skill set, their growing discernment, and their determination to be their best.

I invite you to LOOK AND LISTEN (approx 2.5 minutes) to images from Graduation Night–and before!–for our Class of 2017. As a community, we all can take pride in our impressive graduates.

We know the warm days we’ve been waiting for will fly by, as they always seem to do. The opportunity to be together to enjoy fun activities with our children in less-scheduled summertime circumstances is something we look forward to all year.

We strongly encourage that those activities include daily time reading together. Not only is it a great way to spend time with your children, it has a significant impact on their academic development. Reading daily makes a positive difference. Please help your students establish that good habit.

This year our students in grades KDG–8 have a required 2017 summer reading assignment, due their first day back at school:
FIND INFO HERE for summer reading, grades KDG–5
FIND INFO HERE for summer reading, grades 6–8

Finally, please watch your email for a summer issue of E-NEWS 96 on July 1, 2017, with back-to-school info you’ll want to know.

On behalf of all our faculty and staff, I thank you for your conscientious and continuous support of your students and our schools throughout this past school year. I wish you a great summer!

Warm regards,
Superintendent Julie Schmidt