Superintendent's Message, 4.06.2016

There is a new face at the Kildeer Countryside Board of Education table. At their regular meeting on Apr. 5, 2016, the Board unanimously appointed Meg Woodman to join them in serving students, teachers, and families in the District 96 community.

In late February, Mrs. Woodman and three other candidates responded to the Board’s call, submitting their applications for the seat made vacant by the passing of devoted Board member Lauren Gordon on February 2nd.

Mrs. Gordon is deeply missed. Her legacy is her trademark passionate, persistent focus on our forward motion–that is, that District 96 Board members, faculty, and staff will continue to challenge themselves to do all each of us can to help every student achieve his or her maximum potential.

Consistent with the requirements of the Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB), Mrs. Gordon’s Board seat is now filled by a Board-selected appointee. In April 2017 a special election must be held to fill this seat for the two-year balance of Mrs. Gordon’s elected term.

Mrs. Woodman and her husband Bill and their children Sarah, Myles, and Claire are Kildeer residents attending Twin Groves and Prairie. Since moving to District 96 in 2013 from California, Meg has demonstrated that she and her family highly value quality education and commitment to community. She has been an active participant in her three children’s District Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs) as well as the District 96 Parent-to-Parent Network, taking on varied leadership roles in her volunteer work.

In addition, she has served as the Board of Education’s representative to the District’s Parent Review Committee, listening, learning, and offering constructive feedback in presentations related to the curriculum, assessment, academic reporting, communication, and the home/school connection.

Mrs. Woodman’s professional degrees and previous career outside the home are in the areas of psychology, health and human services, and pharmaceutical sales. She notes that her experiences as a professional, an active community volunteer, and a parent have given her many opportunities to hone her ability to collaborate, communicate, and lead. She feels very privileged to take her seat at the table and sincerely appreciates this opportunity to contribute as a Board of Education member.